IMA: Tao of Content Marketing (Pt. 1)

content is that second half getting the traffic to your website or to some web destination is critical of course and what that's happened to be relevant but what are they going to receive on the other end this requires an empathy and some research and creative thinking to get to what you can offer that searcher to create connections you're going to do well with your content if it's useful and high-quality to really the key sellers for this it will leave you feeling as the searcher one impressed with providing brands knowledge and a cadet right make the aforementioned hypothetical if I would read a really well thought out and detailed article or seen an infographic they gave me information that me is a high-level IP professor I didn't know before or some sort of anger that I hadn't considered before I'm gonna be impressed by the thought leadership of that something and that's going to create better resume to my mind to I'm going to feel thankful that this brand took the time to provide this content again in a context where I'm constantly being met with sales messages for someone to not do that is refreshing and it creates a sense of indebtedness which is what brands want to do they want to create goodwill around brand if I've forced all the time and third in with your feel relieved that were spared the untimely sales message and this is this is related in the second that it creates another context which is even more important it creates a sense of trustworthiness and how many type of theology in searching for something you're going to buy how many times have you searched for something on Google valid answer I just had that thaw it out loud they're probably like hang out for the internet like anything I need to know is right there if you can make that connection without trying to convert it into an immediate sale you're going to create trust and people distrust people we're always trying to put their pockets they trust people were trying to help out and that's the philosophy at the philosophical

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