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hi this video series we're going to talk about article marketing and we're first getting started what you need to know of course and the second video we're going to talk about the tools you need before you get started and the third video I'm going to show you how to rewrite private label articles so that you have your starting point you don't have to start out with the writer's block and you can skip the writer's block and you can go directly to rewriting private label articles so there are some techniques involved with that in the fourth video we're going to talk about finding affiliate programs that you can add to your private label articles so you can use article marketing to increase your affiliate marketing sales or increase your product sales increase your list and so much more so we're going to touch base a few on those aspects in the fifth video I'm going to talk about creating a resource box creating a resource box that you can add to your articles is very important because once you build or you pre sell to your viewers and you gain their trust and of course they're going to want to know more about you because they're going to think okay I want to know more about the sky or this lady who wrote this article you can either drive traffic to your site or no promote another product and we'll show you more about that later and of course lastly on the video six we're going to talk about marketing your article so how do you take that article that you wrote or rewrote and how you can submit it to certain article directories and what the methods and what the strategy is that you can use when submitting to these article directories so there are many article directories out there but we'll show you and will point you to free ones or paid ones that you can choose from that will eventually feed into other article directories so let's go ahead and get started so the first question you might have if you don't know anything about article marketing is what is article marketing what is the simple definition of our call marketing we can say that a definition would be it's one of the simplest forms of marketing where business owner rights short articles can be 600 plus words that is related to their field of business so let's say that you're writing an article about cars how to make your car save gas so let's say that you have a website that deals with that so what you want to do is you want to write articles that relate to that specific product specific website or if you're promoting another person's product to relate to that specific product so when you write your articles you don't want to make it look like it's spam and we'll get into detail in the long run and a second question can be how much time this article marketing actually take honestly article marketing is a simple form of marketing as I mentioned earlier and the time that it takes is not that much if you follow the steps in this video series you're going to learn shortcuts that you can speed the process up quicker so maybe in the beginning it could take you 15 20 minutes but as you get the time and you start to do it more and more often it might take you 10 to 15 minutes to rewrite the articles and to do things like that and submitting to articles is probably where you want to spend most of your time the third thing I want to mention is that article marketing is great for SEO if you don't know what SEO all that means is search engine optimization what that means is that if you do article marketing Google Yahoo search engines like that they love content especially content that is written to inform users we know how to do this how to do that informational type things if this quality content that's what the search engine is low therefore that if you list into certain article directories you're going to be able to rank higher and I can show you a little more are about that in a few minutes so let's go ahead and go to Google here just so I can show you and we'll go to a place called ezinearticles com so right now i am at and i'm going to open up another tab to go to google com the first thing i want to do is I will search for how to just because that's a general thing that people type in is how to do this how to do that because generally that is a solution to whatever problem they have like how to lose abs so we'll go down and search for how to lose apps which is at the top and I'm going to show you this techniques just so you can get an idea of how powerful one article can be so what I'm going to do is I'm going to go to this link how to lose abs and it's written by guy named john davenport and make sure you memorize this when you're going through it if you want to lose a fat and get the best looking fat stomach blah blah blah just remember the first line and remember it's written by john davenport keeping this in mind let's highlight this title here or the headline how to lose apps will copy it and what I'm going to do is I'm going to go to google and without any quotations whatsoever I'm just going to enter it here if we do a search here this is probably a big market here because everybody wants to lose pounds especially they want to have nice at so this can be a big thing so now that I've searched this if I scroll down a little bit i'm going to be looking for the article that is in ezinearticles com so we have about 650 five thousand results and the top ten number six we have this article that says how to lose abs now whether this is the same as this we're about to find out so if we do that we'll go ahead and click on it we can see is written by john davenport and it has the exact same sentence as the one that we looked at earlier so this is pretty amazing you can submit even just one article just think about what if you submitted 10 articles or if you submitted you know 10 articles every single week you know you could really really gained a lot of traffic just from this you could build a list very targeted list you could build you know product sales you can build something so you can have a good back-end affiliate marketing products and so much more so now you can see that article marketing is very good for search engine optimization so you want to keep that in mind when you start writing your articles because you're going to want to focus on a good headline a good introduction ending and things like that and of course in the future videos and video 3 i'm going to show you how to take private label articles and rewrite them so completely so that it's in your own words but then you can take those articles and you can market those articles to start building your list in the next video we're going to talk about the tools you need before you get started

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