Internet Marketing: From 0 To Hero!

hi this is look at the stephanie from look at Stephanie calm and my self publishing revolution com in this video would like to teach you on this whiteboard what happens when you choose to start to make money online okay what he will experience and there is a common pattern for everybody now the length that is gap last four okay the length of time with Valley but generally what I'm going to draw and teach on this whiteboard will apply to you as well now let's suppose you want to make money online and you start by doing program x ok now this X can be kindle publishing it can be affiliate marketing it can be amazon FBA you can be whatever you want ok now what will happen is that you will produce your first book we launch your first campaign you will do something okay you will get into it and you will promptly and immediately suck okay now this is true for pretty much everything no it really rarely happens that somebody produces the first book and the first book goes on to be a best-seller it does happen admittedly but you know I very rarely experienced it okay and I have very rarely seen it up and I've seen it up and balance where so that's a common pattern you will start and you will suck okay immediately you will launch a campaign a paid advertisement campaign and you will get 0 click you will produce a book which doesn't sell you will launch your product which doesn't sell on amazon you will build an email is that it will promote an affiliate product and you will make zero commission if you will succeed in building an email list at all okay now what happens is that many people at this point they give up okay the ninety-five percent of people will give up already because the ninety-five percent of people want quick result and so they say well i'll try kindle affiliate amazon FBA i didn't give me the result I ex pected because it's all about the expectations and so they give up okay now what happens at this point and and people don't usually realize it is that when you keep experimenting here okay experiment and so you keep producing books you keep launching campaigns you keep tweeting tweaking things and study you're not competing with a ninety-five percent anymore because the ninety-five percent has already given this is the most important principle you need to understand about this old business you're now competing okay against the five percenter so in any business you will do you have already burned the competition by just carrying on after the first failure because ninety-five percent of people will not ninety-five percent of people will get into kindle affiliate marketing amazon FBA whatever they will do something and then they will go well you see it doesn't work because they don't believe it in the first place but anyway that's the way people do things so if you carry on let's suppose this phase okay this stabbed last one month okay one month so these phase last one month then ninety-five percent of people give up but you carry on okay now if you keep experimenting what happens is that you start falling through ok so these experimentation phase will last maybe three months now what you need to do here is just to carry on to keep doing things it's so easy that's also why people don't learn a foreign language because they get into it and after one month they don't understand people that talk to them they're not able to formulate a sentence and so they say while you see and they just give up how many people do you know they start learning for a language that's loads how many people do you know that after three months are still doing it and we talk about self standing of course because there are no classes there is no school I'll probably build one but that's another story so ninety-five percent of people give up after one month but you carry on you experiment and you already compete with the five percent what up is is that you will reach a critical threshold right I'm not entirely sure that's the right spelling but it doesn't matter you will reach a critical point it always happens okay so you will reach a point in which things start to click things start to make sense or you start making sense of things whatever you want to say that alright so you start understanding think she's starting you some notice things that you didn't notice before okay or you couldn't notice before even okay and what will happen is that between these and these days okay usually these people decrees okay to about four percent or three percent whatever you get the point so right now in this critical threshold ninety-seven percent of people are gone this explains why in any business the great great great great great majority of people don't earn money and that's not a story you can relate to this ask network marketers I know how many of them really our money few of them but it's not because it's a scam it's because of these as kindle publisher asked affiliate marketers ask any entrepreneur ninety-five percent of people will stop sooner earlier okay now of course I put one month it could be a year but you get the point so in scale okay so you will reach a threshold and after this threshold things start snow bullying so it may have taken you for months to go from zero okay to maybe I i will say that the threshold in kindle okay is thousand bucks okay so you reach that threshold you fall through when you know you produce books and you reach a thousand bucks this gives you a validation because from three fingers you start making four figures which is you know mental thing you know a thousand bucks is an amazing but if you consider that you're only doing zero here that's pretty amazing it's a thousand percent more isn't it and the funny thing is that these people will never experience it okay and i will get back to this because that's a very important point so you start making a thousand bucks now what happens is that you will not take you for months okay to make four thousand he will take maybe 15 days or both so what happened to me for example is that he took me a year to get to this level and I was motivated and persistent to not give up and then I went from zero well let's say from a thousand to 8,000 alright three months now this growth doesn't make mathematical sense or if you dance I don't know but it doesn't to me and does of the most people that's important part ii it tends to make sense for your mind okay so you may even get to a point in which you're making 10k or 12 k maybe it takes takes 2-3 months to go to 8,000 and then the month after so four months okay you're making 13,000 okay this is what happens when you start scaling up but it's a month later so in a month you're making five new case okay that what happens when you see people's no bowling this is what I'm doing neither right now I just keep earning money and people ask me look at how are you doing it alright and this looks like overnight progress or process you know but ain't right because what people and that's that's an important part now let's analyze this you will start kindle publishing affiliate marketing amazon FBA whatever right after one month after critical period of time in which people don't see any results which opens in foreign languages as well all right there is a point in which there is a time which nothing seems to make sense all right this used to happen to me in chinese used to listen to an 18 hours a day of chinese right can you imagine there for six months peter make sense anyway so ninety-five percent of people give up people in this process don't know but in fact they still for your competition and one of the reason they drop out in the first place is competition they say i add is a fee like Emma feel it when other there are too many people to Kindle too many books I was an fbar my competitors are tomb raider starting out is something else and these ninety-five percent of people okay we'll go to a place called shiny object syndrome or shiny object syndrome island if you wish now let's check my microphone still working working sorry okay so they will do today basically they will jump from one program to the other right ninety-five percent of people and one of the reason they keep you know skipping dekhi changing things said they keep going from one thing to the other is the fuel of competition because they don't know that if they just follow through that you will handle with that many less people so after a critical point you will fall through a tiny bit and you will actually start enjoying the process you will start experiment you will see you'll say all right i'm not figuring this out yet but I'm going to that's a mental quick see it doesn't matter if right now I'm not earning any money that's fine I used to be the same with affiliate marketing affiliate marketing is no easy right I say well okay I'm making money we Kindle publishing so i can i can afford losing some money right with the feel it marketing i don't have to make money overnight because I'm covered I'm making a pie out of 10,000 whatever with Kindle publishing I can experiment experiment that's the world now when you are in this phase again ninety-five percent of people is gone already guys from talking about publishing your first book and actually publishing your first book a lot of people give up a lot of people will buy a video course not people do that with me they by my self publishing revolution chords and they they don't even order the first book was to point because they just get overwhelmed right this is also the overwhelming face by the way so experiment some people will drop some people will not have the persistence to actually reach the critical threshold now these usually to most people things like failure and because not only a day already wasted in their mind month or two month but are now experimenting and was wasting even more money they don't know that it's an investment but they think we feel that it's wasting money so some people about 12 percent of course it's not precise but you get the point I mean if it was 85 and 50th the same procedure all right a great majority dropper here some people drop out here and if they knew how close they were to actually breaking through you know it's a pity then you finally one day break through you reach the critical threshold if it can also be zero and you just make your first stall or try to be versatile try to see what I'm trying to communicate to you here and everything start clicking and say ah so that's what I want to do that's how I have to do it okay and you stir making more updates and you scale up very quickly okay and you reach a point which may be a month later you're making triple of mine because you start basically all the effort you're doing here okay so you're doing maybe a b c d e f okay because you were experimenting just okay because you were experimenting you will then discovered that is just a that you have to do and so you will focus and by focusing you will achieve these results now back to some of my videos when i say that ninety-five percent of people will not get what what the hell you're talking you're talking about that's the reason right you're falling through and you've seen things that simply put this people don't know they haven't seen them they don't know they exist all right so maybe when you're here let's do that suppose you know you you're talking about a female marketing and you say well today you know i have launched a campaign and they only i only got you know i only five thousand dollars and there was a big campaign and my clicker rate was a start talking about these things these people would not even get you they will because they have enough picture they haven't followed the process okay now this is also called overnight success right because people from the outside and the outside is represented by mostly this one which remember is the ninety-five percent okay so 95 out of 100 they will look at these okay and they will say well we gather in a month why is that because these people haven't gone to the second phase which is the three-month experimentation and since they don't know this finger exist they assume that you went directly to this pace not true but they don't know that now if you talk to these people that have given up just before seeing the light they sometime any times will tell you I know I was so close so I can understand you and they will appreciate your success most most of the times but the reality is the ninety-five percent of people stuck here okay so that that's the way it works so you know after you fall through for the first time you know this process I know this process okay so if I will ever get into I don't know amazon merchant or whatever it is i know that i'm going to suck the first month right then i'm going to experiment for a few months and then I will have amazing success and people will look at me and will thumb down my videos because hey these guys cover right if I say well I can be so quickly and quick there's been a process now admittedly this process gets quicker ok so after a while he will not be ok check my microphone sup guys you will not be a month anymore sometimes he will be ten days right then among fear and then you will have success so all in all it will be a month but only because you've been through the process before ok so i hope this was useful i know this is kind of confusing but i hope my both my english and my drawing ability were able to to help you because when you're here i don't want you to feel overwhelmed then just give up that's the easier thing to do that's what everybody is doing and please remember this ok so when you're feeling overwhelmed and so you know it's not working out of way so imma just carry on that's all you have to do keep fooling bro keep fighting and you will get into an experimentation phase ok and we should all say well that if anything let me just have fun with this and when you start having fun with things that's where the money's right now it's like me producing these stupid YouTube videos I just like it and I get quite guess what you know right it's our experiment and then you fall through ok so you reach the critical threshold now the critical threshold I would like to clarify this is not always money ok it can be a threshold of time you can be a threshold of experience it is a critical threshold that you need to get to ok anything online requires well anything in life actual request I motivation persistence ok and all of these elements need to reach a threshold again it took me a year to get to a point in which in which then i scaled up to eight thousand dollars in three months so in a sense you know all of this was zero then I reach the threshold of a thousand dollars and then I went directly to wait in like three months ok but I follow this process and that's the process you will follow and that is the thing you cannot choose ok there are people that go to the g and the first time they go they can bench 200 pounds I've never been able to do that okay now i can tell you i can talk for my experience what up usually what happens is to me is that i am rather slow in these phase okay I have an Italian friend his name is Francesco ladies is rather quick in falling through okay fall through sooner than me usually but when I fall through right even because they become fanatic with things I usually achieve better results not an aim but usually than anybody right because the more you experiment that's why I said that we can fanatic because I just get crazy so I have to make it happen then I wish the threshold and then bow all right boom goes the dynamic as has King human would say right so that's that's how you do it I hope this video was helpful to you if you need to get in contact with me just look for look at this tiffany on facebook if you want to learn how to make money with self publishing you have an amazing course an amazing community which is called self publishing revolution the course is called self publishing revolution in which i teach all my tricks and tips it's still the best course out there there is no competition I don't care what people say and by the way people don't say anything about that because they know and yeah just subscribe to my youtube channel and bye for now

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