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hey how you doing this is chlorine waves from WWF only calm and i'm doing a third video to the video series internet marketing promotions free marketing strategies and my free marketing strategy is article marketing article marketing is very very powerful because it allows you to tap into a diagramming group of people that like to read ok they'd rather read more then watch a video you know they get thick they really love to read so with your writing article marketing and attachment with video marketing is superb article marketing also it's very very good but when you're doing block when you're blogging and you have articles on your the block anywhere from 500 to 750 words because you don't want to uh you know lose your reader you know it helps you a search engine optimization you know and i want to give you guys a couple tips you know full article marketing you know you definitely want to make sure that you have headings one headings to a heading streak for searching the optimizations you want to make short make sure that you have a catchy headline because you don't have a catchy headline people are not going to read your article i'm sorry to say people are not going to read your and the number three tip is make sure you're submitting your article to the automatic article submission places you know would allow your article to get read by many of article writers you know also a great thing that article marketing is done it what it has done for me it allowed me to improve on my grammar you know improve on the way you know I speak you know because you don't want to be out there just writing anything ok that's my video on article marketing stay tuned for the next video in this series coming tomorrow on forum marketing by nesha Simpson she is a drop-dead powerhouse when it comes to forum marketing screen wins signing out www com I'm going

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