Internet Network Marketing: How I turned 1 Article Into 125/mo residual income

Internet network marketing does not have to be hard are you on this video because you're looking for Internet network marketing tips that can not only show you strategies that can help you generate more leads but also more signups for your network marketing business if so then you're in the right place this is amplifier with recruit that are winning and NORTHCOM and in its video you're going to discover the exact article marketing strategy that I use to turn one article into a hundred and $25 a month residual income in my business and under a week in under seven days I'll share with you the exact article that I use to generate the hunt or file in my income so that you can now use article writing article marketing to build your network marketing business I'm going to share with you the exact three point structure that you need to include in each of your articles if you want to turn your articles into not only breathe for cash I'm also going to include and share with you the one paragraph that you must include in your articles if you want to be able to generate leads a more signup to consume innatron marketing business using article marketing so let's excited what I said actually works I'm actually showing proof of that hunter and towards the other unless residual income from article marketing and then we'll get into how to do a three-point article structure of that that only turns your articles into lead put into cash let me show you first proof of this income okay so this is the first email that I got I use an article to sign up and recruit one person into my it's my business and the first person that she made was a $25 a month product and that you could return about about $25 I'm not mrs.


Your income and this was on March 24 2013 as you can see here and then just a few days later email later April then upgrade it to the Holloman and one of these I actually show you the process now let's get started so let me show you first the email so I get this email and at first I didn't Oh first I didn't want to open it I was scared opening because I was I don't know if this is you know spam or whatever but I open it because with this particular email address I don't get a lot of spam so I opened it and as you can see here it's from Sandra and it says info came in yesterday and as you can see it says Thursday March 21st from Sandra Angela I came across your site now like more information on working with you I'm an NK m k which is Mary Kay consultant and of course struggling I'm very ambitious and have high goals but I find myself overwhelmed with marketing strategies and the online know-how I hope to hear from you now if you don't have people emailing you want any more information to work with you if you are if you're not getting people who are ambitious who have high goals who really want to master their craft who really want to master this business if you're not getting leads like that then you want to take out a pen and a piece of paper and take notes because I'm gonna share with you how I actually did this how I actually got a lead of that quality so contact me now as you can see here she came in this came in yesterday so let me show you today's date here okay so she came in yesterday and so let me show you today's date today is March 22nd 2013 so she came in yesterday Thursday March 21st so let me show you so what happened was I got this email I'm like what did she come from and typically I don't give that email address out – you're just out in the public on the internet so I knew that I had my email address on my network marketing blog so I was like she must have came from there I don't know so what I did was I'm gonna log out and log back in so I'm gonna log into my wordpress blog and I'm gonna show you where she came from all right so let me give you another number one nugget number one is to track your results track everything that you're doing online so you can see where your leads are coming from because do you want to know what's working and what's not working okay so I logged in as you can see here to my WordPress and I clicked on site status to see okay who was coming to my blog yesterday and maybe was it her and sure enough yesterday here's what I found I had someone I had traffic for my blog coming from youtube because I also do video marketing but I also had tried to come in will you looky here ezinearticles two tips to selling mary kay so she came in from a article that I wrote okay and here's what happened so apparently it looks like that she read an article that I wrote on selling Mary Kay she then clicked on the link and I'm gonna show you at the bottom of that article came to my blog and as you can see here for yesterday you can track and WordPress all the different cliques that people were looking at on your blog and so she looked at my home page right she looked at the tools that I recommend she read my story she looked at the contact page which is where she found my email address she looked at the testimonials of people that I've helped make money online and then the work with me okay and then she you know she went to the contacts and email me so that's how it works so let me share with you and show you the actual article that she came from so it was this easy article so let me click on it and it's this one as you can see there's me it's my picture again and she came from this article what I want to do is I'm going to log into my ezinearticles account and show you how old this article was and show you the power of this particular strategy that I'm teaching on because you can literally write articles and have them generate leads for you years later ok so let me see here let me log back up ok so let me log into ezinearticles and what we're doing is we're looking for this particular article right so let me code two tips to selling mary kay right that's the article that's it that's how it looks so let me go into easy I'm going to show you the actual date of the article ok scroll down here so this is it this is the article two tips of selling mary kay look at the published date January 24th 2011 it is 2013 now two years later I'm still getting leads from work that I did two years ago that's the power of this strategy so what did I do what's so special about this article here's the deal let's read it the pen line is two tips to sell America I am NOT in America okay what I do is I generate leads from people who are quality people who are already sold out and committed to network marketing or direct sales I want those people I want to get in front of those I don't want to get in front of aunt Bertha who don't want to you know get started in network marketing who believes it's a scam I want to talk to you and get in front of and build relationships with people who are already interested and succeeding inside of this industry okay I want qualified people I want quality people and I learned that from plugging into training like you'll see on recruit earn money with Angela's comm and I learned that those are the people that you want to get in front of so that's what I did so I did an article on two tips of selling Mary Kay and I talked about how to generate leads for a Mary Kay business and I gave two tips video marketing and I did utilize Facebook so you want to give value okay and you want to share with them tips that can help them get what it is that they want I'm gonna give you another nugget here the two biggest things that network marketers struggling their marketers are looking for is number one leads and number two to make more money so if you're gonna create any content targeting struggling network marketers you want to play up those two benefits here's how to get more leads so here's how to make more money that's a huge nugget and I learned that from a female income earner who's a top income earner in her company she was like look I did all these surveys and I did all this to figure out what are people looking for what do they want and she said here's the two things more leads and to make more money focus on that in your articles so at the end I did a call to action as you can see here it says to learn how to start implementing these tips right away and you learn how to generate leads for your business and without going broke click here and then here's the link right here to my blog so this lady Sandra read this article click the link I'm gonna click on it now and it's gonna take you and took her to my blog and then she just had fun and just went all over the place and went crazy and started clicking on stuff and clicked on contact okay she clicked on contact and then that's when she saw right here my email address all right so want to wrap this up look if you're tired of feeling like you know you don't know how to generate leads online you're tired of you know chasing people and feeling like you know you have to always be on the prowl and you're talking people who just are not interested in network marketing they're not interested in building a network marketing business and you want to learn how to get in front of quality people and you want to be able to create marketing online that works for you years later and that can give you leads that will email you wanting more information to work with you then you want to plug into training that I plugged into you want to go to recruit that earn money with Angela comm again that is as you can see here on the screen recruit gotta earn money with Angela's com don't put the www but just go to recruit that earn money with Angela's com enter your email address on that page and then plug in to the training that you see on the other side of that page I hope this video is helpful to you you

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