Today, our online experience is
so much more than just checking emails. From talking to friends and
family to doing the weekly food shop, discovering new holiday destinations
and researching things to do locally, the online world is very much
a part of our daily lives. As the time we spend online increases,
so do the digital opportunities available. The online experience is constantly evolving thanks
to content creators, businesses and app developers who are able to find new and innovative
ways to help us shop, learn, and connect.

So whether you own a business
yourself or would like to work for one, now is a great time to jump in and
see how you can get involved in the digital world. But where do you start? Right here. Google Digital Garage provides you with a
simple way to navigate digital marketing concepts and gain the knowledge you need to feel confident. Whether it’s content marketing, online
advertising, mobile marketing or selling products online, we've organised it into
bite-sized video lessons and quizzes so that it’s easy for you to either pick up
new skills or brush up on your existing knowledge. Learn how to build an online business strategy,
improve how a website ranks on search engines, and use analytics tools
to understand online performance.

analytics tools

Whatever your interest, there’s a
topic here to help you meet your online goals. The digital marketing topics have been created
by experts and allow you to learn at your own pace. Take the lessons in chunks
or complete multiple topics at once – whenever and wherever you want. And if you’d like to get the most out of the course, there’s also an option to
complete all topics and assessments, You’ll be awarded the official
Google Digital Garage Certification, offered in partnership with
the Interactive Advertising Bureau. No matter your skill level,
or what you’d like to achieve, Google Digital Garage will help
you build your digital marketing skills. Improve how your business
performs online, boost your CV, or just jump in to learn something new.

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