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right hi I’m Kiara and my first website was basically a baking website with a bunch of recipes for various baking goods so here’s my first website here’s the homepage it’s mostly a pretty simple precisely talks about Who I am something about me it has some proselytizes and counters here also depict brownies if you click on that I’ll bring you to a sheet where I went that zooms in then you can go to my second page which is red velvet cupcakes each sheet has a YouTube video on how it’s not loading right now but it has an example of someone actually making this recipe abusing this recipe to procreate the baked good likewise have some sidebars here and something that this one’s a really light page something that’s really that I like about this website is the banner which I actually I mean you have the coding in the Dreamweaver each I simply have three sheets up here but these are all the coding for each page and there is a generic mode sheet so each one has the same style sheet style style dot CSS I participated the coding mode and the CSS and then so you can see for example in the source code it says claim homepage right there and then when you go to the home page there’s the entitlement also “youre seeing” like site a its ID 7 these are these little sidebars right here slightly it said 7 so the banner here you can see it says div id equals placard that I had to conclude that in Photoshop so we can just go to there now so here I experienced the banner in Photoshop it says Photoshop right out there you can see and now it’s a flattened image so you can’t see the various beds but before it did have countless coatings for example these draws in the back I had to take one picture and then replicate it a few cases duration to that but I had to take a picture off of Google insert it open it set it and then duplicate the bed so here you can say duplicate layer I did that and then dragged it over I also had to make a rectangle and then see for example if I make a rectangle I sounds rectangle make a rectangle right now it’s pink but I can change the opacity or opacity to less and less and that’s what I did so you could actually investigate the pictures behind let’s delete the blanket and then likewise I must be given to do some textbook some writing so for example if I went like that I would write some trash it’s very small right now you can see that you can play around with this just gonna get bigger you can do different typefaces a bunch of trash to change the color but for now I’m going to time get rid of that so that is the banner in Photoshop so my second website is right here it’s I’ll open it with Chrome because it’ll be faster yeah so here it’s actually an internet site for it’s mostly advertisement for my own personal web development website so I base this off of the I initially begins with a emblem which I can open right here in Photoshop this is the logo that I started with and you can see that if you go to the website it’s the same logo right there and then so I took that logo and then I built it into a business card just right opening there it is so there’s mostly the same logo I changed around some pigments you can see the colors are like pink and red in here while in the other one they were purple I also lent some basic information that you would have on a business card like a telephone number the website which this place right here would actually have that URL but right now it doesn’t because it’s just an HTML an email and an address I just made up the address because I didn’t want to be frightening and then I feel overweight eventually into my booklet which would be an advertisement brochure to advertise for my website now I this is as it’s a six page for certain I imply it’s a like a piece of paper folded in three like a trifold but you have to clear both the breast and the back so here this is the brochure back this is a brochure front so this is the back but now I’m opening the front right here okay on the back you can see this is the this would be the front page of the pamphlet you are able to open it up into the three though and you would find this here I talked about what we offer as a network change corporation I throw some previous patron these are all just made up but some previous purchasers input I likewise cause some tolls for example you can see says for one website in one week initial fee of 99 and then I too going to see I likewise go to some sample pages right here some sample sheets right here this is the baking website which I was just demo and I’ll go to this vacation website now but our next this is basically the brochure and actually there’s the back I have some vouchers as if you were in a brochure and you were able to cut them out and delivering them in get some free slews to my photo is free I too have contact information and some knowledge basically precisely stuff that you articulated a new booklet to convince people that your firm is the best so we can go back to the website now so this is the web design here is a basic breast page you have your big motto ykw studios which is basically the call of this place is the place for your next firm then you can click the home page here and sounds what we offer and it’s an secure call which will bring you down to what we offer on this sheet if you likewise click contact information it brings you back down because it says contact information right here and I’ll bring you to the coding right now for this website okay so here is the Adobe Dreamweaver coding for the website that I was just at right here and go to the website and this is the home page and if you go to the Dreamweaver it’s called key r2 you can see it says ER to right up there dhtml so if you go now like name kW Web Design title kW web design up here um then some things like this is I worked a template to make this so it has a lot of coding that was already there then I had it was also in like Sherman or something so it has some curious conversation but here is the coating for the navbar so it has this is called an anchor tag which I was just talking about so basically if you’re on the website and you click what we offer it’ll “ve brought you” down to what we offer which is on the same page the fasten tag only cultivates if it’s on the same page so you have hash tag logo and then down now why is it all caps I don’t know you look for it okay I don’t know it’s it’s down now there should be a logo I’m sorry not logo for the what we offer liberty down here it has this coding for what we offer liberty before the what we offer section network decorator kW is right on this page so right down here this is where that is so if you sounds it once again it’ll bring you down there then the test sheets there’s a sample there’s there’s a sample sheets sheet right here right here so “theres going” now click sample pages bring you to vacation and roasting areas so here’s the trip website sample and here’s the baking Lipset sample I once demonstrated you this and I will go to this soon so we can just wait for that to laden but it’s basically this it’s same coding to the home page now something that is really cool about this website is over here where it says login to see progress on your company on either page it does that it says enter and she progress on your busines now I have the coding right here I’ll precisely make love on sample pages for example if you go down now let’s know the sorry yeah right here sidebar it says log in to see progress on your corporation now I have some coding now structure call username it’s specific coding with textbook password and then submit button and if you go here if you let’s just type in like Kiara I don’t know it’s all caps and then fish if I sounds Submit pretending as if I previously had a login and I was going to my place I would go to this random page that says hello because it’s also says jokes appear because there is no real website nonetheless if I want to make an account it says go below and make an account now I actually have something here if I click Submit and I go to this page this is a page to make an account so I would say oh my given name is Kiara last name is propelled off phone number blah blah blah sexy male random random stuff and then I’d too ask you why do you want to have a website you know numerous grounds your corporation would think on personal business stuff like that sound Submit as if you were stirring it and it says thank you you will receive a corroboration email shortly and now you can return to the website so alright so that’s that website mostly so this website this next website which is right here on sample sheets it says vacation website sample that’s the third website that I made and if “theres going” now to reason card this was a partner project which I did with Risa so if you open it up you can click any page really let’s go to about first that is reasons page if you sounds about time brings you to a convulsion sheet that will freak you out but regardless so the rest of the website this is a travel website tells you all about numerous residences this is really cool coding it’s a hall code so let me go now and open the up with Dreamweaver so you can see the coding for that open with Dreamweaver so here’s the coding for that about page that was the seizure page so it just has a bunch of Jeff’s right here but if I were to open a different one like actually I sought for its open say Sahara so here it is if you go to the homepage and then click let’s see which one says IRA that is it yeah so you can see the little tag right there if you click it this is right here each one each page pretty much ogles the same it has a picture which has the refer on it which we all made in Photoshop then if this one doesn’t have much writing say I go to home page let’s see which home is this this is Fiji click on it it gives you some cool acts the committee is also will bring you to a website that can tell you about more fiji works more fiji resorts they’re not really loading right now oh there it is alright then if you go to the dreamweaver let’s go to the sheet go to the home page it’s called home page HTML so let’s see if i got to find it in adobe dreamweaver so here in dreamweaver is the coding for the home page and all this hall system it’s called the gallery code is right right okay right here so here you can see this is the gallery code it says Fiji I lent well me Andrews lent an image Fiji PNG alts Fiji that exactly intends when you go over it zoom over it it’ll say Fiji right there so that’s the gallery code it’s a pretty cool website also if you go to Island destination it categorizes all of these by these are all Islands these are all oh sorry these are all the jungles they also cool backgrounds to correlate with basically what’s going on islands have delightful palm trees forests some buds deserts some hot stuff and cold there some snowfall and then the seizure page so yep and likewise for many of these it’s mostly the same gallery code you can only sounds it again and it’ll bring you we haven’t finished everything but yeah that’s the third website that I originated in network layout extremely and the last one

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