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Hello friends, I am Vishy. Welcome to Career Code Hindi Lead generation is a very important topic in marketing. This also plays a major part in the success of any business This will help you in in your job, business or any freelancing work you are doing. Today I will give you some very important information like what exactly is lead generation? what are different ways to generate leads? So watch this video till the end and don't forget to subscribe this channel In marketing lead generation is the initiation of consumer interest or enquiry into products or services of a business. It means to bring a potential buyer. Potential buyer is the one who has not yet purchased our products or services but his process of buying has started. For example you keep a beautiful packet at your shop and a consumer asks you what is that? So he is your lead Lead generation is normally done via advertising but this can also be done through organic search engine results etc.

You can generate leads by many ways like through internet, personal referrals, telephone calls, advertisements, events etc. Most used methods of lead generation are Email, Content marketing, Search Engine and Events When a lead is generated, it is given to an individual to follow up on that. Like to a salesperson Salesperson will review it to analyze whether that lead qualifies for a potential business or not. Whether the company will get any business from that lead That is an opportunity for the business Then it has to go through various stages to convert that lead into a customer Let us understand this through an example. How will a Bank which provides Home loan generate leads.

They can use lots of methods but for this example let's assume they try to generate lead via a form given on their website. User will fill that form with their contact details and the company will get an email notification. Some executive will read that email and understand that a lead has been generated. So now this executive will call that person and ask them a few questions. Now if the customer replies that yes he/she is interested in the loan, then the executive will check whether that person is eligible for the loan or not. If the person is eligible then he will collect the necessary documents from the person. Then he will forward his loan request to other departments. And after that there are other stages of loan like loan sanction, approval or rejection. This was an example of loan but other products also have their own stages So lead is normally a contact information of a consumer who is interested in your product or service Leads are of two types Marketing leads and sales leads Marketing leads are brand-specific leads generated for a unique advertiser offer marketing leads are sold only once Sales leads are generated on the basis of demographic criteria like income, age, location etc.

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These leads are resold to multiple advertisers. Sales Qualified Leads are leads screened by salespeople for appropriate qualifying criteria to be followed-up with. Qualifying criteria include need, budget, capacity, time-frame, interest, or authority to purchase. In digital marketin there is an important topic of online lead generation and the methods used to generate online leads. So let me tell you something about online lead generation. Online lead generation is a term used in Internet marketing which means leads which are generated through internet. Few methods used in online lead generation are Social media Email Marketing Online advertising There are 3 types of pricing models in Online advertising which are used by marketers 1. CPM which is Cost per thousand or Cost per Mile 2. CPC which is Cost per Click 3. Cost per acquisition In this there are two options There is a related topic to lead generation which is Lead Nurturing. Lead nurturing is the process of continuously contacting the potential buyer to update information and to improve the knowledge of the customer throughout the buying process All lead information tends to change or become obsolete as time passes.

To keep the information up to date, the Lead Manager needs to continuously contact the leads' contact to update the information. Lead nurturing Process can be both manual or automatic So friends hope you liked the video. Please like and share with all. And do subscribe.

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