Lesson-14: Content Marketing: Hidden tactics and strategies | Ankur Aggarwal

Hey guys, welcome to another lesson in this
digital marketing mastery course. Now I will tell you something. Traditional marketing is dying. It has become less and less effective to run
traditional marketing. And the solution is content marketing, and
in today’s video. We’ll be talking about content marketing,
so let’s get started. Hey guys, welcome back to the digital marketing
mastery course. And today’s topic is content marketing. Especially for the last few years, content
marketing has specifically gained a lot of popularity.

But I’ve seen that majority of the people
don’t really understand what content marketing is, or they just think that content marketing
is a different kind of advertisement. But content marketing is quite different from
the traditional form of marketing. Like you have already seen the videos on Facebook
Ads and Google Ads. In the paid media channel you are directly
showing your advertisement towards target customers and then you are driving those people
to your landing pages or to your website selling them something. But when it comes to content marketing the
process is slightly different. Instead of directly driving the customers
to your product, you first provide value and rather a lot of value to the customer. So just like any other video on this free
course, we will be showing you content marketing through various examples and case studies
so you can understand it better. So let’s start with the basic, what is content
marketing? Content marketing is a strategic marketing
approach focused on creating and distributing valuable, relevant and consistent content
to attract and retain a clearly defined audience.

So these three words are extremely important,
valuable, relevant and consistent content. Like any other marketing strategy, you need
to be relevant to the audience. For example, let’s say if you are selling
guitar. But if you are showing your advertisement
or if you’re showing your content to an audience who is more interested in cat food
like Yoga, then definitely no one will buy your product. So your content needs to be relevant, it needs
to be valuable- to what sense? So the quality of the content must be really
high. And it needs to be consistent. The attention span of people have been decreasing
year by year. Because of so many distractions, with mobile
phones, and tablets and laptops and continuous notifications, it’s very hard to keep the
attention of a customer, or rather a prospective customer. So you have to produce high quality content
that is relevant, and that too on a consistent basis so that your customers can create a
bond with your content.

Or rather a bond with your business or you
if you are an independent influencer. Let’s take the example of YouTube. YouTube is also a place where people are producing
content. So YouTube is also a channel of content marketing. So let’s say your favorite YouTuber stops
posting videos. So you might wait for the videos for a month
or a two but after a couple of months you’ll just loose the interest and you’ll move
to the next best thing, right? Similarly this is where the consistency is
extremely important. So this is why you need to provide high quality
relevant content, that on a consistent basis to your audience in order to keep their attention. So whenever we talk about content marketing,
the strategy is divided into two parts.

First of all is the content and the second
is the distribution of that content. Let me take my own example to explain content
marketing to you. My goal is to provide digital marketing to
various services. So this is why I’ve created this free digital
marketing course. Our of hundreds and thousands of people who
are taking this free course, few of them will contact me and hire me for their business
for their marketing needs. So this where I’ll be making money. So by providing this free course, I will be
getting few specific leads, who might require more personalized services and hence, they
would then be hiring me for the paid plans.

So this is where content marketing is coming
in to place. By providing this free content, by providing
this free video courses, by also providing my free comprehensive YouTube videos, by creating
a community on our Facebook group, by providing posts and images and videos and lives sessions
on Instagram, all these are contents that I’m giving to my audience for free, so that
I can get those consulting leads. So just like for me, where my end goal is
to get the consulting leads, similarly for different businesses, content marketing may
have different goals. Let’s take the case of Travel Triangle here. So it’s a website where you can buy travel
packages. So their ultimate goal is to rank all their
articles on Google, their ultimate goal was to drive traffic to their website and convert
those people into paying customers. So this is why their main focus was on SEO,
which is search engine optimization. So when we are talking about content marketing,
we are not just focusing on one single area of marketing.

Rather we first need to understand where our
target consumers are, and then optimize a strategy. Like in the case of Travel Triangle, they
know that majority of their customers will be coming from Google search engine. Like look at their articles: “tourist places
in Delhi”, “best places to visit in Kerala”, “places to visit in India”… so anyone
who is thinking of going to a particular place, majority of people has the tendency to first
research about the place. So what will they search for? Either they search for the best places to
visit in the XYZ place- wherever they are going. Or they might be looking for the various tourist
places, so these are the keywords they are targeting. Like look at this particular article, like
it’s driving 20,000 organic traffic.

So places to visit in Delhi, tourist places
in Delhi… so anyone searching for these keywords are prospective customers for Travel
Triangle. That is why they have an article written for
this. Similarly they have written all the articles
for all the search queries, which might have a purchase intent in terms of tourist space. So that is why they have been able to drive
1.6 million of organic traffic. And that is just an estimate- the actual traffic
might be higher. Like let’s see the traffic here on SimilarWeb. That’s a 3.1 million of oral traffic, see
majority of the traffic is coming from search engine optimization.

So for them, content marketing is primarily
focused more on search engine optimization. Like for me, where I am doing this free course,
for me the content marketing is focused more on providing value, and like for me, I don’t
have my articles ranking on Google. So for me, my goal is providing free content
by driving people from various paid channels like Facebook, LinkedIn, Quora, etc. and then
getting them into my own funnel of providing free value first and out of the thousands
of people who sign up, few of them might be consulting leads. So when we are talking about content marketing,
as I mentioned earlier as well, the content has to be high quality.

So valuable content, is much more influential
than compared to a very mediocre content. And also with the competition so fierce, everyone
is moving to the online marketing channel, so you’ll see that you are not the only
one who is trying to grab the attention of your prospective customer. You also have many different businesses and
many different people competing for the same people and for the same attention. So in order to stand out you need to give
a lot of value and that too in a way that is easily comprehensible, that looks good,
like it has a lot of images- video is something that is coming very strongly in 2019.

And I am really sure that even in the coming
years, video is something that you need to focus on. That is the reason for the exponential rise
of YouTube, and even Instagram is coming with live stories- so video is something that you
need to focus on. The whole idea of content marketing lies in
this very important human psychology of reciprocity. That if you give something for free, that
if you give a lot of value, then the people have this tendency, or they feel the need
to give back. So when you provide all this value, like in
my case when I’m giving all these free YouTube videos, I’m giving a free video course,
I’m helping them, I’m solving all the doubts of all the people on our Facebook group,
by going live… so I’m sharing my 7+ years of experience of digital marketing with this
new people so they- in a way I’m creating a bond with these audience.

So when you give so much value for free, people
start trusting you. So now you’ll be thinking like, so now you
must be thinking, “what kind of content marketing strategy that you can put in your
business” so now you might be thinking like “what kind of content can you create for
your content marketing efforts”, right? So here I’ve listed some kind of content
that you can create and promote for your content marketing efforts. So the most popular type of content that you
must have seen in all the other websites is the listical articles. Like top 10 tips to weigh- like top 10 tips
to lose weight, like top 7 ways to make money online #number 3 will shock you… so this
is more like a click-baiting headline.

The second type is interviews, you can find
experts on the industry, and take their interview and then you can promote the interview. You can create case studies- case studies
is something that has a massive potential of going viral. Especially I’ll take the example of online
marketing niche. Let’s say I have a website, and I was able
to grow it to let’s say 1 million+ visitors, and out of that 90% are organic visitors,
and then let’s say within 14 months. Then I can make a comprehensive guide, like
how I grew my website from 0 to 1 million+ visitors in 14 months.

And then I can include everything, all the
struggles that I had, all the expenses that I had, all the learnings that I made in this
14 month period. So this is something that everyone would want
to hear- so this is something that everyone would want to read. So case studies are something extremely important,
if you can promote them well then you can really get a massive viral effect. Inforgraphics are something that really blew
up in 2017 and ’18. Although their effects is somewhat decreasing
by the year, but at least in 2019, and at least in 2020, infographic is definitely something
you can focus on. And not just the basic infographic. You can even go one step ahead and make any
type of info graphic. So these have the potential of going viral
and also generating a lot of backlinks to your website.

Like in this case, this particular example
here, how car engine works. The article that actually from which this
inforgraphic was created, just because of this animated inforgraphics, they were able
to drive 1,000+ referring domains just for that particular article. That’s a huge amount of backlinks. So this article alone, must have increased
their organic traffic, by at least 10 to 20 folds. So you can think of creating an animated graphics
for your content marketing strategies as well. Similarly you can create “how to” types
of articles, so humor is also something that has the potential of going viral. How to articles is more of a saturated field,
so you won’t get much of the traction through that, but humor is something that can drive
viralty into your content. You can create checklists/worksheets for your
audience, any kind of checklist that can help your audience or make their job easier. Like in my case, I really believe in SEO or
search engine optimization, and that is why I created an SEO audit checklist. And I am giving it away for free in my YouTube
videos. Because I know that SEO is something that
is kind of complex, and SEO audit in particular is a more complicated field.

So by giving a checklist to my audience, it
makes their job so much easier. Similarly you can create a review or a comparison. Let’s say you are a SAS business and you
have multiple competitors then you can write an article why your software is better than
your competitor’s. Because people tend to search this as well. Like, if our software is a- so let’s say-
let’s take the example of ahrefs and SEMrush. Both are used for backlink analysis and SEO
efforts. So you’ll see that people are searching
for ahrefs versus SEMrush or SEMrush versus ahrefs. So by targeting this keyword query, these
are the people who are in the last stage of buying. So they have already made up their mind that
they will be buying the ahrefs or SEMrush. So their just checking which one has the better
option. So by targeting or writing an article, or
rather a very comprehensive article, stating why your software is better than your competitor’s.

Stories are really something that can really
help create a strong bond with your audience, if your story and also your copywriting is
good. Ultimate guides who are really popular in
2017 and ’18, especially Neil Patel was writing a lot of ultimate guides. Ultimate guides is nothing but writing a very
detailed, comprehensive, step-by-step, easy to understand article on one of the most popular
topic on your blog. Just by searching the keyword “ultimate
guide” you’ll see that there’s so many ultimate guide on the internet. So- there’s Neil Patel “creating an ultimate
guide and using them to build your marketing list”. See even the second article is “please no
more ‘ultimate guides’…” because in 2017 ultimate guides was the trend. Everyone was writing 5,000 words, 10,000 words
or even 15,000 words ultimate guide on their main topic. Like an ultimate guide on remarkable content. Let’s see the article here… see the quality
of the article here, the way they have written the article, the navigation here, so the TOC
is in the form of these bullet points, so you can easily navigate to any part of the
article. They have images, they have this beautiful
graph, the formatting is really nice, the color scheme is really nice.

So to write this content, I’m sure they
almost spent a week or a month , just for the creation of this article. So this is the power of content marketing. See the exit popup here, that’s a very smart
strategy. So look at the quality of this article, how
detailed it is. How beautiful it is. This is why content marketing is something
that is extremely difficult to do as an individual, you need a team behind it because it requires
a lot of effort. And writing an article is not easy, especially
when you’re writing an ultimate guide like this. Which requires at least 10,000 words and that
is just the textual part. You also have to review it, you also have
to make graphics related to that, you need to make it look nice and you also have to
promote it as well. As I told you earlier as well, content market
is two parts. First is creating the content and then is
the promotion the content. Both takes 50% of the effort. So next are the videos and the podcasts. Video is something that I’ve mentioned that
is growing like crazy.

Even for me, I could have created a text-based
free digital marketing course. But I created a video-based digital marketing
course. It took me a lot more time, a lot more effort,
to create this video content and then to get it edited, transcribe it, add to the funnel
and all. But I know that a video is something that
we create with 10x more effect compared to a text content. That’s why I went for videos. Especially when as you can see on my YouTube
videos as well, I focus a lot on the quality. So the transitions, the camera, the lens that
I use, the sound equipment I use, the script that I use, the video editing, and also the
promotion of the YouTube videos. Because I know that YouTube is something that
will drive a lot of revenue for my business as well.

Now podcast is not something that is popular
in India, but in the US, podcast is more like a saturated industry. Like people like listening to podcasts. And majority of the people listen to podcasts
either when they are driving, or when they’re in the gym, or when they are doing their house
chores, but in India it’s in a varying stage. And even the people who are doing some podcasts,
they are doing more of a video kind of podcast. Because YouTube is more popular in India. But my prediction is by 2020 or maybe by the
end of 2020, podcast is something that will definitely grow.

So that is something that you really can catch
on this trend. And start it early, because all the people
who are very early in the growing term, tend to benefit the most. Last is book, writing a book is something
that is still relevant. It might not be as effective, but it still
gives you authority. Whenever you have a book written and it’s
a best-seller, then you can write on the description as- you can write it in your bio… and…
they just give people the tendency of looking at you with an authority.

Because writing a book somehow, makes people
look at a form, “look at this person, might be in authority of this niche, that’s why
they have written the book.” You can also do something like this as well. Even my plan at the end of this year 2019
is to write, publish and make one of my books a best-seller. So you’ll see my journey here on the same
Facebook group and on my YouTube channel. So if you’re not subscribed or if you’re
not part of the Facebook group, do join them.

So content marketing is more like a three-stage
process. So first is planning, you have to plan you
have to select what kind of content to write, research about it, resources and all. Secondly, is to publish the content, and third
is the marketing and promotion of the content. So the first step is definitely making an
editorial content- so the first step is definitely making an editorial calendar. As I said content marketing is something that
you cannot do along, or if you’re doing it along it will take much more time. So far a- either you can create an editorial
calendar in your Google calendar or if you want for more simplicity then you can go for
Trello or Asana. Asana is the more advanced project management
tool. But if you want something free, then you want
to go for Trello. Even Asana gives free trial I think up to
3 or 4 members, I’m not sure. But Trello is definitely free. Even I use Trello for my team management and
assigning tasks to my freelancers and all. So you can do this. It’s an amazing software that you really
must try.

And second is to plan what kind of content
you plan to write. Like the given example of Travel Triangle. They were not the first in the industry to
come up with travel booking. There’s so many competitors like MakeMyTrip
and other websites like Yatra.com. So what did they do different? Honestly, they didn’t do much different,
all they did was looked at their competitors like MakeMyTrip and Yatra.com and they saw
an opportunity. And the opportunity was that majority of the
traffic even for these different companies like MakeMyTrip or Yatra, who are coming from
search engine optimization.

So they checked, they looked and they knew
that their power of driving customers will be content marketing, and that will be SEO,
search engine optimization. So for them to have a promotion is the search
engine optimization, so they hired a lot of content writers, and article editors for proofreading
and checking the quality of the content. They wrote a lot of articles and build a lot
of backlinks. And hence, they are today driving a lot of
traffic. You just saw 3.1 million of traffic. And majority of that coming from search engine
optimization, and now they are making good money. And the best part about search engine traffic
is that it is free, so the customer acquisition cost is 0. All the revenue they make, apart from the
cost like the operational cost, everything is profit.

Because their marketing cost is zero. So the way they made themselves different
was by writing content that was much more higher in quality compared to their competitors. Their content is very well formatted, look
at their content. They have proper bullet points, they have
proper formatting, they have beautiful images and look at how they have bolded some of the
words. Italics, bolds… and they’ve also mentioned
entry fee, opening hours. So all the information that a person might
be looking for. And in between the contents, they are promoting
their travel packages. They also have this right popup where you
can enter the- I think someone from the department will call us and set the travel booking. See how beautiful the content is, how simple
and how elegant the content is. And also they have keyword optimize, they
have followed the SEO practices. Like a very long content I think it is definitely,
3-4,000 words+. And they have covered all the checkpoint of
good on page SEO. And since their content quality is really
high, so they may have made a lot of backlinks for this article as well. So this was how Travel Triangle was doing

So this is what you can do for your business
as well. So this is what you need to do for your content
marketing as well, first you need to finalize what kind of content or where your customer
is. So if your customer is more coming from the
search engines, you need to focus on SEO so this is where good quality content, very comprehensive
content will come. But if you are- if you think that most of
your customer is more on the Facebook or the social side, then you can create more viral
kind of contents. Not every informational, but rather trends. Listical articles will really work on social
media. So this is where I cannot give you a direct
checklist, rather you’ll have to search your competitors, you’ll see- you’ll have
to know what kind of content they are writing. For this you can use various software like
Ahrefs, Moz and Buzzsumo. Buzzsumo is my favorite in social media and
all for the sharing capability. To see which of your contents were shared
the most.

Ahrefs for SEO, and Moz also for SEO. For creating the content either you can write
it yourself, but that will take a lot of time. Like for me, I hire some content writers,
I have some really good content writers, I pay them well as well. So all I have to do is give them the guidelines,
what kind of content I’m looking for, so they’ll do all the research, and since they
are all experienced content writers they know what I am looking for, they’ve already worked
with me. So they give almost a, like a 90% final work. Then I have a content editor who looks at
the work, gives them feedback, if there’s a correction needed to be done, and we get
the final content. Then I also have one person is responsible
for creating the images, adding the images and publishing the final article… and before
publishing, I have one more person who does the SEO of the article. Like adding the keywords, adding the all-text,
making the content look good, the formatting and all, making sure of all the other SEO

And then finally the content is published,
and then our marketing team takes the content URL and promotes it as much as possible, on
Facebook social media, paid ads, YouTube. So all the relevant channels where the content
audience might be. Even after publishing, the work is not done. You also have to track and analyze the data. What was the result of your content marketing
effort, how many customers did you actually convert into paying customers, did your content
marketing efforts give you positive result or not? The content quality is extremely important,
because there are a lot of competition already in the market, so if your content quality
is inferior, no one will stick to your content and they’ll just move on to the different

digital marketing

So make sure your content has a lot of images,
videos- videos are something that you can embed in the content because you’re getting
a lot of engagement with videos. You can- formatting is another important factor. I just showed you the example of Travel Triangle,
they have proper formatting. Italics, bold, bullet points- so that is how
you make your content look good and also keep the audience engaged. And another very important point is that you
have to make sure that your content is mobile optimized because people tend to forget about
this. That around 70% – 80% of your audience are
using mobile to access your content. So if your article does not look good on the
mobile, then definitely your content won’t be “sticky” and people will just click
on the back button. Content length is again an important factor,
not just for content marketing but SEO efforts as well. The longer the content, the better for your
SEO effort. But as I’ve mentioned in my YouTube videos
as well that SEO is not about writing big content, but also about writing quality content.

So not just the length of the content, but
as well as the quality of the content must be very high. Another important area specially for the content
marketers, the headline is extremely crucial. So your headline needs to be “click-baity”
but at the same time does not bring out the negative emotion of clickbaiting. So let’s say you’re writing top 10 tips
of losing weight, number 3 will blow your mind. So make sure the number 3 tip is something
that is really out of the norm, it must be backed by research, it is something that people
don’t usually think about but it generates some kind of positive emotion from the people. Otherwise people will just associate your
brand with clickbaiting headlines. See, writing a headline is an art. It is not something that you can learn within
a few hours, so you’ll have to practice it a lot. Especially, in my case in my content marketing
strategy. What we do is, before writing the article,
we make sure to create 5 – 7 different headlines. And when we are promoting it, we are actively
testing the headline to see which one is giving the most engagement.

And then we’ll stick to the final headline
which gave us the best enagegement. And for creating beautiful images- and also
you can look at the various headlines of websites like Scoopwhoop or Buzzfeed for some inspiration. Because these websites are social websites,
so for them, headline is an extremely important area. And also you can use this free tool of CoSchedule.com
headline analyzer. You can paste your headline and this will
give you a score based on the kind of headline you have. So you can use this as well.

And for creating beautiful graphics for your
website, or even for your social media, you don’t need to learn Photoshop. Like even for me all my designs, be it Facebook
Ads, be it my Instagram post, or even my blog post images… everything is created in this
free tool called Canva.com. I am not paying anything for this. It is very easy to use, simple to use, it’s
free of course. And also it has sharing capabilities so you
can create a team, just like Google sheets where multiple people can work on the same
design and it will be real-time updated.

Honestly, this is the best website. This is why it is extremely, extremely popular. You’ll see that 88 million people are using
it. And the best part is, the website is free! Who doesn’t like free, right? So all my Facebook graphics, my website articles
and- everything is created here on Canva.com. You can use this as well. Like I mentioned, outsourcing- most of the
job comes with the experience. Like I’ve been in the digital marketing
field for 7+ years, so I know where good freelancers are, be it any kind of- like video editing,
or content writing. And already I have a huge team of freelancers,
who are already tested, with the quality of their work. So I already have freelancers for any kind
of work that I need on a day-to-day basis. But if you’re just starting out, then you
can go to iWriter or Textbroker for your content requirement.

There’s some good writers. But then again you need a content editor as
well. Or you can do it yourself, to check the quality
of the content. But my best tip for you will be that, if you’re
doing content marketing then you already know that it is something that is time consuming,
so you’ll need to use all the tools, you’ll need to streamline your efforts so you can
get the minimum time. So make sure you use the tools, outsource
the work as much as possible, and not just create and publish, you also have to market
the content. And also track and analyze the results. Now pre-promotion is something that you can
implement in your rural content marketing strategy. Bu then again, this will add to the workload. But it will definitely give positive results
if you’re doing it. So what is pre-promotion? So pre-promotion is all about finding promotion
partner. So let’s say you’re writing an article
about top 10 best places to visit in Thailand. Okay, so- then what you can do is write a
very- if you’re planning to write it as a comprehensive guide covering everything,
all the information, beautiful formatting, beautiful graphics… so what you can do is
make a list of all the travel influencers who have covered Thailand.

And they already have a good following, let’s
say someone is popular on YouTube or let’s say someone has a blog who is very popular. So make a list of- or maybe a Google sheet
of all these influencers along with their contact details. The primary contact detail that I focus on
is the email ID. So what I’ll do is, I’ll mention this
people or maybe I’ll use some of their images and credit them in the article, or maybe I’ll
use some of their quotes or just mention them in any other way in my article and then, before
publishing the article… I’ll just email them that, yeah I’m trying
or maybe thinking of publishing this great piece and I’ve also mentioned you in my
article, so what are your comments or maybe feedbacks on the article before it gets published…
and they’ll be happy to- not all of them, but definitely a few of them will be happy
to give you feedback.

And if they even like the article, they might
even share the article when you publish it. So all of these will be possible when you
do the pre-promotion and, not just this, you’ll also be creating bonds with these influencers,
so you will be in their radar, and this will also give you credibility if a good influencer
is sharing your content. So this is something that you can incorporate. And for the email outreach, you can use any
software like Ninjaoutreach. I personally use, Ninjaoutreach… you can
check all the tools that I use for my content marketing effort as well at my ankuraggarwal.in/blogging-tools/
area. Or you can click here in the my tools section. So here you can see all the various tools
I use, like Ahrefs for SEO… and NinjaOutreach is what I use for pre-promotion and all my
email outreach.

Not just for pre-promotion, but also for my
SEO outreach, for guest post and link building, I use NinjaOutreach. And G Suite is what I use for my professional
email address and also for my Google sheets. Buffer is another tool that you can use after
promotion of your content. Now you already know and I’ve already covered
most of the type of traffic in my previous videos, like organic traffic, direct traffic…
organic traffic is traffic coming from search engine. Direct traffic is traffic coming directly
to your website or maybe the type-in traffic. Like when someone enters the name ankuraggarwal.in
in the browser then that will become a direct traffic to my website. Paid traffic is any traffic that is coming
from media like Facebook Ads, LinkedIn Ads, Google Ads, etc. Email marketing traffic, one of my favorite
channel is coming from an email list. I use drip for my email broadcast. Social media traffic, traffic coming from
social media, be it Facebook group, be it Facebook page, Twitter, etc. and referral
traffic is traffic coming from any other source like a guest post on an inter-website or a
link on any other article, or maybe on Reddit, etc.

Now promotion and outreach is extremely, extremely
important. Now you have created- spent weeks on creating
this beautiful content but if you don’t promote or if you don’t outreach all your
efforts will go in vain. Just as mentioned earlier, it’s a 50-50
split, the more time you spend creating the content, even more time in promoting or outreaching
that content. So make sure you share the contents multiple
times, then again you can use a tool like Buffer.com, as I mentioned in my blogging
tools list, or you can schedule- schedule your contents multiple times on your various
social medias. Also the people you mentioned in the article,
like I told you in the pre-promotion list, you can even contact them or ask them for
the share, if they like the content.

And if you already have a Facebook page then
you can share the article in the Facebook page, and also spend some money in boosting
the page, because the Facebook organic reach is slowly dying out. Facebook is not showing your content to even
the people who like your page, so you need to boost the content on your page in order
to reach all the people who like your content. Or you can even run paid ads, on all relevant
audience. Let’s say you’re writing an article about
Thailand, so maybe you can target people who are interested in traveling or people who
have just been to Thailand.

So you can target people who are interested
in traveling and see the response there. So it’s all about a- spending more time
in promotion and outreach, especially when the article is published, in order to get
it viral. And not just the paid ads and the social media
boost, but you make sure that your article is on page as you optimize as well. Because if your article does go viral, or
if you are able to build high-quality backlinks for your article then it will also give you
a boost in the Google search engine ranking.

So make sure you first select the keyword
as well. So for selecting the keywords, you can already
use Ahrefs. I’ve already covered everything in detail
in my SEO videos. Be it on page and off page video. Like if you are writing an article on a…
let’s say tourist places in Delhi. So you can do is, search on Google… you
can see that the first article is Travel Triangle’s article. Just open the article, copy the URL, go to
Ahrefs, enter the URL here, and press enter. This is the list of all the keywords that
the article is ranking for, so make sure if you are writing an article on tourist places
in Delhi, you also optimize your article for all these keywords.

So check our on page SEO video again, if you
want to learn more about this. So by optimizing your article for SEO as well
you also increases its chances for long-term traffic. So if your article- if you’ve spent so much
time on creating this valuable content, and if it also ranks on Google, so instead of
sudden burst of traffic you’ll also be getting long-term traffic because your article will
rank on number 2, number 3 or even number 1 position for your target keyword depending
on the competition. Now email is something that- specifically
in India, is ignored a lot. But honestly, email is something that have
been giving me the maximum revenue for my business.

And email is the best channel to contact influencers,
and also get a reply. And if you are not building an email list
for your website, then you are losing on a big chunk of revenue. Now email is not something that is very popular
in India, but honestly, email is driving me the maximum revenue. When we are talking about the promotion aspect
of content marketing, email will play a very important role. So if you already have an email list, you
can directly all your people and ask them to check out your article. And these people are highly likely to check
out your article because they are already engaged with your brand. They have already given you their email ID
so they have already given you the permission to email them.

So they are more likely to click on the link
and check on the article, and even share the article with their friends and all. So for email marketing I am using Drip.com,
so for my email marketing I’m using Drip software. You can check all the tools that I use for
my digital marketing efforts, by going to the “My Tools” section here… on “ankuraggarwal.in/blogging-tools/”
And… for email marketing I am using Drip. But if you are big enough you can use AWeber. You can click any of the links here and try
the software for free.

And for my email outreach, I use this amazing
software called NinjaOutreach. It makes the email outreach so simple and
this is an amazing software, not just for email outreach, but also for building high-quality
backlinks. Now repurposing content is another smart strategy
that you should incorporate in your content marketing effort. So let’s say you’re spending a lot of
time creating this epic guide, this beautiful content, then why not take the maximum potential
from this article, right? Let’s take the example of this particular
article, the ultimate guide to starting an online business. Now this article is beautiful, it’s well-written,
it’s properly formatted and I’m sure the person who have written it must have spent
a lot of money in promoting this article. So how can you extract the maximum benefit
out of this article? So what he can do is, he can take the best
part out of this article and create it into a video. And then upload it to the, YouTube channel.

Or he can even take the best part and add
it to the Instagram live, or Instagram story. So this way, using the same content on various
other mediums. This is what repurposing is… You can repurpose your content in multiple
ways. You can use it as guest post, you can create
videos, you can create PowerPoint presentations. So by using the same content on various different
platforms, you are targeting various different audience. Not everyone likes to read text, some people
might be more interested in videos.

So you can create a video, and target that
audience. So what type of traffic to focus on? So there are two different areas, organic
traffic versus the paid traffic. Both have pros and cons. So like when you are focusing on organic traffic
the results are very late, so you cannot expect instant rankings, you cannot expect your article
to rank into the number one position within a few days. It takes a lot of time, it takes a lot of
effort, and also it takes a lot of knowledge it rank your article. But then again the traffic that will be coming
to your website after you ranked, they’ll be free of cost and that would be targeted
traffic. So organic traffic should be a long-term strategy,
and paid traffic should be a short-term strategy when you want instant boost or instant relevant
prospect to your customers to your articles or to your content marketing efforts. With paid ads you also have to spend a lot
of money to drive those people to your content, but the result are more instantaneous.

Another drawback of organic traffic is that
even if your article is ranking, but let’s say for Google algorithmic update comes, all
your traffic can go to vain. All your rankings might just disappear instantaneously,
if the penalty- if your website is penalized. So my advice for you is to keep 70% of your
budget devoted to SEO, that is the search engine optimization. So that you are consistently focusing on the
long-term view, at the same time, keeping 30% of your budget on the digital marketing. At the same time, keeping the 30% of your
budget at the paid ads channel, like the Facebook, Google Ads, or the LinkedIn Ads, wherever
your customer is, so you can also get instant arrow way of the product. So here are few different tactics that you
can use to drive highly-targeted traffic.

You can use guest-posting, you can share it
on various Facebook groups. If you already have a Facebook group, you
can drive customers through that. But even if you don’t have a group, you
can be part of the various communities or the various different groups who are in your
industry, and be an active participant in that. Don’t just go and spam your links there,
rater be an active person in the community, help others. Only then will the other people also be checking
your article, sharing your content, or even give any consideration to your content.

You can even run Facebook Ads or Twitter Ads,
you can republish, reformat, or you can repurpose the content. Retargeting is also something that you can
definitely do. I’ve already covered retargeting in the
Facebook Ads section, because these people are already interested or they already have
seen your content, or any kind of content, in any way or form, so they are more likely
to chance your article again. And this is the final step, this is another
very important step. Let’s say you have spent all the money all
the time in creating this beautiful content, and even market it. But if you’re not checking the stats, if
you’re not checking your numbers, if you’re not making a positive income out of it, then
all marketing efforts are going to be vain, right? So you have to check your numbers, you need
to know what your numbers are. Like I’ll give you my example… Let’s say if I’m driving people to my
income report here, for January 2019.

You’ll see a call to action here like, “join
my free digital marketing course”. Similar call to action are all throughout
this article. Asking people to join my free digital marketing
course, like here. And even at the bottom of this article, “join
my free digital marketing course”. So let’s say a hundred people come unto
this article. Then I can check in my Google Analytics, how
many people actually click on this link, and went to this particular landing page, ankuraggarwal.in/free-digital-marketing-course/
and how many of them actually subscribed. So if I cannot track these numbers , I won’t
be able to judge what the results are of my content marketing campaign. So whatever your business goal is, even if
you are an ecommerce company. Your ultimate goal is to make multiple sales
of your product.

So let’s say if you’re selling leather
jacket. And you write a comprehensive guide on how
to select the perfect leather jacket, then what you can do is, by giving a lot of value
to all the people, showing the different kinds of leather jacket, how to buy them… tips and tricks on buying them. You can also incorporate various call to action,
asking people to buy your own leather jackets. Then you can see out of hundred people who
are coming unto the article, how many of them are actually going and buying your leather
jacket, so this is how- where content marketing comes into play. You need to know your numbers, otherwise all
your efforts will go into vain. Now this is another common but very important
question asked to me, like how long does it take for content marketing to work? Honestly, it depends on the channel you are
using. There is now specific concept, like in the
case of Travel Triangle I mentioned earlier, the example that I gave you, they were focusing
entirely on SEO. So their strategy was long-term. That was to rank in the Google search results,
for all their keywords.

So for them it was a slow process, like 6
months or a couple of years. Maybe 2 to 3 years, because SEO takes time. And that also depends on the level of knowledge
you have about search engine optimization, and the kind of backlinks you are making. But if you are an ecommerce website or something
or someone who is selling a physical product or even service, and you need instant result,
then you have to go for the paid ads. Like Facebook Ads, Google Ads, or any channel
depending on where you customer is. In that case, you need instant result so you’ll
be going for the paid ads. But then again if you are selling an expensive
item, if you are selling a high-end coaching or an expensive video course, then you need
multiple touch-points.

You need your customer or a prospective customer
to trust you. in that case as well, content marketing will
play a very important role, because you’ll be showing them testimonials, you’ll be
showing them the value of your content and also giving them overall free value. Only then will they be able to trust you and
buy your expensive program. So there’s no set answer for how long does
it take but it depends on the channel you are using. So this is where I’ll end this content marketing
video, I hope you enjoyed it and I hope I was able to make it clear for all of you what
content marketing is, and how you can incorporate content marketing in your efforts of digital
marketing. And as always I’ll mention and end this
video, like by doing everything not just looking at the video and thinking “okay, I understood
it, I’ll be able to do it”. No, it does not work like that. You have to incorporate, you have to practice
everything on your blog.

I’ve been mentioning these things in almost
all the videos, that practice, practice, practice- practice is the only thing that will make
you a good digital marketer. I don’t want anyone in my Facebook group
or in our community to just be a beginner or a novice digital marketer. I want all of you to be an digital marketing
expert, and it will only take place if you practice everything that I teach you. And also I am taking all the time in the world
to take the Facebook live to answer all your questions, help you out in any possible way,
so please guys, I would really love if you practice everything and really share your
results in the Facebook group, it helps a lot.

I’ll see you in the next video. Hey guys, I hope you like this lesson on this
fairly new field of content marketing, tomorrow we have another important lesson for you called
email marketing. Guys, email marketing is one of the biggest
revenue driver for me. Like what is an email list? How to build an email list? Or rather how to even make money from your
email list? I will be talking all about this in the next

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