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Hello everyone, welcome to LGR Zhiyi Here, we will review some weird, forgotten weird hardware and software Such as this Yamaha DiscT@2ing CD burner A strange thing that will only appear in the new millennium Yes, this is a CD burning drive But this machine has a unique skill, you can directly pattern patterns on the CD Not on the label side, but on the data side Let's take a look Okay, now let’s take a look at this CD-ROM drive, model CRW-F1 There is a more rare external SCSI interface version, model F1SX Yamaha has produced many models, including built-in and external Most of them are cheaper than this But they all have built-in DiscT@2 function "Engraving an image on the disc" is so interesting This model was released on July 15, 2002 It was sold for $279.99 that year The built-in version is cheaper But they are much more expensive than similar CD burners at the time It seems that I said the release year is a bit long-winded Right, you look at the "@" sign on the name, a proper stamp of the times:-P But after all, this is a CD burner drive Of course, this optical drive has a lot of good features at the time.

But the most representative one is "T@2ing" technology Yamaha claims that this is the first recorder that can engrave labels on the data surface of a CD This technology is also two years earlier than LightScribe technology Of course, there are still differences between these two technologies If you want to use LightScribe technology, you need to use special Burning disc designed for LightScribe, of course, this is printed on the label side But if you use DiscT@2ing technology, you can engrave labels on the data surface However, this will reduce the capacity you can burn on the CD However, Yamaha says that most users will only burn 350MB of data on a disc. So the limit point is the limit point: -P Yamaha is still hyping up on promotional materials The wide range of uses of the technology, claiming to be able to engrave "The pattern you got when you got a tattoo" And "this also allows users to engrave on unused areas of the disc Date, index, icon, or picture" Moreover, there is a difference, you can engrave patterns on any burning CD As long as it is burning a CD, DiscT@2ing can be used However, Yamaha has specially produced a burning disc designed for this feature.

The blue AZO dye is used, of course, you can also use your own CD-R After I have looked up a lot of old information, I will now introduce how to use it You design the pattern yourself, and then the program converts your design pattern into a bitmap And before writing it into the 8MB cache of the recorder, convert the rectangular coordinates to polar coordinates Then the data is transferred from the cache to the YDC132-V control chip in order It seems that Yamaha is proud of this chip, and it is mentioned everywhere in the marketing words. Then it converts the gray value on the pattern into pixel elements Contains a minimum pixel size, also known as the pit size, which is 0.1mm Of course, this also means that the catalog of the disc must be written to the disc before the pattern is burned Otherwise, the optical drive will try to read the "pits" in the pattern and read the data by mistake Then everything becomes chaotic, you definitely don't want to see it 😛 After reading these introductions, I thought: "What effect will it have in the end?" Because whether it’s introducing materials or advertising, Yamaha has been showing The result of burning a blue CD, it looks very high contrast It looks like everything is controlled, which makes me more suspicious And the tech critics at the time agreed that Although this thing is interesting, it is difficult to use However, other features of this optical drive have been widely acclaimed It burns very fast Built-in 8MB large cache There are many more about burning audio But compared to similar products, selling at such a high price is indeed a bit worthless So the critics agreed: "Wait for the promotion before buying." However, it has not existed in the market for a long time Yamaha stopped producing this product as early as 2003 So before the official cut this product, it only existed in the market It's about a year, and if DiscT@2 technology is not the case It’s basically forgotten by everyone, due to technological advancement DiscT@2 technology under the cooperation of Yamaha and Fuji Evolved into Labelflash technology in 2005 Although the two technologies are very similar Can burn patterns on the data area Labelflash technology only supports DVD, not CD And this requires a DVD-R that specifically supports this technology There is also a similar technology, which is Lite-On’s LabelTag technology Although on a technical level, it has nothing to do with what I’m going to talk about today It was released in 2010 and can be burned without special purchase, similar to DiscT@2 However, this technology still only supports DVD burning discs, not CD burning discs One more thing, even though DiscT@2 technology was abandoned by Yamaha in 2003 NEC and Pioneer were still producing optical drives supporting this technology until 2010 The reason for presetting this function is the aforementioned Labelflash Burners that support Laserflash still retain DiscT@2 compatibility, and that’s it As I said before, there are many different versions of this type of optical drive And this one happens to be an external SCSI interface version But there are also external USB 2.0 version and FireWire version There is also a built-in version, which fits the 5.25 inch floppy disk drive slot, and has two colors of black and white Of course, I took advantage of this at home in that era Even without the tasteless technology of DiscT@2ing, it is simply incredible So what about the other features of the optical drive? Well, those are not the reasons why it can be on "LGR Zhiyi" Because other functions are pretty good, not so weird It has many useful features, I won’t mention them here We only care about its DiscT@2ing feature Then, let’s unpack and take a look There is a catalog here that says what should be in the box It's a pity that the contents are not complete But it’s okay, there should be everything This is a power adapter, 12V*3A=36W Then this software disk is also very important We choose the Windows version here There is also a burning software CD for Mac, inside it is another burning software There is also a quick start guide, this is the Mac version It's a pity that there is no Windows version.

I guess the people who used it before have lost it. Then, it’s the burner itself That's it This optical drive looks quite satisfactory There is a relief of Yamaha logo on top I heard popular at the time SCSI interface on the back There are some end points or something Lotus head for CD audio output Power switch and interface Okay, now let’s connect this CD-ROM drive to the Windows XP computer Then carve some patterns on the disc Okay, I have connected the optical drive to the computer I take the SCSI interface Setting up the optical drive is quite simple I have done it, basically it can handle everything on its own The SCSI control card in the computer directly recognizes the optical drive This is it, it looks like CRW-F1S At present it looks like a very ordinary CD burner Everything is ready now As for the burning software, it’s easier than I thought Okay, this optical drive is very noisy In any case, this is the software installation interface, very common Nero 5 is installed, there are burning software and NCD burning software You can install it directly, just like you usually install the Nero burning software Except for this software, we don’t need to install drivers or Yamaha custom software or something Now we are going to take out a CD-R disc I have a bunch of brand new ones Now it’s time to download a little movie from QQ Cyclone Forget it, I don’t want a lawyer’s letter of warning Copyright thugs are too powerful these days In fact, I had to grow a heart in those days.

Beware of computer poisoning! In any case, the system recognizes that this is a very ordinary CD-R Now, let’s open the installed burning software Maybe you noticed before, the version number is a little different from usual There is "Yamaha" after the regular version number Compared with the original Nero 5, this software is slightly modified and expanded. I think it’s pretty good. I am still using the new version of Nero to burn disks So for me, the interface of this gadget is familiar and it is easy to use Doesn't seem to make a difference Unless you have special needs when burning, you need to click into the "Miscellaneous" menu And here is the DiscT@2 option After selecting and clicking "Create", you will see the pattern editor Here you can design the pattern engraved on the disc This meeting is very similar to other CD label editors I have seen I don't even know what I'm drawing blindly How about I write some words on it Is there a text box tool here, and a word art tool? Okay, we can change the font size You can also change the font at will Okay, let’s be naughty and use Comic Sans There are many different options for fonts For example, read-only, that is, after setting, you cannot edit It can also be bent, let's see what the effect is Oh, co-authoring is to revolve around the center of the disc Then you can do Of course, you can also add some pictures Just put it here Okay, take a look, there is a picture on the CD I don't know what the final result will be Maybe there are a thousand hamlets Now we should burn some words on the disc This is the painting tool Just to color the text You can also fill in some different styles You can also change the color, I don’t think it makes any sense After all, the pattern engraved on the plate must have no color The recorder can't engrave the color It can only engrave shapes on a specific area on the disc Really can't understand Okay, let's remove the style Just fill it with all white Great, all white Comic Sans font, it looks good 😛 Words around the center, and pictures that were pulled as the background for some reason That's it You can click on the "Preview" option to see the final result Ok this is good Here, it’s no different from burning a regular CD Well, maybe we don’t need to carve too many things on the disk Just engrave the picture I saw Ok, start to burn Okay, I was excited and nervous when I remembered the time when I was tapping.

control chip

When the progress reaches 80% and some kind of cache or write error is encountered, it really crashes. Okay, the ultra-small 3MB image data has been written to the CD Now switching to this step "Burn bitmap into disc" It takes time to engrave pictures on the entire CD Okay, "bitmap file burning is complete" See the results The effect is really bad 🙁 You can indeed see the engraved pattern… right? I can't see Wait a minute, this does have a little… Okay, look at it from another angle Okay, there are indeed some mountains in the background image And the word I put up But, if no one tells you that there are pictures here, you will probably not be able to see them Judging from my current position, there is indeed a pattern here It seems to be in the third data area of ​​the disc However, if I put the disc under strong light The traces from the label side of the CD are even more obvious I think it’s 20 times clearer than the engraved pattern When I was collecting my views on the DiscT@2ing system I have seen a lot of complaints about this phenomenon On a regular, light-colored burnt CD You can’t see all the engraved patterns on the data surface of the CD In this case, Yamaha recommends using another color disc I do have this This is a CD-RW disc produced by Maxell This one is darker Maybe the carved pattern is darker and easier to distinguish However, there is a problem This thing is reported wrong, saying that this thing is not a CD-R "DiscT@2s can only be engraved on CD-R The media you put in does not look like a CD-R Please change to another medium" I don’t know why there is such a restriction, but it seems As long as it is not a CD-R, it can't be used So I bought some top CDs recommended by Yamaha Such as this one produced by Verbatim, using AZO blue dye I couldn’t afford this kind of high-quality CD-ROM at that time because it was too expensive But the data surface is indeed deeper than usual Come take a look, admire my handsome face by the way :^) Maybe this is the most suitable CD to use DiscT@2 Here I use that CD, and adjust the picture a little bit See if you can get a deeper, higher-contrast picture Adjust the picture, it seems that the picture has changed a bit Here I want to change the color of the words That's right, black fill, white border I'll see how it works Okay, I recognized that this is a CD-R, it's good Ok, let him engrave first I'll spend 6 minutes listening to King Crimson Ok, look at the results Great, the effect is much better This is the real effect of DiscT@2 The text is more obvious, in line with my expectations However, it is not particularly obvious But at least people can tell at a glance that there are patterns on it It is really useful to fill the text with black 🙂 Of course, the white border around the text can also make the text more recognizable Also, you can see that there are pictures engraved on it There is an image between O and M, like a rock texture Well, you have to tilt a certain angle to see part of the texture on the plate But I can see half to two thirds of the picture at once Let’s take a look, there’s no comparison at all.

To achieve this effect, you must use a high-quality consumer-grade CD burning disc You can also see that the idea of ​​engraving patterns on the data surface was not so popular back then One more thing, the engraved part is not used The data area is a small ring in the middle, just a few MB in size: -P Now let’s see what will happen if I fully engrave the data on the CD-R For testing, I want to use these color CD recording discs produced by different manufacturers This should be Memorex, right I don’t know what dye is used on the CD, and what is the difference in dye At least I know that polycarbonate can give color to the disc This is Memorex Cool Colors The label side is relatively ordinary, but the data side is colored In order to burn a large amount of data on the disc, I gave the disc a name And burn the video of this issue on the disc, at least a fragment "Here you can design your engraving pattern…" It's really weird, looking at LGR's strangeness in LGR's strangeness 😛 Now I want to open the ISO file I just made Takes up about 500MB of space There is roughly this space left to burn our patterns Now I am a little doubtful whether it will limit the space in the editor But not Ok i put the disc in I know the size of the file, how much space it takes to burn I thought he would adjust the position automatically Of course, we can also adjust the size ourselves I am shrinking the radius now But I don’t know if it’s right, let’s put some things first Maybe you can adjust it automatically when you come back Seriously, I don’t know how much land this will take up, but I hope the CD can be used So, let’s try it and see how it ends up Ok, this solves my doubts "Warning! Your pattern does not fit the CD Do you want to open the settings and readjust the diameter Or burn part of the image in a free location? " I just want to burn a part of the image "Or don't burn pictures anymore?" No no, burning is certain! Edit it I'm wondering if it will…

It's like this Okay, this is the result after adjusting the radius This is the adjusted bitmap Unexpectedly, it is so time-consuming to engrave such a small circle on the outermost layer of the disc. Okay, it took less than 3 minutes to finish, about two and a half minutes See the results X﹏X Even worse than the first one 🙁 You can't see it! Look, at this edge, you can roughly see some text "This is a smaller DiscT@2" In this way, this disc is all about it The color may be cool But the engraved pattern is too shallow, not very good Look at this blue AZO dye disc You know why Yamaha recommends this kind of disc and sells its own DiscT@2 disc Look again, this is the best way to watch the engraved picture This is really ideal But this is not what we see in reality This is just the reflection of the overhead light from the camera on the disc Okay, this is DiscT@2 Okay, this is how I experienced this optical drive This CRW-F1, one of the best optical drives at the time Although it uses the backward SCSI interface, it is still a good thing to leave now.

However, DiscT@2, a small flower job, is basically useless You can see the ins and outs of this thing in some old object retrospective documentaries But you look at the results, it’s really embarrassing. It’s hard for you to see the patterns you engraved on ordinary CD-Rs that were popular at the time. If you use the expensive discs recommended by Yamaha, the effect is okay. Okay, just this stuff, I'm a bit doubtful whether the audience friends have used it before 😛 Of course, I used LightScribe later, but these two are not the same thing. And also waste so much space on the data area, meaningless It deserves to be included in my "Strangeness" series, I hope you all "watch it" …Have fun watching the video If you like to watch it, please leave a message in the comment section of the original author and translation Check out the translated "LGR Zhiyi" favorites The cooked meat of LGR Oddware is basically there. Or follow the original author’s Youtube, which is updated every week Finally, as always, thank you all for watching :^) A SuperBart Translation.

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