hey there this is vince with article marketing robot in this video i am going to show you how to use the live links function so this is url url extraction you're the it will be the link back to the article that you just submitted so first thing to take note is not all directories approve articles right away and some article directories do approve articles right away so this article the submission I literally just stopped the last video the submission video seconds ago so i won't expect a lot of live links but i should see at least 100 so I'm just going to filter out by okay and submitted equals yes I'll refresh and I'm going to select all and then i'm going to right click into the grid choose reports and choose live links now i do live links in a certain fashion the first thing i do is i do currently selected article and i do an author homepage this way it just gets me my first bit of live links pretty much instantly so I'm just gonna hit ok and it's going to also bump up my threads here to bump it up to 30 hit ok so now I'm just going to let this let let this finish it's not going to take very long but I'll pause the video ok so we are in the last 10 remaining threads so just going to let that count down to about maybe four or three and not to keep this video from going on too long i'm just going to stop it now so first past i found 184 live links and this is right after your submission like directly after i can imagine that's probably normal now the second thing I'm going to do is I'm just going to refresh the site list and then sort oh sorry didn't I don't even show you here's the here's the output from the report so I got 180 for total articles there that am are found so now I just resort sorted this site list again I'm gonna sort by live links so that I'm just going to go down the list and go to the first section where I don't actually have any live link URL and I'm just gonna shift click and they'll select all highlighted it gives me 700 sites and the next thing we do is I'm going to do a live link report again but this time I'm going to use the login method okay and off we go again I'm going to pause the video and wait till we get back or wait till a finish the story okay so we are almost finished the login version of the live links report so I'm in no rush i'm just going to actually click the stop button and we will get another report of how many live links that article marketing robot found according to this report it says it found 230 but i can guarantee a lot of those are URL unavailable which means that it found the article but it's not it hasn't been um what do you call it approved by the directory so this is why you'd have to come back in a week or two to redo the live link check but anyways i'm going to go back and refresh my site list again and this time i'm just going to select all actually know what this one will do i'll sort by the live link column and I'll just go down the list until I get to my first real actual link and then I'll just click there and then I'll shift click down to the bottom which is right here then I'll select all highlighted right click reports live links and this time I'm going to do previous live link check so this is just going to do a search in the database for this article and here we found 270 live links so these are all articles that you can start building backlinks to or you know put them through an indexing service if you like and this is right after right after a submission I mean I did this I the submission completed like probably you know 20 minutes ago max so this is how live links works and that is the end of the video for live links i hope you enjoyed it and that's it talk to you later cheers I guess this video isn't done after all I actually wanted to just demonstrate something to you about the contextual linking that I showed you in another video when I set it up basically I'm just clicking through some of the WordPress live links that I got going on and you'll see that my contextual linking is actually showing up in the the submitted articles and you'll also see that my resource box is not showing because I told it not to show so I just wanted to just wanted to ensure that i don't know i just wanted to show that to you try a different one no merit is again so yeah contextual linking is working great my my links are within the the article context so I'm happy about that so now I will end the video take care bye you


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