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want more customers for your business they're out there in fact they're actually looking for you right now thousands of them potential customers who want to buy from you the only question is will they be able to find you in this short video you'll discover just how many potential customers are looking for a business just like yours online the answer will probably shocked you exactly where you need to find the greatest number of new customers possible if you think the only place people are searching for you is on Google you're in for a big surprise how to show up everywhere potential customers are looking for you and how to appear to be everywhere online just like big companies do how to do it without spending a fortune and why most businesses don't get how to find customers online and what you can do now to get an almost unfair advantage over all customers are looking for you right now ninety-seven percent of Internet users use the internet to shop Google alone has over three billion yes billion local searches per month if you don't show up in the search results you may as well not exist in fact because more than ninety percent of people who search online for a local business never go past the first page some experts say it doesn't really even matter if you have a website if it's not on the first page the Google isn't the only place that your customers are looking for you they're also looking on social media sites like Facebook YouTube and LinkedIn with almost 1 billion users Facebook is becoming more essential to local businesses every day Facebook users go online and spend almost an hour a day chatting with friends seeing what people they know we're up to and checking out local businesses and what their friends have to say about them putting your business on Facebook with a facebook business page gives you credibility by being there when all those facebook users are looking for you not only that Facebook pages can also show up when people search for your business on Google giving you a chance to have your Facebook page show up in the search results in addition to your website YouTube has become the world's second biggest search engine that's right more people search for things on YouTube than they do on yahoo bing or any other search engine only Google is bigger and to show up in youtube search results your only need to have video video isn't even hard to create but it does take some special skills to do it right having video about your business online builds credibility helps you show up in youtube search results and can also help give you multiple page 1 results on google linkedin is an online collection of businesses and business owners with close to a hundred million members these members use linkedin to find other businesses and business owners to do business with having a presence on linkedin those other businesses that you mean business more importantly it's one more place to your business to be found online it's kind of like opening up another location but at a fraction of the price over the last few years Google built over 35 million websites for local businesses they may have even built one for your business they use fancy tools like Google to pull in as much information as they can about each and every business from all over the Internet they take all that information that they find and compile it into separate sites for every single one of those businesses they're all available in a separate section of Google called Google Places the results from Google Places searches now show up in regular searches on Google that's really important because if you live in San Diego and you want a dentist an auto repair shop or a pizza you want one near you San Diego you don't need one across the country in Boston just because they have a good web guy so whenever someone searches for a local business like Dallas plumber or Tampa car wash who will almost always includes up to the top seven of its google places sites in the search results which is awesome for local businesses this means that if you can get your business to be 7 you can have your business show up in Google search results in Google Places in addition to your regular website be angry where your customers are looking for you think about it if your customers are looking for you on google google places facebook youtube and linkedin don't you want to be there when they look imagine how much more business you could have if everyone who wanted to find what you have to sell to find you at the exact time they wanted to buy what if you got one new customer per month from each of these referral sources that would be five new customers per month every month customers that you've never get without this system what if you got one new customer from each of these referral sources every week that would mean about 20 new customers per month what about one a day hundreds of new customers what would that do for your bottom line what would that do for your family imagine how that would affect your business that's what big businesses do and now you could do that too it's all the advantages of having your own marketing department with all the experience at just a fraction of the investment that's right full time marketers but at a part-time budget find out more about how you could take full advantage of the power of the internet social media and local marketing by speaking to your own personal local marketing consultant you


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