Making Money in Article Marketing Explained for Newbie

hello and welcome to this video on article marketing in this video we're going to be defining what article marketing is so what is article marketing well article marketing is a type of advertising by writing short articles related to a business's respective industry once written the business makes these articles freely available for distribution and publication in the marketplace each article contains a bio box and a byline which includes references and contact information for the author's business well written articles released for free distribution have the potential of gaining the author business credibility within his or her market as well as new clients hey okay that's the wiki version now for those of you that still might be a bit unsure or confused on what article marketing is and how it works well here's my two cents worth first you write your article then you submit your article to an article directory now from here it starts to get a bit busy now let's say that someone's searching for information that is related to the article you wrote sees your article in the search engine results and you know reads it and likes it they then are either wanting more details on the info in your article or they're just wanting more information from what they see as an authority that's you on the topic and they click on the link and end up at your website now at the same time this web surfer or casual reader is checking out your article a website owner is looking for some new content for his or her website and they to come across your article read it and like it they then copy it and post it on their website for their visitors to learn from as well as having new content on their website now like in the first example the visitors to the website owners site will read your article visit your website via the links in the bio box plus as an added bonus your article with the links in the bio box are now a backlink to your website from the website owners site so now you're getting new visitors to your site as well as the highly coveted backlinks that search engines love so much the more backlinks you have the more important those search engines think your site is and the higher your site will rank in the search engine results now a couple of things to point out at this time would be that for the most part your article will remain online forever and the more articles you submit the more backlinks and visitors you will get you know kind of like ron popeil would say set it and forget it plus some of you may be hesitant and doing article marketing because of the fear that someone's stealing their articles and not posting the bio box when they add your article to the to their website now yes this does happen but not enough to do any harm I mean if you look hard enough you're always going to find the lowlife bottom-feeding scumbag but out of the millions and millions of web surfers out there the above-described leeches are few and far between besides that if this were a major problem number one I wouldn't be doing these videos there would not be anybody writing articles and there would be zero article directories and as you're about to see in the next few videos in this series article marketing is very much alive and well now this brings us to the end of this video on what is article marketing next we'll be looking at a couple of examples of articles and hopefully that will get your imagination juices flowing thanks again for watching and have a great day


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