Marketing is a LOT Like Chess (Digital Marketing and Video Marketing)

Personally, I believe video marketing and
digital marketing is a whole lot like chess. Let me explain how that's true. So going into a chess game, it's important
to have a plan of action and the strategy that you want to follow, you don't want to
just randomly move around pieces. However, in the midst of the game, if you're
just trying to follow your original plan, and you're not adapting or changing, you absolutely
will lose. And with video marketing, digital marketing,
you have to be responding to your audience, see what's working, what's not working, see
what you're able to rank for, in terms of keywords, or in terms of hashtags…really
digging into all of the specific details and all of the data. And of course, being able to take risks, or
try new things, and not just do the exact same thing over and over and over and chest. If you do that you're never growing, you're
never adapting, you're never learning, and you're never going to get any better. And of course, you can study people who are
really good at the game, who are killing it, who are doing an amazing job.

However, you don't want to just try to copy
every single move they're making. Because really, you're in your own game of
chess, and you have your own audience and your own things that work so you can learn
from them in terms of strategies and, you know, get some inspiration, but you don't
want to try to just copy every single move that they're making. So I just see so many people, they just post
the same things. It's kind of bland is kind of like everyone
else. I mean, think of Wendy's if you go to their
Twitter that's just completely unique is not the typical professional thing. But it has brought them so much revenue. It's different. It's unique, it's sassy is wonderful. I really like it. I'll have a link you should check it out if
you're not familiar.

Advertising & Marketing (NEC)

And I'm guessing that they didn't, you know,
just immediately overnight say, oh, all our stuff is going to be this sassy thing. I'm guessing they took a risk they start to
incorporate it a little more and recognize that this was working which helped them pivot
and change their strategy into something that works a little better. Does this make sense? Let me know thank you so much for watching
this video. Let me know if you have any questions please
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