Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0 Marketing Demonstration Part 2

let's now put in a campaign activity in this case we're actually going to send out invitations by fire mail merge this is going to be our invitation you can see I can actually place budget and cost against each area of the tasks or activities as well so let's save that name and let's just go in there check out marketing list as you see it's brought it through from the main campaign we could change it add others at this stage but we don't need seed at this point we can actually send that campaign out so let's clean the distribution and that'll allow us to go out to word but before we do that and we could use a blank document in this case we're gonna grab some data fields and make sure we get all the information through from CRM that we need now we can grab absolutely everything from CRM from custom fields that we've added in the account through the taylor fields of the contact whatever we need so let's go through and find the primary contact and to make this a personalized email I'm going to grab their first name out of the data fields there it is and bring that through as well once we've got that any other details we need we can okay that well that now will open up word and we'll be able to go through the steps involved in the mail merge know what serum does is no different to a standard merge in Word only with additional functionality so it's not a change of methods if you're used to doing this already in Word all we're going to do is go through the wizard steps here so the first thing to do is to write or email and we're going to build this up from the data fields in C I remember this is an email rather letter so I can keep it in email format so let's first of all go to primary concept first name there is an S ad that and then we continue to write a letter etc etc and again we could use our own personalized details here at the end it's a sign-off so very very basic male measured yes we could use lots of templates either at a personal level or an organizational level by this case we're going to keep it fairly simple let's preview that great it's got Charlie's name in there and it's also got all our other reciprocals in there as well you see it's personalized for each one so once we're happy with that we can complete the merge I was ready to go back into Outlook or anywhere else we can actually send this directly so let's give it a title okay that and it'll ask us exactly how we want to send out recorded so it's now saying do I want to record those activities and see are ample yes I do so I could leave them out of outlook afterwards and keep my mental space down so yes we're going to create an activity I've also got a point unsubscribe link in there's a lot to give people the option of saying don't bail me again it's once I okay that it'll go through and actually send that verge just warning now in this demo it won't actually send because I'm not lying on email server but it'll go through the steps anyway so it'll be as good as now you'll see we got the unsubscribe link now add it and I'm gonna tell you a bit about that in a moment there's first of all make sure this is sent great it's finished let's go back into one of our accounts and just make sure that it's in there and it's work correctly let's bring up a list of accounts now if we look for one that's based in Barnsley that's one there we could bring our consolidated messaging go to the history and there's our invitation that we just send so it's all being tracked back into CRM there's no need to think about storing that and and of course every one of the business got access to that as well so if your what your sales was about to make a salespersons right to make a call to them as well you'll see that you've sent in an email for a marketing point of view and he'll be aware that they've been invited to that before he speaks to them I mentioned this of subscribe link previously this again is gonna come straight back through the CRM should anybody click that and a new in version 4.0 is the ability and let's go back at a consolidated messaging to have the opportunity our automated so you'll see here on the administration tab we've got a series of allow do not allow for every kind of contact there is also a preference as well and so if anybody clicks on subscribed it'll update CRM it'll click to do not allow and any further messages that you sent that will not be distributed so even if they're included on those lists it's going to know that they don't want bulk email that I've stopped those being sent so it'll save any legal issues or problems you've also got the ability every time you send out an activity through campaigns to put a number of days in or anti-spam settings as they call us so it could be that we don't want to set anything to this particular account or series of accounts in excess of ten days or seven days whatever you think is appropriate so we put that on there and it checks when the last message was sent via a mail merge and again it won't have that go unless it's more than seven days so just keeping tabs on how many messages people are receiving to ensure they're not being bombarded and put off your own company other do now is go back in sue one of my campaigns were back here in the the web client which is fine and there's a one I made earlier as they say which is our serum for that we launched little while ago what I'm going to do is show you some of the response rates and saw that we had from that this is dummy day trial at so when this comes up and he sees about four you know residual that were more than that this is just for demonstration purposes so what we have is a series of people who have confirmed places or details and at the same time we can actually convert those through to opportunities as well which means that CRM knows exactly with every opportunity every sale where it came from what the lead source was what the campaign was as well and so we come to your report for this particular campaign let's just run that now what we'll see on this is everything that we've inputted so far and will be the same if we were using our policy seminar as well and what I mean by that is the tasks the activities the respondents the responses excuse me campaign codes and here we are what kind of members we've gots and who's on the marketing list the time are we ahead behind a schedule when did it launch we've also got any target products or literature as well that we can include this particular campaign I don't go down to how many playing tasks that we completed while all them that's great what activities did we done well we % agenda we said invitations we follow up with a call and then we can go down actually see some of the stats and some of the return on investment we got from this so in this case we had full responses as I said for our W data and we can see the cost per response there was it was just over a thousand dollars so what that tells us is we've had four people respond and therefore the cost that we spent on the campaign that's how much it cost us per attendee or per delegate we've also see how we got those responses back in this case we've got one of each from email fax letter a phone so we know which of those particular two campaign tasks was the most successful and then the important stuff how well is it done and this will give us a return investment for $100 spent and we can also see exactly what we allocated terms of budget costs estimated revenue and then actual opportunity revenues to the value of placed order so this could be for a campaign or a whole group of campaigns our last thing about this is the ischium going up the campaign exactly how well performed we could also go in with campaign as well and see how well it is performing or what stage that campaigns that so it has that ability to go across the business that any will dip in with the rights or access levels and take a look at the marketing campaigns ongoing how are they're doing where the sources are coming from where to get a better grip of how many leaves are like to come through in the next month quarter or half year


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