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hey there everyone Bob Spiro here prosperity team for MLM pros at a whitinsville mass I'm here with my business partner and close friend Mike Hendrick Mike say hi to everybody hi how you doing it's great to be here the purpose of this video is to introduce you to us and to share with you an article marketing strategy that we use and how we get our content ranked on the first page of Google we have here a team website I built for my leaders if you will Mike Hendrick at for MLM for MLM proz.com where we have articles deposited on a regular basis these are generated by an article marketing robot if you will and what i have here are campaigns created with personalized customized high quality articles that people are looking for so this is a listing of the jobs that i have saved here and if I scroll down I just put up a couple of new jobs here Mike for you one is going out on blogging which is what we do we blog daily and we tell others through marketing let me get paid and it's really quite a remarkable experience and the other thing is what we're doing here is search engine optimization I just set this one up this one is set to go out every three days I publish none of them yet I just set this up about 20 minutes ago so with the click of a button we're going to be extracting from our database relevant content about the keyword and that it injects some some sidebar tips and puts your signature in and it posts successfully on to your blog so let's go back to your creating wealth blog here will refresh the browser and we should see the the new article on SEO that we just did there it is optimizing your site for the best search ranking and there's the only thing that's missing here and we'll get this straightened away when we get this blog post over to our Empower site but there's your content look and there's your personalized signature pretty impressive huh Mike oh so now how do I get this content that's created automatically for me what you do is wake up in the morning and this is delivered automatically to your blog so what you do is log in which we provide the the passwords and the usernames for you you go to your most recent post this is optimize your site for the best search ranking you click the edit button she basically what we're doing now is going to grab the code for this blog post it's often displayed in the visual mode for your information Mike okay that's that's where you would do editing to the blog post or add a picture to it so you can actually see what you're doing and this is what you have to start with the raw article but to transfer it the correct way to do it is to click on HTML you're going to want to select all the content you're right click and select all then its control C or just go up to edit copy or you could right click and copy and however you want to do that now you've got this code for this article on your clipboard so then what we do is go over to your empower network blog up that's still you're creating wealth blog this is empower network any Hendricks what we're going to do here is go to new post it might make me login again I see the two drafts that you have here Mike will take a look at these and will address those in a moment let's start from fresh this is a training video so you can learn and remember how to do this and so our other team members might be able to do so as well so once you're logged in here I'd add new post you're going to want to go again this is in visual mode remember if you post it in visual mode when people go to it they'll just see the code and they won't understand what the post is about so you want to put it in the text mode that's the HTML you put your cursor in here and I just like to right-click and paste and that puts the HTML code for that blog post right there I immediately go back to where we edited the original post I grab the title I edit copy go back to add new post and then simply edit paste now optimize your site for the best search search rankings on SEO tips I'll just add that and then I'll put in here SEO tips you know what here's what I'm going to do try to be a little creative here I'm going to cut this go to the front here scl i'm going to put great SEO tips up how to optimize your site for the best search eng i and ii search engine rankings might be a keyword optimize your site might be a long tail keyword and when we're going to rank this for is great SEO tips with a space there look oh ok and you know the more these you do it kind of flows out with you Mike you might feel a little awkward about this just go with the headline that's that's provided for now if you understand what I mean yeah because we're not going to do the full optimization on this article today this is going to teach you basically how to get the articles over here and then the only other thing what we're going to do is get an image in here thats related to SEO so I haven't really shown you how to do that yet so what I'm going to do is just save this for now I'm going to update it and then what I do is I go to Google Images and then when i get to google images i'm going to put SEO tips in for my keyword so what pops up our images related to s or what that set tips night SEO my typographical error here I wonder what set Kip's are anyway ah tattoo all these are tips for tattoos isn't that cute Mike yeah so when we get to google images you put your keyword in here Mike and Bango you got all these images okay let's let's take a peek here and what do we got you click on the image right click + save-image-as you put the title in here it says SEO tips jpg I like to write what I download down so I keep track of the names of the most recent images I've got so many they get lost SEO tips if you will go back to the blog to the edit post you'll simply you can do this in visual so you can see it you can also do it in the HTML it's a little trickier but where do you want the image I like to put it at the top left you click Add media and then we head on over to select files and this opens up on your hard drive and you need to navigate to where you saved the file I usually save them in my docs which you could save them in downloads as well and simply by putting in s.e oh here's SEO tips to you'll have an image there you go I want this on the left insert into post go down about halfway actually that was one that was already on my hard drive yeah I might put two pictures in when you're starting you have to look them up but after a while you have a library of pictures here SEO dash tips I think that's the one we just load it so now you've got a library of the pictures we used in the past so it's easy to use them in future articles because you do these articles will cycle based upon the category we don't need to put that one in full size you can put that one in medium about 300 pixels is good okay so um we'll update the article alright got a problem with one of our pictures oh no here it comes all right so SEO tips we'll put it to a join page that's where you get the best tips from oops here's your join page you're putting that on the picture on the picture yeah you could put it to a landing page as well but they're coming here from someplace else and they like what they're reading I would imagine people click on on these so you put them to a joint now page or a landing page okay you got a good article here and through the progression of the on-site SEO as we did in the last video we should reference a link to that as well here in this article I know what I wanted to do is put the alt tag in here and the procedure is pretty simple you got the the keyword in the title in the first sentence in an h1 h2 and h3 tag in an anchor text highlighted folded underlined you know as described in the seopressor software here let's see i'll update that now that article that we wrote SEO tips okay see what the post looks like no I mr.


T here alright that's one badass article and you know this article could be optimized so there you have it from the original source the article builder delivered to your personalized for MLM pros blog where you can go on a daily basis and pick up your posts if you will and then decide which one you'd like to work on that day copy the HTML code because that takes the whole blog post over let me show you what I mean when you see what I'm what I'm talking about here that's the way the blog post looked on your window when we set it up originally you've got all your tips in order we added the pictures and your signature now when we're in the edit mode if we go back to all posts if you take a look at the draft here you know you can get rid of those because I didn't even come close to Duncan to do I mean it's what it is if you right click open in new tab what you did is copy and paste it the the article which is cool because it kind of works but there's a couple of hang-ups because you get the the header and it's wider than the blog area and depending upon what would sigh browser you have it was neat because you got the header off the block here Mike yeah okay that's not what I wanted it won't correct because you didn't have enough coaching right I think you see the difference here now you although you did get your tips here and then you copied the bottom to which this is kind of ugly yeah you sear to me that's all you need to do is if you want this post is to go back and grab the HTML code and put it in as a new post and just don't publish this this isn't published right now it's listed as the draft here I just wonder is this the same one facebook marketing take out these tips I don't know if it's the same article or not but once again you know this is some this is what happens you've got the articles get delivered over for MLM pros we're we're creating wealth every day for people who are interested and learn how to use the computer this is our article marketing strategy we're going to be talking about what what else is going on but here's a great article for you to work on Mike building a successful work at home business with these useful ideas could be network marketing tips MLM tips home business tips you could add that which is what I might do then I would put the home business tips or network marketing tips here as an h1 tag scroll down a little bit when it breaks here over here I would put an h2 tag with the keyword fit it into the body here in a couple of places and underline or bold it going down to about a third or two-thirds of the way I'd put a h3 tag this is a pretty short article okay actually I did put a picture in here with a link to your join Now button but that's you know it doesn't hurt the button so you can put the pictures in over at for MLM pros and then copy them over or you can just take the body that's there put them in to empower and then add the pictures there it makes no difference but I put at least one picture in and then here is your new signature so what has to happen is we need to now take that new article and then I'll invite you because it's your fan page you want to have it posted by you over there and one other thing I could do to this it was my typo I gotta love water huh yeah alright I just noticed that I didn't leave a space here and I didn't I left out an R I wanted just to be gr ii a tee great SEO tips there you go and this is great SEO tip once again you know that keyword needs to be inserted in here a number of times to get these on-site rankings but the tips and the value of the article the people who are your followers and readers mike is significant so not all your traffic comes from google although i would do you know three or four articles a week optimize them the way we did on the last video but the important thing is getting the content that we're creating on Mike Hendrick not for MLM pros once a day grab an article there and publish it on this blog and then take it making us make a social media bar link of it and post it on your fan page and some of the groups or as many of the group says you should choose to go to post to I would do at least ten or twenty up you want to go on and that's the other article that you had that was very good we could actually take a link to that and link those two together cross-linking keeping people on the site longer alright so here we are at social media by there are instructions here but let me just go over it pretty quickly it's very simple and maybe intimidating the first time you look at this but this allows us to have a Facebook friendly URL we post the destination URL that's where the article is that we just published we then go back to the article I grabbed the what the title why don't we put great SEO tips or better yet mi ke apostrophe s did we do use an apostrophe yesterday I don't think so all right now a short description it's missing a why they're too and then an image URL well guess what I think I've got some images here let's look actually I don't I have any in media so traditional fire your boss so right now this image is located here you're right click copy image location and that goes into the image URL and as you begin to publish it wouldn't hurt to put some of these images over at the four MLM pros blog so then you could use them in the image URL at your discretion I'll actually show you an advanced linking strategy on next week that we tied the two blocks together to increase your traffic okay so what do we got here edit copy Mike's great SEO tips that's fantastic customizable personal personalized powerful and then that video we did with the SEO optimization I mean this is a real real hard facts this is how we do it okay so what do we do google+ but I'll put a link on stumbled upon up alright Mike's great SEO tips I use business here add this page I go back to the link I then share it on Twitter same thing on linkedin and over on my facebook let's see um I will take it to Facebook to my fanpage and you know we had a lot of people like your fan page Mike you know and make some nice comments about it's really cool yeah you know I would take advantage of that there's a lot of people at like beaches and airplanes and freedom and motorcycles and making money so and if we do that you know we've got content as a team there's a number of us we start liking and sharing our content it gets more traffic and that helps all of us so I could see if we can't get all everybody together at some point in time and do something like that so what's it going to pull for I didn't pull the image how come we have a of viable social media boiling can we try it again Facebook is funny sometimes you don't like a poster you think you made a mistake or it was a duplicate you can easily go to it and you can delete it Mike and then you can you might want to upload a picture that would go with the post if you if you can't get a picture to post like this because I put a bunch of texts with it so maybe it wasn't able to pull the picture come on you can do it Facebook well like I said plan B you can go right down your hard drive and pull the picture a picture up that you've got on that is suitable for SEO and then post your link okay let's see what we got I'll bet you posted you'll get it to post on your blog okay now what I can also do that you may not be aware of there's two other things I can then highlight this post mic which makes it twice as wide and if I really really liked this post and I want it to stay around I can do something that's called pin this post so it stays at the top here up I should be able to it's because I'm in Bob spiral not in dir marketing but I can post on to this page but if I use this as the fan page editor oh wait its use it as if i use facebook as dir marketing okay i'm using it as dir marketing we've got some some options here where yet you can keep that as a pin post you can like comment or share on it if you will so let's see I wanted to also send this link out to some of the other Facebook groups which I'll have to switch back to Bob Spiro as ok come on facebook yeah computers can be challenging but they can be fun and rewarding too and that's the intent here all right there should bring us to where the groups are there's the article I just published it's in my feet actually java browser open mic yeah you should go you should go over to my dir marketing fan page and grab that link and while you're logged in go over to your fan page and post it there you go picture posted fine up this is the wrong place it's a training site you don't post our links there but since you know about half my traffic comes from organic from google from the keyword optimization and the other half comes from facebook groups of various nature because i practiced at this technique on a daily basis i might miss a day or two here now and then i've got a lot of content already published but for the first 90 days you're committed to getting traffic five or six days a week you should be doing this once or twice a day now that it's set up it should only take an hour if you will to grab the article get it on to empower create the social media borrow link you know put a picture to win it a couple of links and get it syndicated out to 20 groups that's an hour then you spend an hour listening to some personal development mindset training or inner circle training or you know costa rica 15k formula whatever you have access to and plug it into the webinars if you will be the live coaching sessions that we have by the way there's a great letter and we've got the recording from last night mike we're going to be talking about that after and also while I got you on the phone I know that you just recently had our first campaign run on our prosperity formula how many leads have you gotten so far on that campaign like you recall last time I checked it was about 140 okay a hundred and forty so and that you might get more over the next several days that was I believe a 400 click campaign so thirty percent conversion which is really good would have been a hundred and twenty forty percent would be a hundred and sixty so you're running thirty five percent right now almost which is wonderful certainly is a good starting point if you will in it that's obviously a great traffic source now we're going to discuss what we do with the people once they've opted in and that's to invite them to come and read your blog posts here invite them to come to the Hangout would they drop thousands of dollars worth of gold nuggets in training and like what we're doing here this this system to get exposure in online marketing what you do is you have an offer whatever you're trying to sell it or promote you need to get traffic to it so how do we do that we do that with both paid and free strategies so this is a training on one of the motile it is for free traffic generation which is content creation and then article syndication ok let's see um we got Justin's drive here but take the time to identify where these groups are and learn how to get the content created posted on your blog correctly formatted and then spend the time in syndicating the content because you'll repute rewards for doing so i know we we spent some time on the previous video which all gave you folks access to below this video and let's see it's been my pleasure working out with you this afternoon this is just the tip of the iceberg this is what we do we teach we train and then we what they say put down the phone and pick up a paycheck nice working out with you today we'll see on the next video got it go bye bye for now

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