Millionaire Profits Blueprints 5 – Article Marketing – Introduction #1

series we're going to talk about article marketing article marketing is simply the method you use when you write articles and then you submit them to article directories this allows them to be found by the search engines and gets you a lot of traffic to the articles i was a little more to it than that there are different parts of the articles that you have to have in there to lead to your website and are certain methods that you need to use to format your articles properly and we're going to talk about that in the upcoming videos now for article marketing to be successful you need to have certain elements in your articles first of all you need to make sure that your articles are a minimum of 500 words and they need to be informative that's one of the major things that it has to be you're not trying to make a sale with an article you're trying to educate the people that read it and you're trying to establish yourself as an expert in the field so you have to have a good deal of knowledge on the subject that you're right about now you may be wondering why would you use article marketing well one reason is you get long-term traffic from your articles so for a one-time effort you will continue to get traffic from a single good article for a long period of time could be even in two years the other thing is that it's a no-cost way to generate a lot of traffic you don't have to spend money to create an article if you know how to write it and you know how to submit them so those are two very good reasons that you're going to want to look into article marketing as part of your marketing process now we're going to look at some essential parts of an article what you need to make them work and we're going to get into this in more detail but for our intro here what we have is a title and in the title this needs to be a keyword rich title and the main keyword should be in the title so that will help you get traffic then you have your article body down here this is going to be a keyword rich article it's going to be 500 words or more and it's going to be informative and it's not going to try and sell them anything at all remember that point because if you do try and sell within an article it will be rejected by the article directories what you're trying to do here is establish yourself as an expert in the field and then down at the bottom we have our resource box the resource box is your chance to send them to your landing page or to your website you need to have a well laid out website or landing page for them to go to this is not a very good example of a resource box and we're going to go over how you can create a good resource box okay so this is your link to your site that will get followed by the search engines and when people read your articles they will follow it as well and go to your landing page you need to submit a lot of articles to start getting good traffic and to get continual traffic from those articles in the next video we're going to go over keyword research and the tools you can use to do that keyword research

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