Milwaukee Internet Marketing: Duplicate Article Problem

hey Paul this is mario from milwaukee internet marketing and looks like you have a problem with two sites um let's read your problem it says duplicate content from older site post new site post what should I do with this so I delete the old posts from from a site or what should I do I can't really figure it out my boss for me wants me to search for a solution please help me so I'm guessing that you have that you want to use one like I guess the original post for your new from your old site to put on your new site um the best thing I can say for you to do is to to rewrite the whole article on basically just paraphrase it if you had certain keywords that you wanted to ring for or to use keep those in there but just change you know basically just rewrite the whole article that'll be the you know the best solution that way you don't have to erase you know one post and then reap repost it to a new site so basically either you have two options you can either rewrite it or you could delete delete the original post and then repost it on your new site um I hope that helped you out a paw have a good day all right

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