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– You're in network marketing
and you want MLM scripts that actually work. The last thing that you
want is to look pushy, to look salesy, or to even blow the sale. And so what I want to do in this video is I want to give you the
MLM scripts that I use to personally recruit over 500
people in network marketing. And I want to give that to you so that you can present your opportunity or your products with confidence. (upbeat music) I'm afraid if you're
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Well look, as I mentioned before, over the last eight years
of being network marketing, I've invested my time, my money into books, courses,
trainings, mentorship from people like Ray Higdon, Eric Warry, Big Al Shrider. And the last eight years of trying and testing out these different scripts, it really came down to these three steps that actually work and so I wanna give them to you right now. So the three steps that work or what's called ask, deflect, and tools. So let's start with the first one, ask. If someone reaches out to you and says, "Hey, I look, I saw your post, or I have been watching
what you've been doing.

And I wanna know more information
on either this product or this opportunity that you're with." What will happen is most
network marketers, amateurs will just blast all the
information at them. If you think about it, it's kind of like, imagine going to the store, you're looking for a
refrigerator, you opened the door. And the first thing you see
is this rep, that's like, "Here's all the information
you're gonna need about all these
refrigerators that we have." Let us know when you're ready to buy.

You'd be like, "Dude, I kind of feel used. I don't feel like you really even care about what I'm looking for and all you want is the
commission and the sale." So don't be that network marketer who just blast a bunch of information, as soon as you have someone
with the slight of interest. The very first thing you want to do is ask by saying things like, "Hey, I appreciate you reaching out. What is it that has you curious." Or, "Hey, thanks for
commenting on that post. I saw that you were interested. Just curious, what's going on in your life that you're looking to change." When you ask these
questions, two things happen.

Number one, is it shows your prospect that you genuinely give a (beep) about what they're looking
for, how you can help them. Some of their pain points, their struggles and what
they want help with. Number two, sometimes based on
what other people have said, I've actually recommended
other products to people based on what they said to me. The very first thing that you need to do is you need to ask them,
what has you curious? What has you interested? What is it you're looking for? What's going on in your life that you're looking to make a change. And now obviously they're
going to tell you, "Well, you know, I've
been looking for this or I've been struggling with this." And so they're going to tell you exactly what they want help with.

The second step that you must
do is what's called deflect. And I'll explain to you why
deflecting actually works. Number one, successful people are busy. Every single CEO has stuff going on. They don't have time to sit there and explain all the breakdown, the compensation plan or the
ingredients in the product. They're gonna get right to the point. And your prospects are
gonna appreciate you getting right to the point and not try to use the
best sales techniques on them and all this stuff. And so when they tell you
exactly what they want help with the second step is, "Hey, I appreciate you
sharing that with me, but look, I'm a little bit busy right now. Tell you what if I were
to send you a quick video that explains everything. How soon would you be able to watch it?" Boom. Is a simple way to deflect and say, "I'm a little bit busy right now." Maybe you're heading out the door. Maybe the kids are waking up from the nap, whatever it may be. You're a little bit busy right now, but if I sent you a video
how soon will you be able to watch it.

digital marketing

Now they're going to tell you, "I can watch it right now or I can watch it later
when the kids go to bed." I don't know. But they're gonna tell you I can watch it. So the next step is to
point people to the tools. Now, what are tools? Tools could be a video that
explains your opportunity or your product. It could be a Facebook group. And in there there's information, that's gonna explain your
opportunity or your product. It could be a webinar, it can be recorded audio training, whatever it is, make your
tools, make you money. Great. Here's the bit that going
to explain the best. I will fall back up with you later on. And that is it. Here's why plenty of people
with tools is far more effective than getting your PhD and learning everything there is to know about your compensation plan, the ingredients, the
history of your company, or the background information of the CEO.

None of that stuff matters, number one. Number two, the tools are
designed to do all the selling. The tools are designed to
overcome all the objections that your prospect
probably has in their head. All you gotta to do is anytime
someone has a question, you point them to PDFs, videos, audios. Things that will do all the explaining so that you don't have to. And that will show your prospects that if they wanted to
join your opportunity, then all they have to do
is use the tools as well. And so there you go, my friend, it always comes down
to ask, deflect, tools. Now I know you're probably thinking, "Trey, how do I get
people to reach out to me? How do I get my opportunity or my product in front of people who already
have a desire to want to buy, or who are looking for an opportunity to make money online like this?" What I'd recommend is below this video, I have a resource for you, called my social media concept planner.

Yes, it's going to show
you exactly what to post. But I also put in there
some of the best posts that I've made that had
people reaching out to me and asking me for more
information on the product or the company that I'm with, I would recommend you go below this video, click the link in description
section below this video and go getting that
free download right now. So there you go my friend, those are the exact MLM
strips that I use that work that have helped me to
recruit over 500 people in network marketing, and even sell products along the way. It works, the same as that formula. I appreciate you.

I hope this added value to you. If it has given the thumbs up, leave any feedback below
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I will see you in the next video. Peace. (upbeat music).

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