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we are to the news a premium digital services company that uniquely combines the power of Technology analytics marketing and content for digital transformation our passionate team of over 600 people include technology evangelists digital analytics experts content specialists and creative Mavericks who have transformed businesses of more than three hundred companies spread across 30 countries worldwide our global clients include Standard Chartered Castrol Axis Bank Sony and Macon India to name a few we are a global leader in digital marketing and have successfully implemented campaigns across digital platforms that impact the bottom line moving beyond likes and tweets we have conceived and executed over 1,000 social media campaigns managed 8.5 million plus fans across different social media platforms and designed over 1,000 websites we create digital experiences through our 360-degree integrated digital marketing strategy our team of creative experts specialize in creating engaging videos social media creatives infographics and responsive website designs we are a leading player in social media marketing and explore New Age techniques and platforms like influencer marketing content marketing and social seeding to reap maximum output we help discover and grow brand equity by increasing engagement and trusts through social community management and end-to-end online reputation management our specialists deliver targeted campaigns using search social media marketing for it's marketing remarketing affiliate marketing and video advertising our team consists of digital strategists thought leaders creative writers design gurus and digital marketing experts don't just listen to what we have to say let to the news excellence work for you contact us to learn more

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