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Hey what’s going on Aaron Chen here, I hope you’re doing well. If you’re watching this video right now, then you’re, probably one of my subscribers on YouTube or you may have found my video randomly somewhere on YouTube or Google alright, but whatever it is, we’re gonna be talking about something really really fun.

Today. Sorry, the camera is all shaky, just just driving on some gravel right how to convert leads into customers now, but we’re gonna be talking about something really really fun. I wanted to share this. I think it’s really really important cuz, not that many people talk about it. A lot of people think that you know you have to lead with you know: income claims and all that stuff.

In order for you to convert your leads into sales, I wanted to talk about actually the strategy that really really works. You don’t really have to talk so much about you know your results or your in you know our income claims or anything like that. You just need to focus on. You know the one thing that is important to your subscribers, okay, which is actually getting the result that they really really want all right. So what am I talking about? Well, basically, it depends on what kind of niche market you’re in okay, but whatever niche market you’re in there is a sin solution or problem that your market is trying to solve.

Okay, I’ll give you a give you a couple of examples. So, let’s just say you are in the weight loss, industry right and – and you got to be very very specific – you have to think of your exact avatar what we call an avatar right. So you know, if you’re in the weight loss industry who are you going after? Are you going after you know, 40 plus year old women who have you know how to convert leads into customers, unfortunately, putting what I have put on a little bit of weight? And you know in their older age and they can’t seem to get rid of it, and you know it’s something that they want. To eventually do. Is that your perfect? You know avatar, or are you going after someone who’s just about to get married?

And you know it’s trying to get, you know lose a little bit of you know, maybe lose three to five pounds, maybe even eight pounds or whatever it is so that they can fit in their wedding dress just in time for their wedding and these people, usually They don’t really have that much time, because they don’t plan properly right. They might only have one month or maximum two or maybe even three months, to lose some weight to fit into the wedding dress so that they look perfect, you know, is that your avatar right are. Those are people that you’re trying to go after, or are you going after the guy that wants to get ripped six-pack so that he can run on the beach and look amazing in front of the girls or whatever it is? Okay? I don’t.

I don’t know what you’re talking about it is, but you have to really think very specifically about your market right and then based on whoever you’re going after whichever industry you’re in okay. This is very, very relevant as well for the love industry for the finance industry. For the make money from home industry from the network marketing industry from the affiliate marketing industry, all the how to convert leads into customers same you just have to think about who your target audience is right, who exactly? They are.

What is the exact problem that they’re trying to solve right and as you’re, creating all your marketing materials and your sales messages and your emails and your webinars and your videos on YouTube or whatever it is? You need to be speaking to the deeper? How should I say to their deeper emotions and the thing that they really really want to solve right? So, for example, you know girls that want to get into their wedding dress right. They don’t just want to lose five pounds by the way. Okay, they don’t just want to lose five pounds, they want to look.

That’s really, you know surface level stuff. If you think about it right somebody, you know they might be 27 years old. For example, 27 year-old girl, single has been engaged. For you know, eight months is about to get married in two months. Time wants to lose five to eight pounds to get into a wedding dress, but she just doesn’t want to lose eight pounds, for example right the the real thing that she wants to do. Is she wants to look amazing for her wedding? She wants to look and feel amazing on her wedding day right. She wants to be able to fit into the most beautiful wedding, dress that she can pick right. She wants to have a fairytale wedding.

She wants everybody to look at her. She wants. You know she wants to be the princess in her own fairytale. That makes sense right and she just wants to look absolutely amazing and she wants to feel amazing, okay and so, when you’re marketing to that type of person, that’s the kind of stuff that you need to talk about. Okay, you shouldn’t be talking about losing eight pounds because she doesn’t really care about losing a pound. She wants to feel amazing in the most amazing dress that she wants and she wants to have the most amazing weapon wedding show: Oh most amazing, wedding. Okay, that’s what she wants.

It’s very similar to, for example, people in the make money – or you know the business opportunity, Miche right people in the business opportunity opportunity niche don’t just want to make money. Okay money is very, very surface level stuff. You have to really think you know. Money is just it’s just an object right, but but what is the money going to help these people do in this particular niche right? The business opportunity needs well. Basically, if you really dig down – and you think about the business opportunity niche what people like to do in that niche is, is they want options?

It is not really about the money, the physical money per se, it’s more about what the money can afford these people to do. So this is my niche right, so I know it. I know it intimately well and in this area what a lot of people like to do is they want freedom? You know, that’s the ultimate thing: people in the business opportunity, internet marketing, affiliate marketing niche. They want freedom, they want the option to choose what they do with their life. They want to be able to travel the world and you know, explore different cultures, eat different foods right. You know one day travel to Australia, travel to the UK the next day and travel to Asia another day. That’s what they want to do right.

They want to live life on their terms. They don’t necessarily want to work under a boss that they don’t respect. You know they don’t want to be stuck in a cubicle; they don’t want to have a dead-end job right, but not only that they also want to be able to have the time to be able to spend with the people that they love. They want to be able to spend time with the children. They want to be able to spend time with their spouse with their. You know, there was their mom and dad right with their siblings. That sort of thing.

Okay and yes, of course, they they want to be able to pay the bills as well. You know, but they not only that they also want to. If you go a little bit deeper, it’s not just about the bills right. It’s about. You know, especially for a guy right you you want to you, want to feel like you’re you’re being able to provide for your family right. So if you’re, a guy and you’re struggling to put food on the table, if you’re struggling to pay the bills, it’s not me! It’d not that great, because you’re supposed to be the breadwinner does that make sense right and so for a man if you’re going after a guy, they want to be able to feel secure.

They want to be able to feel confident that they’re, the ones that are bringing home the dough every single day and they can handle it and look after their family all right. So these are the real, deep-rooted problems: okay, that that these type of people are trying to solve, and that’s completely fine. Now, if you just talk about money, yes, it’s it! You know it’s gon na help. You get to.

You know one step but you’re, not you’re, missing out on a lot of stuff, okay, you’re missing out on the real reason why these people are trying to solve their problems in the first place. Now, if you create content, if you create video, if you created webinars, I hope this phone can stop shaking. It’s really really bad. Let me sorry, I just got I’d just got the new iPhone, so it’s a little bit bigger than my old phone, and it’s just this thing is shaking a lot. Sorry about that guys. But you know if you’re going after this, this, you know a niche area right and, if you’re, just how to convert, leads into customers talking about surface level stuff, you only get so far.

Okay. But if you dig deep, if you really ask the question, what are these people trying to solve and why are they trying to solve that problem? You know: what’s the reason behind trying to solve the problem, is it really the money? No, it’s not really the money money is just the conduit. Come money is just a medium right. Money is just the object, but what is the real problem that they’re trying to solve?

Well, they’re trying to provide for the family they’re trying to spend more time with their family they’re, trying to feel you know confident that they don’t have to be working for somebody and they might lose their job someday right. So if you go deep – and you really go after these emotional triggers right and you talk about this kind of stuff – don’t be scared to talk about this kind of stuff in your marketing. So how would you use it in your marketing?

Well, if you’re doing a video, for example, you might maybe give a piece of advice on you know that particular topic alright and then you might say you know. Wouldn’t it be amazing, if you know you were able to create your own and build your own affiliate marketing business, you could finally be able to have the time to actually spend with your family. You know no more working 12 14 hours a day in the office for someone else that you don’t even respect, I mean imagine if you could create.

You know a five six figure income with an online business and literally once you create leverage points in your business. You don’t always have to be there right, so if you don’t always have to be there and your videos on YouTube working for you, you basically freed up a lot of your time now, of course you have to work on your business, but if you’ve got YouTube Videos that are working for you, 24/7, you don’t have to be there 12 hours a day. Imagine what you could do with an additional six hours every single day, where you didn’t have to work, because you set up your business in such a way that it freed up a lot of your time. What would you do with that time?

You’d probably spend it with your family right. You probably spend more time with your kids go to the playground. You know bring them to soccer practice. How amazing would that be? You’d have more time to travel right. You could even you know, go and see places that you’ve always wanted to see you. You know the place you want. You wanted to travel, bla, bla, bla, bla, bla bla. You get the point right. So what I’m doing this? I’M really kind of hitting home on the emotional triggers that really that are really important to people. Okay, and so, if you do that in your marketing more okay and you do that all the time. I promise you that you’re gonna get much much better results. Okay, so stop talking so much about the surface level stuff, because the surface level stuff isn’t that important.

Okay, you have to dig into the reason why that person wants to lose 30 pounds. It’S not because he just wants to lose 30 pounds. It’s because he wants to feel confident about himself or herself. You know because he’s sick and tired of she’s, sick and tired of people always staring at them, because they’re overweight, you know, and their belly is protruding and they confidence in their pants anymore and they’re. Just losing confidence in them and themselves, because people are you know, looking at them and in a certain way, and you know they want they want to be. You know in good shape, they want to be healthy, they want to live longer so that they can spend more time with their family and they can live until they see their grandkids. You know it’s stuff like that.

It’s it’s the real, deep-rooted emotional stuff that a lot of people don’t want to talk about. But if you talk about that in your marketing, then believe me when I say that you’re gonna stand out from your competition and also you’re gon na get people. You’re gonna really tell get people’s heartstrings okay, and this is the stuff that makes people convert and and buy the products that you’re trying to market them. Okay, try this! I try this if you’re not doing it – and you know maybe you’ve heard of it, but you forgot to do it. I would add this into your marketing.

Okay, just remember that it must be very specific to a specific person. Do some research? Okay, they have. There are lots of ways to do research. You can go into different forums. You can ask people on Quora and say I think it’s pronounced quark uu, o ra. You know like. Why do you want to lose weight? Why do people want to lose? Why do fat people avoid people? Sorry? Why do overweight people want to lose? You know thirty pounds and see if you get some sort of response right or you can go on.

You know specific forums and stuff like that, which is a great way to find out a little bit more information about this particular target audience. Okay, so that’s it! Let me know if this helped you at all. I would love to hear in the comments below right or loved here, if you’re using this in your marketing. Okay, are you actually going after emotional triggers? Are you really deep diving into your avatars within your niche areas? If you’re, not, why not? Why haven’t you been doing that? Okay, and also do you think that this is gonna help you alright, do you think that this is gonna help you to get closer to your customers to be able to get them to know like and trust you so that they believe that you’re, the Person to help them to get them the results that they want. Okay, super super important, okay and listen.

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My name is Erin Chen speak to you soon in another. Video have an awesome day. Take care.


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