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Hello again We started 2021 full of energy and we'd love to share our first monthly summary of this year Let's review it This news is for subscribers of the YouTube Partner Program. Those who use self-certification To find out what a self-certification is, please see the description At the request of many, we set some guidelines How to fill out a self-certification questionnaire The new guide includes specific rules about when ads are allowed Or display ads are limited or not allowed to display ads For example, we have included instructions on how to rate your videos When it includes a light profanity, a strong negative language, or a very strong profanity We also know that video game content may be more varied So we've created a new monetization guide specifically for game creators You can see the new evidence in the description For "First View" users We are working on rolling out some new features for the first shows This gives you more opportunities to see shows with your audience First, here's a feature called 'Next Live'.

The "Next Live Event" is a live broadcast that precedes the premiere This feature allows you to direct your fans to a live premiere When the first show is ready to start The second feature is called "Propaganda Videos". And they are really propaganda clips Any short videos can be uploaded to the watch page This way, fans can watch a short clip of your first show before it airs Details are provided in the description Last but not least In case you missed the ad in December Memberships are now available for eligible channels Which has 1,000 subscribers in 80 countries around the world Go to the link in the description to see if your channel is eligible And if you want to try the feature and need some help Check out our "Creator Blog" and the references below for inspiration That's it I know February is here But since we haven't communicated before now we want to wish everyone a Happy New Year Be better than last year My name is Daniel.


See you next time good bye Hello again Hey creators Hey creators This is not a good shot.

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