Nick Offerman speaking at Content Marketing World 2015

ja cleveland oh hey I think we want to know why you're here I love being in a community whether it's a farm or a theater company or a wood shop or you know the Parks and Rec office in Pawnee I love I love working together to create something good for people so it got this group of woodworkers and we have a co-op its Offerman woodshop com it's very mom and pop it's very small and we strive there may there may be an answer to your question in this we strive not to grow we strive not to get a viral video part of our thing is the things that we make are made by hand to last by human beings by Americans no matter where you live there's somebody in your area that will make you a belt or make you lasagna or or fix your bicycle or anything else and and if there's not you're dissatisfied you can become that person you can become the artisanal salt dealer for your neighborhood that's not a euphemism I'm talking about real salt and so I found by doing that by focusing on the integrity of whatever it isn't putting out I've ended up being way more successful in selling more units as it were the secret is if you're chasing that kind of brass ring by filling your life with things that make you happy whether its family or some sort of discipline or hobby or pastime this the trick is you end up having a beautiful life even if you don't ever hit a home run if you if you become a sacrifice bunt ER for your career by the time you're done you'll end up have mu you'll end up moving more people around the bases than if you just go swinging for the seats every time I that's my I find solace in that when people say to me we want to create something viral or something of that nature I go in the opposite direction I think the key is you're going to tell stories be authentic be real be truthful and that path even though it's the road less traveled makes the most sense so big round of applause for mr.

artisanal salt dealer

Nick Offerman thank you so much thanks for staying awake.

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