Nuesion: HowTo YouTube & Web Video Marketing Part 1

vicious is today want to know how effective is it to market a video online you know you've seen it maybe on youtube or it could have been on a main webpage where ever online companies are getting it right when it comes to efficient viral video marketing the key factor is consistency you've got to be consistent in getting your message out cost is no longer an issue with the low budget for the production process you can be ready to join the movement on web video marketing cherry villarreal revision revolutionists in web marketing is going to start you off some tips about online video advertising web video marketing is allowing businesses are various sizes to reach audience at innovative ways whether your small business or a large business even a start-up business you can use this as a surefire way to reach your audience technology and social networking has allowed this technology reach the masses let's take a look at glen davis see great example Glen Davis has his own radio show and does interviews with in the soccer industry is a successful blog that feeds traffic to his newspaper columns and his radio show and vice versa and now using web video marketing via YouTube and email newsletters he's able to reach a more personal relationship with his fans by the use of shooting and uploading videos at youtube Glen Davis has been able to develop a visual exposure to his audience around the world traffic to a site as an increase and spikes immediately after posting a video ok at this point you're probably thinking how much is it going to cost for me to market myself or my company online good news if you've already got a camera then you're a step ahead if not you can buy a perfectly good used or moderately priced camera editing programs are also needed for special effects but if you're not one to jazz up your own videos then that's all you need grab your footage load it up create an account or sign on to youtube and then post now that your videos on YouTube there's a lot of ways to get it out there you can post it on sites that share the same interest you can also build your subscriber list but ultimately all this will raise your views putting your video on YouTube will get you a lot of exposures from other sites that are aggregating data from YouTube you can see an example of this by using google to search nugent video there you'll see a laundry list of other websites are using our YouTube videos to populate their site next time we'll talk about more ways to get your video out be sure to sign up for our newsletter as well as subscribe to our video podcast

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