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you know what marketing means did you know the way to do marketing it used to be different from the way you do today did you know that the way today will be different from the way that tomorrow because it is exactly what we will see in this class [Music] hello little grasshopper welcome to your first class of the digital marketing video course a new station guanabara i'm a teacher and in the last class i showed you why you should studying marketing I hope I have convinced you to study and that you have successfully arrived at this class basically we arrived at the first class where we will see the fundamentals of marketing this is the first part of the talk about this subject and here right away each big parenthesis has a lot of people there that differentiates marketing from digital marketing I am from the side that believes that the two are the same basically digital marketing are the marketing concepts that we will see now from that class applied to the internet world where the internet is just a means of propagating this marketing it is clear that this means of propagation is much more powerful than the old media which are for example radio television newspapers and if you are one of those people who do not accept that the internet is more powerful than these other types of media to few you will understand that this is all true another thing that a lot of people think about marketing is that there is a formula for success so that you can achieve your goals actually what there is a science a social science that studies some things like behaviors emotional patterns form of approach but at no time nor created a dispute formula look will follow these steps and a guaranteed success although we agree has a lot people selling this idea out there the idea that if you use formulas you will become a millionaire overnight and actually here among us the majority of those who get rich are those who sell the form do not want to apply them so you stop to think a little something wrong in that there what I touching of god next none of these companies apple microsoft and google the amazon years they are extremely successful multi-billion dollar companies, but each has reached success in a way of course that at some point in history one was inspired by something from the other or two of them or several of them determine same behavior in relation to the market but at no time there is a magic formula i'm just talking about tech companies don't was from all kinds of companies for example coca cola mac donald night disney they are all widely studied success stories we will see some cases is dedicated for example in the first classes I I will quote the case of amazon that came out of nowhere to sell books and today is the second largest retail company in the world the largest online company in the world and here a discussion is that if I create a company I want exactly the same thing as the day sometimes done with amazon i will have the same result if the answer in your pure heart is not there in the bar there are many things that the party you are completely sure the spirit of the thing and not to mention that I spoke only of multinational companies american companies the Brazilian company also for example if I talk about the b2w group in c nova and ice globe jef closed the group you're thinking damn I never heard talk about them for sure you know but for sure do you know a company that is part of one of these groups b2w actually a conjunction by online of american submarine and shop team to be new homes bahia extra and barateiro and the cake closes the group was going people have from fitch to canon to tri falls this just to quote some actually these three groups here are the biggest retail groups online from brazil are big companies like luiza ricardo eletro finac saraiva magazine and many others of course many of these are multinationals i'm also talking about is of these brands here for sure you know the vast majority of them weighing in exactly the same way that they reach people as they made you know her brand to ask that the fact is the marketing you do today is not even close to the marketing you did previously the different way of thinking the changes will happen to the internet arrived other media gained space and today we have a completely different scenario than it was done but that you had in the past you remember it is possible at that time if you lived for sure you will remember that two things arrived at your house many pamphlets in the mail and a block of yellow pages if you are from a family that has a long time company, for sure your father already had some meeting with representatives of the yellow pages to be able to put the their business, right, the company registered on the pages yellow and then come annually saw the courier the delivery person if she came left the yellow pages of the year in your house you put under phone this is a way of marketing because when you were looking for a locksmith a store to sell duck you open the yellow pages and kept looking, looking very weird for you are done a few years ago i will tell you a secret there are still groups in the interiors of Brazil that still do this kind of marketing process several older companies still use leafleting and if your company is a company of some known does that there's nothing wrong just there are other ways too I hope that this company is not alone doing leafleting and giving up for example digital marketing other traditional way of marketing and especially for us who were minors b ignores the big companies was classified you get to advertise things advertise services I try to classifieds currently you open the newspaper the classifieds section is very small summarized the sale of cars and real estate i'm feeling now my favorite marketing was formerly done through sound cars you record audio is a guy an announcer recording the audio and the car was spinning there in the neighborhood several neighborhoods saw mainly here in the river january still uses this way of marketing and again i have nothing wrong if it is working now never give up the most the two together until you can compare and see that the digital marketing is sometimes the vast majority of times cheaper another very old way that many people still use today to sell things and telemarketing how many times have you received that call type ask the question you when you receive call you are happy the show is there I will tell you something I will tell you something you bought for telemarketing do you think this technique still it works i will show the evolution of marketing with a normal thing the thing common in our daily lives for example for sure you or your father with your grandfather and a football stadium to accompany football matches of course, today many people still go but at the time of your grandfather and your great grandfather it was the only way is to go there so you had to go there and watch the game but after evolution many people started to take what the radio stack it because the announcers they put you more in the game even if you are from and from there there was a great possibility of announcing things to people who were listening during the football game with the evolution of the media communication appeared on television and from then on all games start to be televised if not all the vast majority and then the whole marketing part migrated to television or was divided between television and radio, because at that moment there was a lot of people watching gold listening to the game even more than was there inside the stadium the evolution of this was what the mainstream media called the second screen was when smartphones appeared and then you had to keep track of extra things in the game the game was running on television but you kept your cell phone following the scoreboard or following the scoreboard of another game involving statistics everything related to this here in Brazil had a big burst of that in the 'big brother' a lot of people watched television during the big brother and commented during the broadcast on social networks twitter I'm in this moment in brazil and you may be thinking ah thats what we have today is that you are wrong again my dear now is our second tavira screen on the first screen you are starting to watch things on your smartphone your tablet your portable device and the marketing is also adapting to this a lot of people I know mainly in the big cities doesn't even have a television subscription everything is now turned to mobile devices this practicality and the increase in internet speed in Brazil has facilitated this type of behavior and many companies ended up seeing this but many haven't seen it yet so that's why there is a range of possibilities in the digital marketing not even explored in Brazil i don't know if you know but there are techniques for you to appear in first page of search engine like google using only a few html mechanisms this is extremely simple to do and you who are a technology professional will learn this from us and the best you will be a developer who has knowledge baskets in so or that content optimization and optimization of pages for search engines another thing that is indisputable is that the our communication is changing a lot, especially young people they no longer communicate in our old way our way was sending a letter calling now they communicate through various social networks and you are thinking that social network is just facebook is very wrong youtube is the second largest search engine and now it's taking network features every year that passes there are very specific rules for closed niches an example that is appearing there some gadgets which is a social network artists we have a painter there is twitter o instagram each of its specific characteristics and ways of behavior valuable tips that can be applied to each of them this is our goal with this course there are things that are emerging every day the moment I’m recording this video we started having inep clones chat one of the last was when it was looking on the side of javi vehicle no saw maybe you are not listing this icon is 8 status on the post he’s talking about ok it is a closed social network and there are many people who are using the status to advertise services and products they sell to their friends from a social validation event to be worth a lot within that exchange mechanism what's happening within the a sap status over time I will start to emerge sales techniques strategies specifics and then we will give you a hint within this course is also that you use as many tools as possible do not want you to think of a tool in shape and only in it you have to understand how each tool works and what will be your behavior how will be your strategy to address this social network today many techniques are making life easier for those who want to have an online presence for those who want to spread the word your product and service on search engines and social networks on websites geolocation is a reality today you can be in a neighborhood x look for laundry and you will find a laundry in this neighborhood this is not all done automatically it takes a technology professional and it takes a marketing professional to join efforts to achieve this I will tell you it is extremely space you believed you can do this in a very simple way that your customers i will also teach you that another trend that is being talked about a lot is the internet of things or internet of things the while tim is a moment when you're putting processing power on other devices that not computers so you have invested in web the watches smart glasses television the infamous refrigerator that never worked but a lot of people talk about the smart refrigerator we have a hand creating the amazon goals which is a market 1 30m people who have a camera that understands what you buy you don’t even check it out and for all that marketing strategies basic knowledge of marketing is extremely important our study we will be guided by some authors but mainly we will talk about philip kotler is considered one of the fathers of marketing management he has a series of books these books are always being updated we will base a lot of our course the framework concepts are you listening to on the internet in some modern entrepreneurship groups that 46 died my dear goes by me concept of cottrez are very valuable and these guys are saying they cover died just take his concepts and modified to look like he's old the truth he's not old he's just different what your group is talking about so don't listen to that crowd 4 is alive very smart and updating his contents according to 48 marketing has changed and that's what i'm talking about since the beginning second cotrim in the past it was just show and sell you have something to sell it showed and sold only that a moment came that today people were showing and were not selling it because the way of buying changed and nowadays second against marketing is focused only on sales but mainly focused on identifying and meeting the need so the first thing we have to do is create a definition for marketing if you do a google search now you will see that there are several definitions you take a book from the vault there are several definitions created by himself one of the ones I like the most is the one I'm going to show you that is marketing according to tables is marketing is a social process by which value is created and you build relationships based on exchanges and then I’ve already limited already a specific brand in some words mostly value relationship and exchanges that expression the basis of marketing modern you always have to worry about creating value basically like this i want to see you here so buy with precision I will create value look at you buying here you will have the following benefits have you thought about it from here and thought your friends coming to your home and seeing a picture like that here so you are creating value for yourself to capture value so basically we are creating for storytelling some technical stories or situations that will awaken your desire for this product since god exists and if you are able to buying this product you will take the idea of ​​marketing is precisely this modern marketing is based on what we marketing process basically the marketing process is divided into two great moments the first moment is to create value the second moment is to capture value so basically using techniques to try to create value in what I want to see you even though that value is created established a relationship between who is selling and who is buying then yes I will be able to capture this value you say little but this is very simple not only the steps is a big problem this first moment of creating value he is subdivided by the kotler himself into four other moments so basically it would be 15 steps where the first four mean the creating value and the last step is capturing value we have that little one to achieve our goal that is the capture of value and nowadays you don't have to stay concerned with this last step, marketing is changing a lot and there is also after sales there are a number of things that we will see during the course basically they first four steps creating values ​​are we have to understand needs this is the first moment when you create a product when you want something that the marketing will help you understand these cities is very important since you understand the needs you can devise a strategy to address this you will study the macroenvironment a microenvironment will see more or less how this works and you have to understand creating a persona to understand what kind of client or to serve, we will make a proposition of our product and its value, I want to pass it on to my client for that he can pass a value in return I will also mount a swot tone matrix weaknesses matrix possibilities strategies we will understand well how the business works after preparing the strategy we will go through a marketing program that basically is you put this strategy into practice basically you will change all that in above the marketing mix are the four fish product square price and promotion of the plugs with this product square price and promotion and then yes you will put this strategy into practice the fourth and final step before collection value build a relationship you have to create connections with your target audience people today they are buying a lot for the emotion so this connection is very important in marketing Once you understand the needs, develop a strategy, create a program build a relationship there it is always easy for you to reach your goal brand marketing is the capture of value basically marketing is the set all of this but in the end if you don't have value capture you don't have a objective and don't think that capturing value just taking money doesn't you have to have goals for example my goal with this marketing plan is make you stop smoking if i reach that goal i managed capturing that value was clear are you thinking over there then explain and 5 there from cast we go to the next class this is where the closed deal comes basically these parts if you rise from life in other parts for example the first part which is to understand the needs it is divided into 95 parts which are needs and desires of demands to be able to understand what is what are products services expectations whatever values ​​activation whatever you want to change the relationship with and what is the market I need to understand all this to be able to understand the needs and to be able to create a good product here the customer is satisfied these steps are very important and we need to see each one explaining in detail and creating success cases showing you companies that did this happened it happens that this subject is very extensive and this class is already over I will let you know next time will see need wishes demands products services and experiences everything this within the same class and at the end of each class I will try to leave a activity so you can do it after each class you attended to put into practice in this class is an exercise mental I want you to do you will try to remember two things first a very old and clear marketing strategy that I didn't mention during that class and a more modern marketing strategy i want you to have to do at least one of each old and one modern place here in the comments for us to create this relationship this connection that we have here so this is it that the grasshopper I hope this early June here have opened your eyes a little so that you can understand and not in the time to create software create an application you need to have these knowledge that I'm talking about here for example when you create a application you have to understand the need of the people who are going to use these applications she is waiting for what are the needs what are the her wishes is that she is meeting that product meeting expectations creating it will be satisfied and what kind of market do you want to apply the your software and will meet will be global and will meet the need for some Brazilian or will meet the needs of your state of your neighborhood on your street this all has to be thought before you start to do it then it’s very difficult to change so it’s explained in the photo see you in the next class with a lot more basic marketing concept for you a strong hug participate in comments leaving what was proposed and until next time [Song]

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