O que é Marketing Digital? A verdade sobre como fazer Marketing Digital em 2020

I managed to follow Instagram like on Facebook, even visits to your website it may be good but none of that the digital marketing specialist you to do real digital marketing must have a strategy and what each number represents in the overall goal of the company want to know more about it i will talk in this video [Song] hello i'm vitor peçanha co-founder of happy rock welcome to our youtube channel here on our channel you learn to do digital marketing efficiently so if you want to become a authority on the subject so our channel and don't forget to turn off the notifications if you think digital marketing is just make content ads on the internet you're much better you're a little misled and this can be seriously limited in your chances of success when doing internet marketing i will start then the basic definition of digital marketing digital marketing is a set of activities with a company or a person performs online with the aim of generating business to generate brand authority or create engagement but beauty this is the basic objective but in practice what does that mean it involves a lot multiple functions thing in multiple tasks first there are all those functions of the planning part, you want to do research to finish caffeine finish personas meters what do you want to achieve after the planned, you come to the production part of the content that write your text record your video record your or any other type of content that is part of your strategy to optimize that content clear to the sales fund after the content production there are still a certain ability to disseminate the right content this dissemination can be what social networks can be via email can even be through paid media already paid is another skill that is used in digital marketing which is to make ads online of various formats, in addition to all the automation part of marketing which is to qualify you to manage the conversion funnel and look the metrics of either the funnel or the medium and general metrics to finish your strategy is working, that is, you can already see that digital marketing involves many skills many techniques many fronts but what a professional needs to know to really consider himself a professional of digital marketing of course the first thing is that it has to make any of the activities start quickly behind and you’ll never be a digital marketer if you’re not participating in the process but what determines a good professional digital marketing is that in addition to doing the part of it that can be more specialist or more generalist he understands the makro he understands the strategy as a whole and how his work ultimately impacts the generation of results and why digital marketing is important is one of the areas of more dynamic knowledge that exists all the time some tool new some new strategy the tactics they change all the time if you are a snap chat specialist today is worth little more before then what you need to be you have to understand strategy because strategy always existed and will always exist in digital marketing in any type of marketing without marketing in essence the strategy so i'm going to change it a little bit of the improved in that definition that I talked about before it works that in fact the digital marketing is the creation and execution of a strategy that is based on in online channels to generate business and generate relationships in generating results to the company may seem like a small difference but it is not a word without can happen puts strategy from the word strategy at the center of definition it helps us to never forget that if you rely only on in tactics which is what happens a lot, the person just goes there and makes a blog on youtube don't understand that you have your whole machine behind you are not doing real digital marketing if you have resulted in it is a thing is pure luck of the see was rock with strategy the strategy of the complex of guilt I mean the complete strategy strategy is complex, right, full of elements, but in essence a good strategy for digital marketing it answers three questions the first question is why am i doing digital marketing ie inside of my entire company um what is the purpose of digital marketing specifically of course you can respond to help me sell is to do obvious business after all every company or almost every company is there for that but within the process I want to generate authority for people to find the product I don't know at the supermarket i want to generate free to deliver my sellers I want to educate the market to buy a complex product from me It has to be very well thought out.

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The second question is for whom all marketing has a target audience that marketing ultimately is you make the right content and I'm just talking about a blog post it's not even the ad is a type of content so you make the right content for the right person if you don't know what you want to achieve you try to please everyone you’re going to spend a lot of money because one of the masks of marketing is the more generalist you is smaller enough our conversion more people will see you but it won't do as much business the more specific you are the less reach but our conversion is more efficient for this to work you have to know who you're marketing to and the third question is the tale now yes only after you find out the reason for whom will determine the channels ie will be facebook will be in October will be in that dinho will install grand is going to be medium and the format will be video you audio is going to be text is for sure is right without that basis of strategy without determining these three questions and everything that derives from the law clear caffeine metrics the day-to-day documentation you don't can do such a good job you’re creating separate elements that don’t come together and make some sense in the peace of execution that is day to day does not exist very secret means if i were to tell a secret of execution the only thing i can say that has already been raised by several research is that well-executed marketing is very well documented from certain companies that document their margera without much success much bigger and documenting is since annuals it looks look i will publish a blog post checklist until beauty what was the result that got this result we learned great even so any macro strategy is right so never stop documenting digital marketing is an essential until you say you're doing marketing well done last of course right after the execution there is always the medical analysis digital marketing he is very focused on numbers for everyone so never forget to do the results analysis so to close I mean if you work with marge such you whenever you remember you are part of a strategy your work is inserted in the macro strategy so even if you only do a part it’s important that you know the strategy as a whole even for you deliver with your work a quantified numerical value for those who are in the end to reach the desired result and you help the company grew and there it was clear to you what is really the definition of digital marketing is already ready to apply or at least know where to study if you have any questions leave a comment here we answer everyone and at the end of this video i will leave a link for you to download our guide complete digital marketing for you and even deeper and learn more and more but it works and thank you very much I hope you enjoyed the video until next time

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