O que é Web Design? O que faz um Web Designer?

Eae, everything is fine? This is David from the Chief of Design I’m here to talk about what a network decorator does. So for those of you who have doubts about the profession you want to learn and want to work in the area, I’ll talk to you a little bit, bel? So let’s go. What is a Web designer? Web designer is a designer who spawns Web very simple, right? It’s in the word is very simple to understand. So that signifies a web designer needs to have the same background as a designer would so he needs to know about emblazons, typography, needs to know about grids. Anyway about intend abstractions, mostly this design perception fraction is the same. And network blueprint actually has a very strong connection with graphic pattern. It was born, it comes from graphic design, even though they are you look at some web pages and equate it with some stores You will see that it has a lot in common, a lot that strikes both media. Of trend everyone frisks their recreation differently and everyone has a different guideline. And Web Design needs these design theories need that designer luggage to create website schemes, blog schemes. To organize banners that you have on promotional places that you watch right there.To make slice for digital media, for media … for social networks, right? To generate general software digital boundaries. I don’t know … Of competitions, amongst other. It is very broad this digital division that the Web designer can play. So, in addition to the Web Designer taking care of the visual part, the aesthetic part of the Digital Project, the Web Project, Web Design are also welcome to act in other theatres of development projects. So often a Web Designer likewise resolves up organizing wireframes It purposes up participating in the information architecture, used suffer, it culminates up creating animations many times Anyway, the tasks that the Web Designer can accomplish during a process, during a entanglement programme are several. one thing that a lot of beings request, that a lot of parties fluster is whether a Web Designer needs to know how to planned. And no , not consequently. This happens because in the beginning of the web it didn’t exist , nor had such areas Web Designer, in fact there were the developers, right? 19 00:02: 57,800 –> 00:03: 05,900 And they were responsible for the whole design, for the whole creation so they created everything from the Back End code to the layout. That’s why a good deal of beings fluster that the Web Designer needs to know how to program, and he doesn’t. As I said when you already noticed, Wed Designer is a designer who works with the Web. So his concern has to be with the organization and not with programming Of route, if you have a basic understanding of PHP, I don’t know, JavaScript knowledge will help you a lot, but it’s not necessary, it’s not critical. And the market is understanding this more and more, there are less and less inflated vacancies that ask you to know php, that you know what, format personal computers. More and more people are understanding that a decorator is part of the process and that he has his locate. So, if you work in a nice corporation like that, a segmented corporation and “such” … Which has the right domains … There will be a development area, there will be a front-end area, there will be a UX area, there will be a test area and there will be a creation area, there will be a Web design area. So this idea that the Web Designer needs to know how to program, needs to work with code instantly is invalid, isn’t it true-blue, okay? One thing that a great deal of parties muddle, that a lot of people form mistakes is thinking that HTML and CSS are programming and that’s not true. HTML is a markup language to present content, CSS is a formatting language, vogue, right? It will format this content and deliver it to the user who will access the boundary. And I is our opinion that the Web Designer wished to know HTML and CSS so he can understand where his Layout extends How his organization will provide an opportunity, what are the possibilities, what are the limitations he will have in the project. And that doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to be there working every day HTML CSS isn’t that, it’s more for you to get a sense of what the web interface really is, how your organization will be applied to it. And of course it also facilitates a lot in case you get some frilled enterprises you know this part. So for you to know HTML, CSS doesn’t need programming logic or interesting thing like that either. It has a lot more to do with interpretation, right? and the CSS language is a formatting style language. One thing that confuses the mind of anyone who wants to start in the field is which college to take which track to make And there really isn’t a specific college for you to be a Web Designer , nor a course like that, specific for you to be a Web Designer. What countless people do, if they are wrong, is often attend an IT college thinking that it has to do with Web Designer, which is not much to do Maybe you’ll understand HTML in a little bit of WordPress, you’ll understand PHP, you’ll be able to work with WordPress. But like I said, right? the Web Designer is the Designer who clears the web, so you need to have knowledge, mainly in Design. And one acces is to study graphic pattern, ok? You going to see graphic layout college to have this background and continue to work as a Web Designer. But you don’t undoubtedly need to go to college, peculiarly if you’re starting now I don’t think it’s a better space, I think you’re good, you go later only to give it a facelift, right? but this is an alternative is a path that numerous beings follow. So how are you able study? you can study on your own, right? Looking for free content, on the web on YouTube, looking forward to paid content online like my direction for example, you can also participate in free bazaar directions. Parliaments, all this to acquire knowledge, and of course reading volumes, of course reading articles and mainly because I feel, composing right? when you cause you learn a lot, a lot more. It depends on what position you are at the moment if you are an intern, or not if you already have years of profession, a portfolio but I often range from R $2000 to R $3000, median salary of a Web Designer. Of direction this is not a rule you can earn much more than that. I know people who earn much more than that actually approximately triple that. I know parties like Freelancer and like Entrepreneur who give that. And the committee is also depends a great deal on the region where you are in regions that normally Clear Brazil has such differences It’s a little less, a little lower wage in other regions is more evaluated, in the market for Web Designer there’s always spate of vacancy I always look a lot of vacancies here in the southeast region, right? I live in So Paulo So I ever investigate a vacancy, I never missed job vacancies to be a Web Designer. Even for a logical question, right? nowadays everyone needs a website, so you are a super sought professional since the person who is starting now with his little browse who will need a Web Designer to create his website. Even agencies, right? who make websites for massive companies, IT corporation, application companionships, application plants you need design to improve your commodities to be able to sell your makes certainly, so the market always has plenty of seat. The lieu of work of a Web Designer can be diverse, he has N opportunities, he can work in an authority, he can work in any company of any kind, in a company that needs a website and needs to maintain the website, keep it updated with images. So you can work, for example, in a virtual storage that needs to keep updating cool, promotional epitomes there, so the Web Designer can work in that fellowship. A entanglement designer can act as a freelancer, can act as an entrepreneur even having his own business and running his own business. You can work in IT firms, Startups, which is an area that is growing a lot because normally these IT business start sacrificing more importance to the function, which is what will utter them leverage And when they reach a certain level they realize that they need one more, that may be required designing and then they hire Web Designer professionals to help them to mainly, of course, leverage their revenues. The sphere where you can work as a Web Designer is quite massive, Bel? So that’s it, I hope this video has helped you to solve your fears, has helped you if you want to be a Web Designer if you have any doubts concerning the range, if you want to know more about the profession, I hope he has really help me out here, Bel? And if you liked this video, like this video, share it with your best friend, write here on the Chief’s channel, like the Chief’s facebook sheet, recruit chiefofdesign.com.br recruits the vip list. Because that’s where I advertise first, I let you know firstly, when there’s brand-new material, when courses materialize Anyway, everything that appears to me, everything I grow for the Chief of Design Blog, first ad for the vip list, okay? So I’m going on that one, until the next one, study there galucho, strong hug and even more I became ..

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