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— Music — Do you have an
outgoing personality and enjoy
brainstorming new ideas? You might have what it takes to be a great marketing manager. Marketing managers plan, organize, and control the
marketing activities for an organization's products or services. They create positive messages to promote these
products or services to help boost the
business's profits. To get some research
on this creative career, we talked to a marketing manager in Alberta.

— Music — Hi, my name is Andrew and I'm a marketing manager. — Music — Marketing managers plan, organize, and control the marketing activities for a company's or organization's services or products. As a marketing manager, you can expect to
work in an office, but really what you need is a computer and internet, so sometimes that could
be like a coffee shop or a restaurant. And if you're lucky, it can also include travelling to things like
conferences or shoots. Some of the duties
and responsibilities of a marketing manager
are to make sure that a company or organization's products and services
are profitable. You might also find yourself writing grant proposals and finding other unique ways to get funding for your organization's
initiatives. It might also include developing things like your brand voice and making sure that everything
that is coming out of the marketing department is consistent with that voice. It might also include
product development, creating and managing a budget and then figuring out how
to allocate those resources in order to execute
your marketing strategies. Improvaganza happens in June…

My position at Rapid Fire Theatre as
the Marketing Director includes any or all
of the following: it always has me sitting in front of a laptop and within arm's
reach of my phone. There could be meetings with the artistic staff, chatting about the shows
that are coming up and what sort of messaging we want to build around those. We also look at the visuals we'll need for our marketing campaigns. I am in charge of organizing and arranging photo shoots and video shoots, sometimes we'll be
taking photos of the live performances, or live tweeting
from the back seats; essentially, creating
that live content. I manage our social
media channels; I also deal with media relations, so that is writing and
distributing press releases, media sponsorships for our three festivals that
we produce a year, organizing our ad buys for TV, radio, and print. The hours that you'll be working can vary.

A lot of times it really does depend on the organization or company
that you're working for. For me, sometimes that can be
evening and weekend hours. When I think about
the tools that I need to do my job, I think of things like a good computer, a phone with a
good camera on it with a charger always nearby. The type of skills and
knowledge that you need to be a Marketing Manager are quite various.

advertising account executive and market research analyst

You need to be very organized and you need to be able to work under pressure
and meet deadlines. Also having the knowledge of where your
messaging is going out, so being up to date on the
latest social media trends and being able to have your team produce the content that fits those formats. Other things that really help in this position is you really do need
to be a people person. You need to be
good at organizing people and directing their work. You need to be creative and upbeat. You need to be self-motivated and you need to have really good project management skills. You will often find yourself negotiating business contracts and having good problem solving and decision making skills definitely doesn't hurt. In terms of opportunity
for advancement, it's sometimes very common for marketing directors
to move up into senior management positions, but it really does depend on the organization or company
that you're working for. (Laughter) The favourite part of
my job is seeing the shows go up on stage live and getting to sit in
the back of the theatre and watch how the audience is enjoying themselves and performers are
enjoying themselves creating the art.

That's why I do this. — Music — A successful marketing manager is able to connect a business with its customers, and persuade people to
choose their business over someone else's. It takes creativity and good analytical skills to promote and sustain an attractive business image. Find out more
about this occupation, including
educational requirements and salary ranges, in the occupational profile on the alis website, and learn about
related occupations like advertising
account executive and market research analyst.

Explore the possibilities! Go to alis.alberta.ca — Music –.

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