Online Marketing Business: PART 2 Understanding “Traffic Strategies” And Backlinking {Online Profit}

another thing I want to mention is the weight the value of your backlinking so to say let's take for example a blog we have for outgoing links so obviously this link goes to one side this coast goes to one side and those two go here then the strength of those two links would be if you had a scale of 100 points these two links together would make 50 points this link is worth 25 and this 25 so what I mean by that the more different links you put on your side the weaker they are in other words in case you have one side with only one link then Google consider is this considers eight hundred percent importance for this site with this keyword if you have three links on it then it's a third so means it means one third of weight the strength of this link is one-third and those to make two-thirds to this side so that's the power of the links now let's move on these are the sites they are putting power traffic power to your opt-in page to a money page now how to push those this is what we have social bookmarking for in social bookmarking means you have a lot of social bookmarks lot of different social bookmarking sites okay and there you link you put in the links of those blocks so in other words this this sends traffic to all those sides it's getting confusing but I think you get the point each of this single bookmarks or sorry each of the single bookmarking sites contains every of this blog URLs so this one links to one two three four five websites in this example and also to this one you go and put up a social bookmark of course also here so you can take ten or twenty bookmarking sites create accounts there and then go and put every single URL URL of this back to properties to every single of this bookmarking sites that way they push your web two sides and the web two sides push your money page and also with every of these also bookmark your money page this is part of strategy that I wanted to explain then you do the same with video let's say we have video here and this again is not only YouTube these are all the various channels out there and then you have videos there that contain the link to your opt-in side then those are linking to opt-in page and also don't forget here and there to put some links to your web two properties that way this is pushing the opt-in page and the videos are directly pushing the opt-in page and what you realize by now this is a very simple example actually but you already see the power how this linking juice is being created everything starts to leverage everything everything works with each other of course also can take a video link and put it on on the sides here as well but also then done then don't overdo don't take too many of these backlinking away so either way you combine it this is starting to create power and the poor important thing is that by that you avoid that the opt-in page gets links from only one source because this will not convince Google in the long run Google things that the site is important when it gets backlinks from numerous sources so this is the reason why we start to create bed two sides while we make videos and then other resources also you post articles let's say here are the articles okay now guess what articles do the same they link to opt-in page if you like to a product page or they link to opt-in page and here and there also to one of your blog's several or the article can link let's say to your opt-in page for this opportunity and to another opportunity you can always use two links anchor text links let's say to choose two sides so this article covers two pages to opt-in pages and now you already see if you have the two properties if you have videos and if articles and each of this class sort of traffic has two or three or four let's say three links combined in either way you like then this all starts to work together and what is important that you also go bookmark here in the social bookmarking your videos your single video links your articles can also bookmark an article so everything is interconnected so I'm stopping to explain i'll stop to explain here right now because it's gone to get too confusing otherwise I cannot even demonstrate here with with all lines that I would like to draw what is leading to what but I think that by now you understood how powerful this is if you only use videos web through sites and articles these three things to start with and do this properly and consistently and always bookmark what you are doing I know it is a lot of work it's a lot of manual work if you cannot outsource it yet but this is what you have to understand what the whole purpose is of getting backlinks I hope especially for the beginner that was helpful overview although this site doesn't look like an overview it's a little bit cleric now but this is exactly what happens when we talk about traffic juice that you want to create so hands-on work you now know what you have to do bye


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