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hello everybody welcome to the fifth episode of live with google for non-profits if you're joining us for the first time live with google for non-profits is a twice monthly show on thursdays held at different time zones um and basically we have a special guest presentation every week based off topics that you've requested um including deep dives into things like apply digital skills which is a free training to grow your digital skills um or things like managing your inbox so every other week we host these presentations um including sometimes we also introduce our team so thank you so so much for joining us today um as a reminder you can use the live chat that's on the right of your youtube video at this link and you can ask questions you can let us know if hey like you can't hear us any sort of technical difficulties let us know and we'll make sure to troubleshoot it and answer your questions my teammates are in the live chat right now ready to answer any questions that you may have and at the end of our presentation today we'll also have time for live q a in which we'll take some of the questions asked in the chat and we will ask them live and answer them for you so a few other reminders if you are not seeing the live chat right now then make sure to refresh your your browser um and then it should load at that point there should be closed captions available as well if they are not there let us know and we'll make sure that they are uploaded after the event um a few other things um this session will be recorded so if you happen to need to go to do something else or you want to come back and re-watch it later at this exact youtube link you can actually re-watch this episode and you can replay the live chat and see which questions were answered just in case you have similar questions too um so a few other things um so like i said this show happens every two weeks usually on thursdays and if you want to join us for future episodes make sure to subscribe to our youtube channel you'll get notifications when we upload and schedule new episodes um follow us on our social feeds we'll put up some links later for you um and you can keep up to date with new opportunities um to get to know to learn more about google for non-profits and to interact with our team live um so in a couple in the last couple episodes we talked about a bunch of things uh so one thing that we talked about that's extremely relevant to today is applied digital skills so today we'll be talking about the online marketing marketing challenge which is a way to basically partner with students uh to help set up and develop your ad grants account um but we know getting started with ad grants um has a lot of steps and it isn't always an easy process so we've developed additional trainings through applied digital skills so the first episode of live with google for non-profits um you'll hear from rebecca from the live and google for nonprofits for the applied digital skills team and she'll talk you through getting your ad grants account up and running so you can also use that as a way before getting started with online marketing challenge to get familiar with ad grants um but i'm super excited today to have jenny um with us so i'll bring her on screen shortly and she'll be giving us a deep dive into this awesome opportunity to really have students um immerse themselves into your digital marketing and to make the most of your ad grants campaigns um so we'll go ahead and get started all right jenny thank you isha hi everyone i'm jenny weiss i am a program manager on the google ad grants team and as esha mentioned i am here to give an overview this morning of uh the online marketing challenge was which is a great free program for nonprofits that we run as part of the ad grants program um before we go on any further though i want to point out that we'll actually be renaming the online marketing challenge um sometime this month to the nonprofit marketing immersion so keep an eye out for that change so um what is the online marketing challenge so omc as we call it is a unique program that matches university students who are studying digital marketing to non-profits who need extra support with their ad grants accounts so when you participate in omc you're not only getting free account support for your nonprofit but you're also promoting valuable skills digital skills development for students so many of you may be familiar already with the ad grants program but for those who are not i wanted to spend a minute just talking about the program because in order to participate in the online marketing challenge you actually have to have an active ad grants account so ad grants is um nearly an 18 year old program um under google and we've given over 10 billion dollars in free google ads to nonprofits since our inception and the way it works is qualifying nonprofits receive ten thousand dollars in uh google search ad credit each month every month there's no expiration um and the good news is if you're already approved for google for non-profits you're halfway there um you're likely very eligible to sign up for ad grants so if your nonprofit has not yet taken advantage of ad grants you can learn more and sign up at grants so um once you have registered for ad grants you are then eligible to participate in the online marketing challenge um so the first thing you'll have to do is register for omc and we'll provide the registration form link in the um chat box um in the description for this video um so once you've registered for omc we will match you to a student team that has passed all the google ads certification exams and these student teams by the way are college or university students and many of them are graduate students so the first thing you'll do once you've been matched is you'll meet with your student team virtually and give them a sense of your overall marketing goals what you want to achieve do you want to get newsletter signups do you want to attract new donors do you want to just increase awareness about your mission sharing those goals with your students will help them build campaigns in your account that will help you achieve those goals um so you'll have to allow the students access to your ad grants account and they will create and run campaigns in your account for at least four weeks as well as optimize and make tweaks to your ads and keywords and all of that and then at the end of the program you'll receive a post campaign report that kind of summarizes the um the performance of the campaigns and provides you with future recommendations so that you can continue to thrive after the program is over so i wanted to just give two quick case studies from nonprofits who have gone through the online marketing challenge um and have had success and um the first example i want to share is from an organization called rails to trails conservancy and they're based here in the us in washington dc and their mission is really to promote trail usage and get people out biking and hiking and using trails outside and their mission has been more important than ever this past year during covid their goal was really to increase trail usage during coven and get people out of their houses during the pandemic and so during the campaign period where they were matched with a student team they worked with a team from columbia university in new york city the student team increased their ad clicks by nine times and increased their trail use increased trail use for the organization by 128 and also increased click-through rate by 3x so this was a great partnership and it resulted in many more people getting outside and using trails so another example is from hear no evil death dog rescue in australia and their goal was really to recruit volunteers to be fosters for um their their special needs dogs that they rescue and so during the campaign period their student team they were matched to a team in india by the way their student team increased the conversion rate by four times and they increased volunteer signups by 60 which was the whole goal of their um engagement was to get more volunteers and more more fosters for their dogs um and they were really proud that um during the campaign period they received 31 contact us form submissions which was their highest ever in a month so from these examples hopefully you can see the real impact that the students have for these non-profits in helping to get the word out about their mission and these are just two examples of many satisfied teams that have worked together as part of this program so i gave you a little bit of a taste of it in those two examples but we are a global program um since uh since the program has started running we've had 31 different languages spoken in our program and 71 different countries represented so we are very very international um but that being said the five most common countries where students come from are the us india canada germany and the uk um and we have more than a thousand nonprofits participate in this program every year i also want to do a quick shout out if you are listening and you are a non-profit from france or or you just happen to speak french or dutch or german please sign up we're looking especially for you right now and to match with our student teams from uh that speak those languages but any any language in country is always welcome to apply so um this is a program timeline overview for nonprofits that participate i just want to give you a sense of what to expect when you sign up for this program it's not a short program it requires a little bit of time commitment from you but hopefully that results in better outcomes for your organization anyway than a short engagement would so there's kind of two pieces to it there's pre-omc and then active omc the pre-omc is just the getting registered and getting matched and i do want to say that the matching is entirely dependent on student availability so we can match you sometimes in one day there's a lot of students who meet your language and time zone criteria or it sometimes may take up to a month to get matched that's totally normal it just depends on how many students we have available at the time so once you've been matched the first thing you'll do as i mentioned earlier is you'll hold a kickoff meeting with your team and that's when you'll get to know each other and kind of share your your marketing goals with your student team and they'll create a pre-campaign report for you that outlines um what they plan to do in your account um and then after that they'll actually build the campaigns in your account and they should be communicating with you throughout the process um but it takes a little bit of time to get the you know accounts set up and accounts linked and all that time um all that before they actually build the accounts or build the campaigns excuse me and then the students will run campaigns for at least four weeks in your account sometimes um if you're jiving really well with your student team and you want to keep going and both parties are keen to keep working together you can certainly go beyond four weeks that's totally fine with us but once they've run campaigns for at least four weeks they'll they're supposed to provide you with a post campaign report that i mentioned earlier that will detail what the performance of your ads was and what future recommendations look like and then you'll wrap up with a closing meeting and we just ask that you fill out the post omc survey so that the student team can get a certificate of completion so overall um you're looking at like eight to ten weeks of active omc once you've been matched um and just really quickly what we expect from you as nonprofits um participating in this program we really ask that you um respond in a timely manner to student emails and requests and by that we mean like two business days and the reason this is important is because a lot of the students that participate in omc do so as part of a formal class and a lot of them are graded assignments so if they're waiting a week or two to hear back from you it really pushes back their their their timing and they you know aren't able to finish their their project during the semester so that's why we really stress that as part of this program you will have to grant access to your account to student team for about eight weeks and the way that you do that is the students will create a google ads manager account and they'll link it with your ad grants account and you have full full right to revoke student team access at any point if you deem it necessary um and you'll just have to agree on guidelines with the student team around working in your account and ideally um what you'll allow the team to do if it's not already set up will allow the team to help you set up conversion tracking which is one of the things that we really stress um as part of our ad grants program so that will hopefully be something that you can accomplish uh through the omc as well okay so now you've heard all about the program and if you're interested in registering here is how you do so um so again like i mentioned before you do have to have an active ad grants account in order to participate in omc so if you don't already have one make sure you go sign up at grants and then once you are registered for ad grants you can then register for omc and again there should be a link in the chat box or in the description for this video um to sign up for omc specifically and again just a quick note again that it can take anywhere from one day to one month to get matched typically on average it's about one to two weeks um but we like to let you be aware that it could take up to a month the other thing i want to point out is that there is no deadline to apply and this program runs year-round um the only thing that we need to point out is that um generally there's more students available between like now like mid-january to may and august and november and that really follows the school calendar pretty closely however we do have students that participate in the summer and over the holidays so really anytime is a good time to participate but right now is a really good time to sign up because there are a lot a lot of students coming back to school after winter break so um this is just a quick slide to share some additional details about ad grant support if you need help getting set up with ad grants you can go to our website or our help center um you can also uh ask questions in the community forum for google for nonprofits and you can sign up you can um sign up for the google for nonprofits newsletter in your google for nonprofits hub and that will keep you informed of future events so you can use all of these um methods to keep in touch with us to learn more so that's it from me i'm going to turn it back to isha and we'll transition to the q a portion thank you all very much all right thank you so much jenny that was a super helpful overview um we definitely have quite a few questions and i'm going to give everybody just a few more minutes to write any other questions that they have in their live chat um in the meantime i have a few reminders for everybody um so if you're looking for more general google for non-profit support make sure to check out our youtube channel we have a lot of tutorials like intro to google for non-profits activating products things like that this show is meant to be a deep dive into specific topics while our general tutorials are available on our youtube channel as well um and then make sure to follow us on social channels to get up to date on what the new topics of this show as well as new resources and new product updates for google for non-profits um we also share a lot of non-profit stories on our channel so if you're looking to be inspired and how other nonprofits are achieving their goals and having an impact in their community uh check out our social channels we also have a community forum so at this link you can go and you can post your questions to the google for nonprofits community members of our team as well as members of the overall google for nonprofits community will answer it um and if you see questions there that you know the answers to we highly recommend that you go ahead and respond to your fellow google for nonprofits community as it's a great way to learn from one another and really get to get to know how other people are really using these google tools um and technology in general um also we do have a survey um at the that you can fill out at any point during the show so this is the link to the survey um you can let us know what you think you can give us specific feedback of how to improve this show too we're always looking to really improve um our episodes and to make sure that every episode gets better and better so please take the survey and let us know what you think what you liked what you didn't like and you can also suggest what topics you'd like us to cover um so if there's something that you really want to learn more about maybe it's google analytics maybe it's google sites any other types of google products or if there's other non-profit partners that you want to hear from we can bring in um a lot of different types of people to the show and if you have a story to share if you have a success story with using technology to really make an impact in your community and you want to share that on the show let us know in this survey as well we'd be happy to bring on members of our community to this live show um so fill out the survey our next episode is on january 28th and if you have a specific topic in mind that you want us to cover um you can go ahead and fill out the survey and let us know so i think we have a good amount of questions that we'll cover so about omc so thank you again jenny for joining us we're really happy to have you here um so we saw this question pop up a few times and we also did answer in chat but just to remind everybody um is there any cost associated to joining omc there is no cost there's no cost of the program and there's no cost to sign up for ad grants either so it's a completely um free program for for everyone involved okay that's great to know and then um we also saw a couple people ask if it's located in their region but it's a global program correct it is a global program um typically like i mentioned before so you'll have a little bit harder time getting matched if you're from a country where a lot of students are not from um because we try to match you with students that speak your language and are in your time zone or country um and if we can't do that sometimes we'll we'll end up matching um students from you know somewhere in europe that speaks english to a different country in europe that also speaks english so it's a um it's a entirely dependent on student availability but yes you can you can apply from any country as long as you have an active ad grants account okay awesome yeah i think there was a specific question of do you offer support in spanish or other languages and it sounds like the answer is yes so if you think an availability yeah we i will say on the support um we we run our support um in english so you know you can communicate with your your student team in your native language but um if you contact google um our omc support line it's um it is in english just want to point that out that's it now and then what happens after the omc program uh for non-profits who join onc yeah so after the omc is over you can unlink your account from the student's um google ads manager account um and what you can do if you've had a great experience and you want to be rematched to a different student team you can reapply and there's no limit to the amount of teams you can work with through omc so you can either continue on on your own and just use the recommendations that your your team shared with you or you can reapply to to participate again okay that's a big no as well and do uh so i think somebody asked as well uh do they need to know about ad grants before applying um no you don't there's varying levels of um familiarity with ad grants as part of this program some some grantees are they've literally just set up their account and they're looking for help on setting up their very first campaign that's totally fine or there's um nonprofits who have been on the ad grants platform for many years and they just need help um optimizing and um really driving performance for their existing campaigns so there's there really it really runs the gamut um and there's no requirement that you have to be really familiar with ad grants um to participate okay awesome and then i think william also asked us uh just curious what are the what is the experience from the student side um is at google ads certification part of the bigger program or standalone and are they learning via their schools yeah um so this also runs the gamut we have we have a lot of professors actually because this is a 10 year old program um so we have a lot of professors who um bake omc into their their curriculum and so they teach to omc and they teach google ads uh very in-depth so we have really strong digital marketing professors and we also have um students who are just kind of in a marketing club or they're interested in digital marketing and they want to learn more um so they take the exams and they get matched to a non-profit so it's really um there's really wide um a wide variety of types of students that um participate but a lot of them i would say the vast majority do so as part of a um a graded course so there's some accountability there that they kind of need to you know need to work with a non-profit um as part of their their class but it but it's great because it's a wonderful way for them to get hands-on experiential learning that supplements what they actually learn in the classroom so they they get to actually kind of um build campaigns and and do that for your non-profit as opposed to just learning about it in school and not ever getting to really practice on a real account okay that's good to know um i think so jason also had a similar question jason king um he said are as omc accounts subject to the same compliance rules as other accounts and then what happens if students make mistakes regarding the policies yes hi jason um so yes they are they are subject to the same exact compliance rules as other accounts um and unfortunately there are times where you know students are learning so they make the and lots of nonprofits make the same mistakes too it's it's a really uh tricky platform sometimes um to get the compliance rules um really nailed down so unfortunately they have to go through the same kind of process that a normal nonprofit would have to go through if they're running into um you know ads not showing or disapprovals or things like that but we have our support requests form that we encourage students and nonprofits to fill out if they have problems and we can redirect them to the right support channel that can help them um unblock their situation okay um and then uh one more question that we got a bit earlier was can you describe again what the students actually do in terms of uh managing accounts let's go let's talk a little bit more about that one more time just to make sure everyone is clear for sure yes so um the students will first learn about your organization's marketing goals and the kickoff meeting and that's really important because the they want to want to make sure they actually build campaigns and ads that you know meet your goals and really help you achieve what you want to achieve with ad grants um so once they have a good understanding of that they'll actually build campaigns in the account and you'll kind of work with them to share you know if you have an upcoming event for example that you want to promote um work with them to kind of develop the ad copy around that event and um the links to where to buy tickets for example um and they'll produce ads around that topic for you and they'll come up with all the keywords and all the um ad copy and all that and then once the ads have been running their job is to optimize them and figure out are they you know what kind of clicks are they getting what's the click-through rate um you know what how many conversions are you getting and if those aren't if those numbers aren't good enough they'll you know make tweaks and adjustments so that your ads are performing better so that's that's really the um the gist of what the students are doing in the account um and you can work with them to kind of identify what what you want to promote and what you um you know how you want to allocate the budget for certain ads um things like that so it's really meant to be a partnership um between the nonprofit and the student team okay that's also very helpful information um one more question that i saw that uh i think could be helpful for the wider group watching is about the time commitment involved um so joanne asked how much time per day or week um would it be when you're joining the program what kind of commitment is it for the non-profit i know nonprofits are super busy usually limited staff and lots of work so i guess how much commitment would we expect from them to be part of the program yeah um it's fairly minimal time commitment um the students are really supposed to be driving um the nitty-gritty stuff in the account you're not supposed to be responsible for that as a non-profit but that being said um we have found that the most successful teams that work on the omc kind of dedicate dedicate the time to work with the team and um really uh kind of make it a partnership and collaboration um and so that does take you know it depends on uh it's a case-by-case basis it depends on what kind of ads you're trying to run but the more you put into it the more you'll get out of it probably because the more you spend time sharing your goals with the student team the more they'll understand what you want and the better that the ads will perform so um but i would expect it a minimum you know a couple hours a week that you're spending just responding to emails and making sure that um the student team has what they need but it really it's not a heavy lift from the nonprofit side okay that's great i think especially for those non-profits who are looking to get started with ad grants and don't have a lot of ads experience it sounds like this is an amazing way to have a dedicated team uh just really help them develop and run their campaigns and achieve their goals so and it's a great way to help students as well um to learn more about it so it's a win-win um i'm just gonna check to see if there are any other questions um before we wrap up here oh one more from daniel so is there a way to allow students from different schools to be on the same team yes we see that quite often actually um so technically you just have to um you have to sign up through a professor a registered professor um but any student can register under that professor we only ask that at least one student from the team is from the same school as the professor and then you can add additional team members from other schools that's not a problem at all okay great all right well i think those are the questions the all the questions we had today um and oh one more um that i just saw pop up uh so those of us who already use the program can we apply again i think you might answer this but let's answer it one more time so everybody knows absolutely yes we love to have repeat um grantees participate and um there's really no limit to the amount of times you can sign up and be paired with another student team okay awesome and then i actually see one more question we'll just go ahead and make sure all these questions get answered before we wrap up i want to make sure that everyone feels like they know what they need to know um to get started with the program um how do we go about getting students to work within our our ad grants so basically how do we give them access oh yes um so there's we give the students um instructions on how to do that they'll take care of um sending you a account link request through their google ads manager account um and all you'll have to do is just accept their request and grant them access and they'll they'll be able to um also make a copy that they should download a copy of your existing um ads by the way in case you ever want to revert back to the old what you had there before um but it's it's a very easy process to link and unlink accounts and we provide the information once um the students are registered they'll have detailed uh instructions they can share with you awesome and then i saw on the live chat our teammates just put in um the registration form so um it's in there a couple times in the chat but that's the link um we'll also up update the description on this video to include the registration form in case you have any issues finding it um and i think um the i think all the questions we've pretty much addressed if there's anything that um anybody watching has more questions um and maybe missed some of the slides in the beginning i definitely recommend you go ahead and rewatch some of the slides i think jenny gave a lot of great information in those in the presentation um i know we answered some of those questions once again here just to reiterate um but definitely recommend that you can watch this again at any time if you have any questions um and then yeah thank you so much for joining we really appreciate it uh just a few more reminders um if you have feedback and oh and let us know positive negative constructive let us know how we can get better um and make sure to fill out our feedback form so i'm going to put that link one more time up here so you can go ahead and take a look and in the meantime i'm just going to double check to see if there are any other questions that we should answer before ending the stream oh um one more person asked what will the new name of omc be yes so the new name is going to be the nonprofit marketing immersion and that will be announced um sometime this month awesome and we're actually going to rename this youtube video as well uh it's a non-profit marketing immersion um so if you're searching for it later as soon as the name changes the name of this tutorial will also change um so just keep a note out about that um and then a few more youtube reminders uh you can subscribe to our youtube channel and you can stay up to date on these episodes and we cover different topics every week and if you have ideas for topics please fill out our survey that's where we really figure out what makes sense for the show we for example we had a lot of feedback about getting more help on ad grants and we know we want to make sure that more people are aware of this program which is why we brought jenny so jenny thank you so much uh for being on board to present and um being here today with us we really appreciate it and i really encourage all of you who are looking for help on your ad grants campaigns to apply to omc the registration link is in the chat um and fill out our survey and then let us know what you want to hear from us we're here to help you so thank you for everything um and thanks jenny thank you it's pleasure pleasure being on and uh we hope to see a lot of nonprofits in our program soon all right thanks again and then make sure to fill out the survey if you have any feedback we're going to leave the uh chat on for just a few more minutes to make sure we wrap up all the questions um and then we'll go ahead and end the stream and if you want to re-watch it you can rewatch it at the same link you're watching it now so thanks again everybody you


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