Online Marketing For Mobile DJs Lesson 2 Part 1 Email

welcome back to lesson 2 online marketing for DJ's now you've gone ahead and you purchased your domain name and I've gone ahead and done that so that you can follow along with the process with me we bought my chicago wedding DJ calm of course i'm in new jersey don't really need it but in this particular case i did buy it so that you can follow along with the process today's lesson is setting up your email and setting up your website now in addition to having a domain name you need a place where you can keep your files so that that way people can visit your website that's called a host and there's a there's tons of hosts out there I like to use the same host that I bought the domain name from because it makes it easy and transparent and really just streamlines the entire process so I'm going to go ahead and continue with my cheapest domains and order our hosting service from there the other thing that we're going to want to do is order up our email now as it turns out you can actually use free services from my cheapest domains and basically have your hosting done for free it just includes a little ad either at the top or at the but I think it's at the top of your website the other possibility of course is some website building tools that they have and we'll talk about a couple of different ones so first let's set up our email one of the free things that I get with buying a domain from my cheapest domains is a free forwarding account what that means essentially is i can forward email from gary at my chicago wedding DJ calm to my other email address that i might have so that way I don't have to check more than one email at the time and forwarding emails real simple you just use a credit and then and I've got lots of lots of domains as you can see i want to set up my free account here so I've got my chicago wedding DJ continue and now my account has been added here's my new account for my forwarding i'm going to go ahead and set it up now I'm going to add my email addresses and create a forwarding address in this case I'm going to say Gary at my chicago wedding DJ calm is going to be forwarded to Gary at South Jersey mobile DJ dot-com making it a catch-all means that every single email that comes into that particular domain is going to all be forwarded to Gary at South Jersey mobile DJ calm so basically what we've done now is we've created a domain and created an email address for that domain and you can do the same thing for your DJ business in your market

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