Online Marketing Manager Video Cover Letter #1, William Kenderdine

close one minute with well and I am will Kendra done and I'm doing the series of one minute video cover letters to share my personal brand and help you get to know why you'll win when you hire me so the reason I'm using video just be a little bit more clears that we look at November of 09 nearly eighty four percent of americans watched videos online and actually SAT still for 30 1 billion videos and that one month alone and it's grown since then so it's no secret that I'm an online marketing manager and i'm using this video channel to get the message out there that i'm actually actively seeking contract freelance and full-time work in fact i just completed 1.5 years of digitas health previous to that five years of online marketing experience with astrazeneca pharmaceuticals so I'm passionate about the online marketing channel i'm looking forward to sharing more of that with you and my next video so stay tuned this has been one minute with well and I'm well Kenderdine keep watching for more of my one minute youtube videos

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