Online Marketing: vom LEAD zum PROFIT (TEIL 2)

around the whole of who is to meet himself a bit, for example google analytics with google analytics you have the possibility to do different things Generating statistics about your visitor is another patch as well It can be helpful if you have integrated so-called heat maps or tools integrated which may sound like the mouse movement of his visitors recording a bit crazy at first, but these tools are totally, you say on your side it doesn't matter if it's new now, it doesn't matter if it is optimized have and regularly examine these data and results then really think about where I can adjust something somewhere, optimize something important note from me in online marketing that never ends A very important note is never to say that you say you are on the internet done when you say that you can do online marketing effort but that is a continuous process you will keep coming up with new things integrate you will always try new things that is completely okay and that is absolutely part of the process if you have this base created is the first point that naturally has to be thought about like wars I now traffic visitors to this page get because honestly what use is one side for which you get a lot of money has spent and which looks great without great graphics and on the so that no one goes that doesn't bring you is then also brings one Optimized site not that means you have to think about how you can do it to get enough traffic on this page classic question that I get asked again and again is felix quite honestly how do i get to the first page on google and there is of course the most diverse possibilities what you can do but within this google algorithm there are 150 200 250 variables that different play a role how old is a website how you have many pages like current your page but one of the main factors what content do you deliver that means blog article which, for example, has a length Have 150 words are almost uninteresting because google can determine the length scan the article and google already knows what is in there google knows also what the relevant keywords within this article are because in article is always measured with the respective keyword with the article of the competition and then google decides to get your article way up or one of my most visited sayings doesn't come far up for example blog articles where it comes to the topic of financing which There are possibilities or a blog article on the topic of drinking has boxed this is also a very popular blog-like that means it is important here that you determine the relevant keywords for yourself which terms really are the terms that can play a role for you and in your business you use the tube, for example, the google keyword planner and with this tool you can find out what are relevant terms that people use search for your respective area, so to speak this is the very first that is the basis for you to know that afterwards are my keywords that is my target group and the people i want to contact my website controls and they get more value and i get their data and then i can sell the classic example of what one often talks about for example, google adwords shows how to discuss and think I get switched on google, so to speak, when searching, here I can do more Find the most relevant for the keywords it has determined and pinpoint exactly Place these keywords in advertising and then pay when people click on them therefore advertising is also the keyword here analysis so important because you don't want to throw money out for people who afterwards are not relevant for you that means you can google adwords show which terms are used to access your site arrived and can then ideally measure if you have a reasonable tracking installed who of those who on a certain term have clicked has therefore made contact with her and that is one great and an easy way to really check which ones these terms fit at all which these terms are for, so to speak relevant to me at all china is the nice thing that you google adwords can also test a budget a bit first, that means you can also tell someone first what I have only 100 euros a month or me I have 1000 euros a month or I have 10,000 euros But if you had found a house that you would spend what I spend ten euros must to get an inquiry about adwords and an inquiry or that The fourth request leads to an order and you have an order average volume of 1,000 euros then you know that this advertising channel does not work and then turns you open the lever and then you give it without any budget on it so then of course that works another possibility that you there, so to speak you can also use facebook advertising similar principle you so he is a relevant target group from mostly here rather less keyword it is based more on demographic criteria, e.g.

advertising channel

Location or certain interests or preferences etc and then you can choose a specific one display ad for this target group there are different ways to pay for it clicks on the ad that you pay when a in the end in purchase has completed whatever but here there is a lot many possibilities the beautiful thing about facebook, for example, that you miss You can only choose the advertisements you want in great detail can it and says this advertisement should only go to women for example from the Greater Munich between the ages of 30 and 60 whatever and here you can and you should of course know exactly who your target group is that means here uses and your information about a business already because you may have already collected yourself or that you are now investigating the other way around, online marketing generates a lot of information for you in turn can be used for offline campaigns, so to speak, that means I love it online marketing because, among other things, you can use analytics via facebook and you get a lot of new information from apples can say hey i'm doing a poster campaign or hey i'm doing radio spot or hey i do it for a specific target group means here, among other things, the facebook advertising helps me accordingly advertising is a second social tool where you can keep up with advertising and where you generate additional traffic

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