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Hi. i'm Hani Mourra from | Online Video Marketing Made Easy Today i want to talk a little bit about how video and blogging go together now, online videos are fantastic it's the best thing since well, it's the best thing ever i don't know how to compare it the best thing for your business but online video alone is not enough you need to combine online video with your blog now let me explain a little bit so online video has two purposes in my mind has two purposes one, either you use it to build that relationship with your potential customer you can do that in few ways you can do that by teaching them something and giving them valuable content or sharing a personal story about you or your business maybe getting a testimonial from a client all that gives some kind of value to your customer and if it's not value it's also building the personal relationship they get to see you on camera they get to see what your clients are saying about you that's one aspect of it
it's giving value or getting personal with your clients and in the end of the day people will buy from you if they know you and like you and trust you of course so videos are a good way for them to get to know you and like you and build a little bit of trust especially if you give them lots of valuable content for free but second of all video also drives traffic to your blog it's a great source of traffic
my blog for example
i think it's either the first or second
source is YouTube YouTube generates most of my traffic to my blog now we talk briefly about that in one of my previous videos now we talk briefly about that in one of my previous videos you put the same keywords into description and also in the tag of the video
and i also talk briefly about putting a link the first thing on your description should be a link to your blog so the other techniques that video can do
that people who watch your videos are not only watching on your site they're watching it on YouTube also watching on other video sharing sites are not only watching on your site the video once and it distributes to all or as many as you want video sharing sites that's convenient way so what i'm trying to get at is get your video out there

it's it serves two purposes gets you gets the viewers outside of your blog to watch your video get them excited to take action that's why it's important put a not at the end of your video telling them where to go get more information, i.e.

digital marketing

Your blog second, it also gives the value and builds the relationship with your viewers who are already on your blog so the message here is get a blog going it's hard to make a sale to a customerjust directly on video especially if you're hosting it on YouTube. you don't own the site if you're putting it on a public site you might get a lot of views but the conversion rate to sales will be a lot lower if you had the viewer go from YouTube to your blog and then from your blog to learn more about you they read other articles maybe sign up for your newsletter and then in the background once there are new newsletters then the sales process works so, what i want to share with you today
is a friend of mine and i a few months ago started a website called now we want to teach coaches how to use their blogs to get more clients fast
and my friend Steve Martile from was also my partner in this new website called has been doing this for his coaching business
using his blog to drive most of his leads so i want to share with you a link here that gives you five tools on how to use your blog to get clients really fast so the website is so check it out so check it out you get a bunch of videos for free on how to use your blog
to drive traffic and if you don't have a blog this is a great place to start to see the benefit of why you need a blog so i'm Hani Mourra from | Online Video Marketing Made Easy okay hope you learned something about how video marketing and blogging go hand-in-hand
so for more online video marketing tips
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