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Hi, I'm Hani Mourra from Easy Online Video Marketing Tips. This is the seventh and final part of my series on the Common Mistakes People Make with Online Video Marketing The seventh common mistake, is People only upload their video to one video-sharing site. primarily, YouTube. Now, why is that a mistake? Because you're missing out. There are over fifty free video-sharing sites out there. And the list is growing. So, what if I told you you can upload your video once and this service will deliver your video to the majority of those popular video sharing sites? And it won't cost you a cent. Too good to be true? Well, let's go check it out. But before we get into it, let me tell you why it's important to upload your video to more than one site. It really improves your visibility and allows, it gives you opportunity for your viewers to find you Not only on YouTube, but on the other sites.

And also, allows Google to find you Bottomline is, you get more exposure and more traffic back to your website. So, let's get started. Let me show you how this great tool works. So, this powerful tool is called Tube Mogul. And can be found by going to I'm gonna quickly show you the sign-up process. It's very straightforward. If you click on the SIGNUP on the top right. And to your email password twice Pick your secret question And add the answer for that Choose the category that best describes you

And, enter your company name. And hit the SIGNUP button.
As simple as that. Once you've signed up, click on the top right button called LOG IN. and log in to your account. And on the main page where the dashboard tells you exactly what you need to do your TO DO LIST is to upload videos So if I click here to start up with my videos First step is to choose your file Hit the BROWSE Choose the file I like And select it So it's gonna start uploading this file when I click the upload button So, remember, this is uploading the file directly to Tube Mogul.

It's gonna take care of distributing it to all the different video sharing sites. We'll get to that next. So, while it's uploading to Tube Mogul, you enter your title your description and your tags And don't forget what we learned in the previous lessons about How to optimize your title description and tags One the file's been uploaded to Tube Mogul Just scroll down to the bottom you can choose your category and hit the green UPLOAD button Now, this is the fun part Here, is where you tell it which sites to send the video to.


So you have many options here you have YouTube your Blip here here Metacafe etcetera So, what you need to do is before you enter this step is to go in and create an account for each of the sites you'd like to upload to. For example, YouTube. And click on YouTube And gives you a description about the service and then, More Options you have the option to–
if you don't have an account Register for one now, you click on the REGISTER button Usually the signup page is two, maybe three questions very quick and you have your username and password And then you come back and enter the username and password in here so, my recommendation is a) just stick with the basic ones you see on the main page Don't– there are more down here but I wouldn't waste your time on those right now first, start with the main ones I was saying are YouTube, DailyMotion, Yahoo, MySpace, Metacafe and I will start with those and I'll go ahead enter the email and password of each.

And once you're done Just scroll down You hit the LAUNCH button But before you do that, Make sure you press YES, store my credentials button down here. This way,

the next time you login, you don't have to re-enter all those information again. It's all saved for you. Securely. And that's it. This tool literally saves me hours and hours of work. It's great. I love it. And it's absolutely free. So have fun with it I hope you've enjoyed my Seven-part series on the Common Mistakes People make with Online Video Marketing And I hope you have avoid these mistakes in going forward. This is Hani Mourra from Easy Online Video Marketing Tips Talk to you soon!.

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