Online Video Marketing Part 1 | Promote Your Business With Video Marketing

okay i just wanted to shoot this quick video to show you the power of using video marketing to promote either a product you're selling maybe you have a brick-and-mortar business that you're that you're want to get more customers to maybe you're an author you're a speaker public speaker someone that wants to promote themselves or you know their works so for instance let's say that we let's say you own a small engine repair company or you do chainsaw repair something like that let's just type on a search for chainsaw repair in Portland Oregon okay so if you'll notice here we have a this fourth listing here this is a video case study I did for a buddy of Mines business it does chainsaw repair but basically if you can see this how the the thumbnail really pops out so as far as organic listings in Google or getting a page in Google listed very very quickly as well as the being able to have a click-through rate if you'll notice here not only the damage stand out but the phone numbers right here the the idea what this video is to just get the phone to ring and that may be the case for your business or your product or services just either get the phone to ring or get them to your website or get them to some kind of a sales page another example here is I was just playing around if we do christmas light installation and boise okay once again see this how the video pops right here and this took about once this video was uploaded it took about I think about two hours to get ranked number one on Google for that particular keyword okay so so what this does is it really allows you to to rank your information or your promotion very very quickly on the first page of Google to do this with an actual full website would take a lot longer like I said it took about two hours to do this and granted it's not a very competitive keyword but if you're doing your keyword research correctly then you're not going to you're not going to have any problem with this this obviously works a little bit differently in more competitive markets like real estate and things like that so another thing to remember is that why you would want to do this is number one you're getting you know obviously placed on the first page of Google the itself but you're also you're utilizing the same video for two different search engines because basically YouTube is its own search engine it's the second most trafficked search engine out there so you know uploading a video can really help you throw out your net if you will for lead generation possibilities now below this video there's a link to a course that I put together about how to how to how to get started with online video marketing because YouTube is just one video marketing source the idea here is that you would want to syndicate this CrossFit other different video platforms like Vimeo VEVO dailymotion vejo metacafe flickr and facebook so there again one video you can syndicate that over a number of different areas and to get more in detail on how to use online video marketing strategies effectively I did put together a short course on how to do just that on exactly you know what to put in the video how to structure your video how to optimize it for the search engines pretty much everything you need to know to get started with video marketing so click the link below this video to get started


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