Onlinemarketing Stammtisch für Versicherungsvermittler – Folge 1 – Videomarketing

now the sound from bavaria is ok, let's start the life sign on the right yes we have to show live whether it is on page one then I'll start with a nice hello to our first broadcast Videos sorry shown to our first online marketing and beautiful by for insurance brokers my name is marco peter sohnes topic today is video marketing, which we found quite appropriate for the first broadcast as the topic of video marketing who has been up for a couple of years and we are also starting a new youtube channel, a new youtube format and that's where video marketing just fits, first I want to tell me just introduce yourself to me with who you are here at all have to do it today my name is once per person i speak to you from cologne i am a studied media scientist distance learning all of my television work is then online marketing agency have been looking after insurance companies our 2012 I am as ass up my sleeve as ass up my sleeve I lose and am as advisor and said I am responsible for insurance and insurance broker especially people like you are more trustworthy and safe to be able to communicate and to ensure a better position in general and on the side I do studies together with market research companies currently with today and tomorrow we have made a study of what actually insurance customers expect insurance companies on facebook so now i am giving ours to my colleague michael krüger tomorrow good day together or name how did you get along the video under the sufficient now also get in our channel my name is michael krüger and my partner says his own company in ratingen in its five years on the internet marketing and social media marketing on the go and actually have a short dvd course, we have a basic program and have been working closely with brand again for a good year like we did next are the initiators of this channel and a focus is of course the subject of video marketing will also come back a little later closer well let's continue my name is – cats and that is mine Fellow students are full, we both are still students of the rain hbw Heidenheim and studying business administration with a focus on insurance sales and financial advice and we are working on the preliminary work for Wetzlar the topic of video advice advised and have since been heavily involved with the topic various trade fairs and can now be found in various articles on the internet such as they are already downstairs in which specialists only fall as of 19 as I said before for the video advice as well as react in the porsche video advice try insurance companies to support if such a topic video Advice is all about how to use this digital sales channel the principle to the customer actually comes just as far to us as we are talking about now prudent from the small town of heidenheim where we study and want to just look forward to the following conversation, yes, thank you very much for the word hello my name is frank wilstermann i come from hamburg speaking from hamburg them and have been a full-blooded entrepreneur for around 16 years first eight years as a financial service provider for the financier got to know a high-performance company i was active in sales in 84 but also as a 93 broker on the road but there in the eight years around 200 employees trained and coached sales of around 109 euros for eight years i started working in the e-commerce sector as Online retailers had physical products traded and a lot exciting time what happened to me embassy happy that i will be the father of twins and then have me these physical products that we traded in e-commerce decided have to sell and at the time yes the twins and the family time the project came about which they too the subject of mailing video marketing will be presented in more detail For financial service providers, the focus here clearly relates to explained films are designed according to a concept which our customers use for their addressing existing customers but also their new customers with films with videos that in an automation with e-mails we will give it again later a little closer to it, yes, of course I now wish a lot fun and an exciting time to what we are going to experience now, good back there then I'll take it from you, too, or only from me Ans amt okay, it's just a little bit very nice that his live Show that makes me happy because a bandage is gone again but that should be the topic today the topic is like chief marketing and i didn't even think briefly why Talking about video marketing at all, let's go a few first numbers and facts and video marketing is not just what most people do people probably think of youtube and video marketing as we do today still to be talked about is video advice it can be and it can be very many is extremely relevant when we see such current estimates that in 2017 probably 45 percent of the world's web traffic was via video signals video content will take place video marketing is actually a very practical and very promising business and medicine is not difficult at all for any of us these days simply has the technology available what we see most therefore how just youtube has exploded when that gives that he is ten years I can still remember a time before youtube but if you can now everyone day happens in 60 seconds, 100 hours of video are simply uploaded Every day several million hits are donated by the city and one billion people go to youtube every year, even for one month every day on it and that doesn't only apply to youtube in general with its funny videos like white city or something else but is also becoming more and more relevant for insurance companies As I said, with ace up our sleeves, we also examine the insurance on a monthly basis Do monthly studies also examine how they insure one develop on facebook on google + but also on youtube and we'll see so easy for the last two years to simply pay the subscribers People who say don't subscribe to an insurance channel simply have increased by 350 percent and there are currently 30,000 400 subscribers of over 100 insurance companies that are represented on youtube say 30,000 people i want to know what the allianz or what the ergo- or what other we actually publish insurance on a daily basis or in your youtube channel see so insurances are not only insurances are active on youtube and we also end up having a greater relevance yes nice and we see insurance have relevance video marketing also has a relevance and I believe our two guests biscuits have that too and dominik Vollrath thought the one as you said, bachelor's degree before studying have done and in this preliminary study as before the conversation and said far more relevant half media hype and media echo generated have when I am depressing thing with all my master’s thesis but not give to our guests could clarify first we are waiting for the topic to have come, how did you think of the topic decided and why yes that it was a big coincidence we got ourselves in that thought about how the insurance business can be made easier be made accessible to young people like us, young people in started their studies and had no idea about insurance and i believe that this is exactly the point what video marketing can achieve especially young people can do that too to address the topic and we then got to grips with the topic of video in particular Advice that means, as we are currently on the road, a kind of live one to design consultation between the agent and the customer and that would be theoretically possible with simple tools as we are using them here and now exactly simple distribution and sales channel especially for Insurance bands are perhaps currently just not sounding at all or maybe not that popular yet and just advertise it The parties involved are also of interest to insurance companies reach ok and has examined which genes So we thought about it or do I class myself a bit difficult then Generating a high number of participants will make us something special thinks that we should simply turn to green mobility video advice or how can I get my effects to the customer online, presented a bit provocative have uploaded the whole thing on youtube and if you are looking for it now or video straight and in youtube one is even in first place with our survey video with around 1,400 clicks and were of course also able to generate a number of new participants from this almost 100 participants on a customer side as an intermediary to simply achieve a representative result Of course we didn't plan that it would have such a long range Achieved but I don't know countries have of course only mediated customers asked what you would like a consultation and then what were they results so what do people want, we can actually show that briefly we have prepared a small excerpt from our presentation where you can see that quite well and then immediately increase with the Customer survey 1 and 7 are still left because the number of participants will be 426 here test subjects who took part in this customer survey representative in different age groups up to as a limitation but only up to 35 years due to the short time we had and the access to rather younger ones and then you see here as the first question asked how would you rate yourself as which type of learner which You are a learner type and that was a very interesting result for us because 55 4 the blue area you can see it say that you are with pieces so visual and aurally predisposed they are best at learning and absorbing information when they visual and auditory that means we see and hear but whoever is infected is addressed by asking a second question We just asked if you could find information on the internet On a specific topic you would have to watch a video watch it on youtube or there is a report and there we see the agreement the blue areas there say almost 60 percent of all customers that it is one watch the video on youtube that would be the first concise result i believe for both video marketing and video marketing now, of course specialization the video advice completely and applies and the whole thing too then confirms another result we asked the customers how they like them video communication that means normal communication via skype or facetime already use it in the private sector at the moment and there we see video communication is still used cautiously, so if you If you look at the different areas you can see that even 30 percent say they seldom or 16 percent say they never use it and that was actually a surprise for us because for us it is completely normal because we study further away we have known relatives at home and there we actually like to communicate religion but on the other hand and that was the second result, more than a third of all wish for it customers are already advising a video and that was for us if that was exactly queried one of the most important results already Six months ago this study will have operated or the topic maybe it wasn't that popular yet, said over a third of all reasons that you would like a video consultation based on the established parameters that this video consultation does not have to be singular but also the combination between on-site advice that is maybe the first discussion format and the maintenance of the videos but maybe also some spicy results from the customer's point of view what are the advantages of video advice for the customer and on the one hand complex products can be explained, perhaps as well especially interesting for the mediator that you don't think about it online sales of the miracle liability insurance vehicle insurance can be sold no, too disability insurance can be sold to customers online and digitally be it now about sinking in principle the courses or record him simply visually clarifies which services he will perform in the event of disability on the other hand, of course, receives too the customer simply no longer has to speak to the customer to save time and money Agent drive he can do his thing regardless of time and place Manage insurance and also with his broker or insurance brokers communicate and most recently with 1 63 percent of all respondents interviewed you have a more direct contact person when you communicates easily with his insurance broker via online media for example and informs himself on the internet and would like to Take out an insurance policy but still have some questions that means you have to actually at the moment city to evaluate mediator goes and then has again These time pensions are important and so you can, in principle, directly access the online combine information with online advice and I send customers directly to the consultation also pick up on the other hand, the broker briefly we wanted to know whether they Insurance brokers out there are ready to do so in practical everyday life Be in video advice to invest in the hardware components too invest or regitz times of the costs it becomes clear that more than 50 percent say yes you are clear ready to invest in video advice and watch at the same time Of course, too, and as I said, that was the survey six months ago potential of the video advisor you and says 37 percent say it on the one hand will partially replace itself but also the 42 is convinced that the Inpatient advice will continue to be important and we will then later but again with our conclusion or our recommendation for action for them Brokers make it clear that we are giving advice or through the video advice of the landlord is not to be replaced and then should only be a complementary component Exactly well then let's finish again because here the screen sharing yes to be able to share an important function of video advice on the screen to be able to do the calculation live maybe one more point on the results and also what we, like us, have made the experience is particularly important for programs for video advice with video advice we try to provide on-site advice as close as possible possible to mirror in the digital world and that of course includes the termination the normal process the termination the actual advice and also keep the customer data and that's where we are now also working together with a software manufacturer who offer such a tool and then found out that this is exactly what the customers actually want the on-site advice also the feeling of this emotional bond this emotional selling on the internet To have lost the company ice tricks is there I'm still interested in what I say at some point actually found interesting a question from me would have been if the video advice will replace the on-site advice, but this is not the case stop only if it looks right, so the goal is not because we have repeatedly stated in the lectures that the first reaction of the the intermediary will be o2 and students want a new app partner website founded around us as an intermediary that has been around for years somehow Selling successfully insurance now simply disappear from the market want everyone to be very clear, no, we just want them new Identify sales channels and enable new sales channels in principle the customer we today, the digital customer is easy to reach that means not only acquisition via telephone, not only in berlin contact not only via normal internet marketing or this internet sell one advised by the video as a new one digital sales channel to reach the customer we have to do something called this that we are implementing online sales as we know it today want to optimize the video advice if you want to do the whole thing a bit So there is also a new trend that is being switched scientifically what came about the whole thing should be about the channel exactly who nothing other than multi-channel, but maybe the other way around sometimes more from the fact that the channels should also be linked among themselves the customer should be able to make a decision at any time.

I will go on site or will I get advice on the internet and it is best not to lose any information on the customer side underskirt broker side arise mike you as a mediator can you imagine doing it or having it you ever maybe with customer video advice yes I've been five now years ago active in this market now internet and social media i work with videos for a long time i have to honestly say it has been the case with customers slowly developed when I go back two years to the first videos I sent cake you can control the calls or pay whoever clicks this link is not the intermediary either bad to see my videos at all two years ago, the response was still very below average at customers who have there gubbio I watch me not on and so today it is completely different the people who like their video before you read anything, of course, prefer a video to that is very clearly from the question of what the injury is astonishing rightly said it is this uni channel story that you all too parameters used to convince a reasonable advice customers have less and less time.

I'm very strong in business and industry area active and my customers really pay little they are worldwide on the go and it has to be quick when we see each other once a year usually and the rest is actually videos or synonymous voice messages used as yes not only in the video channel that plays a role robots can now send voice messages elegantly there are a lot of topics that the customers and me take up today too, of course I currently have mainly customers because there is a surgeon here and he has done well and the ability to secure, among other things, interested and then came too the subject of serious illnesses police and then I said ok moistened what now tell everything i like a video i made a video of eight minutes after that sent back in a very enthusiastic response that he would rather swing in this direction and not be malicious he prefers to write illness police that is this medium that can be used there simply the explanation that you can simply send the people plastic regardless of their time, customers could open the video and watch the night early in the morning when you feel like doing everything on your smartphone today problem I am so I am very positive and natural Realized that many landlords actually like this online advice we don't understand them fully represent that doesn't just mean still online advice that a website with when providing the coveted information because we think it is online advice is simply this provision of information but also especially now also a bio advice this interactive element that is what it means the client i think that in the computer behind the webcam sits automatically somehow generated and prefabricated Answers really delivers this interactive component that you really can the customer the feeling that the consultant is live on site is exactly that maybe also the kruger should be mentioned they then send themselves to videos of each other maybe a little bit of time and that we are actually pushing ahead with video advice want is this live interaction as well as you are doing that right now really the customer miracle mediator choose an appointment and go to one certain point in time then just this video consultation session states a advice simply give face-to-face personal advice video I think the two elements video marketing and video can perceive consulting simply belong together I think it's great that this in the Consignment is summarized in this way and you just have to be just like them said the customer has time to make a decision with me meet online, we can do it live or I just prepare it for him Don't go back and send the link and he can get it from him at any time I would like to have said everything we had an on-site conversation first sure so i would say i would that the videos will replace everything I would also like the video advice let's say in the commercial, industrial sector, I believe you have personal contact can never be replaced but there are none but many Customers whether young or old now have a very clear opinion so say me want the guy who wants to betray me in the future with mine Get to know insurance companies personally and if it was only once But of course the video advice is a very important component like you right once and now by video or whoever by videolink or just the live advice that is i think the intermediary i'm in the market too in the case of various prohibitions use months as a speaker on the go It is the mediator who creates it is a bit difficult to deal with I think this new video is good that people like you come and simply that sometimes scientifically inferior because you can now use it of information that I have now also collected the first two years always tell a lot it is very, very difficult for them mediator manages to achieve how is the general feedback from the industry as really had mediator achieved that already do you know what the real video so I definitely do advice at the moment, we know video advice right now would say around 10 agents who have just implemented that through us and there is great interest, especially due to the whole subject of digitization what is going through the press at the moment so we also have a lot of inquiries from companies of broker pools who are interested in theirs Intermediaries want to offer added value that entice communication or want to simplify with this medium of video advice and we have We have already conducted video consultations ourselves, so our goal of the Studies is actually sales and of course we were also involved in that practical phase in agencies and also carried out live video consultations and since our experiences with made but overall we can conclude to say the interest is very large various magazines like to write and prescribe Above all, we also noticed a very clear porsche trend, i.e.

Before six months as our first presentation this video had consultations that in terms of enforcing and then you always manage that we want Not at all so you had the feeling that the brokers and intermediaries were out maybe have not fully understood the subject or maybe there is potential in it have seen when we are now six months later Talk to the brokers and mediators again and they really feel comfortable happen what somehow happen what happened when you already have that really such an affinity for video advice has developed where she is then also say for me hey how the advice we would like to do that indigenous to use the advice to reach our customers just so in the existing customer care I think it's a huge topic that if you like she says more about one appointment in the year or several drunk people in the year i can then actively have that for the customer in february offer an appointment offering video advice and thereby create As a mediator, of course, I have much higher deadlines than when I do anything times the arrival or departure or the customer the journey to how far can customer the feedback she has thinks you have in your during your studies video advice made with could that was something new for the opponents from out so exactly with me I have a video Consulting with very young people from Berlin there was of course the local distance of the existing customer all in all that can be very positive because he is also in china and has little time and then everything had to be between door and hinge and still the topic safeguarding the workforce important, he understood that too looked at different portals like check24 or similar things and but still had a certain uncertainty somewhere and the others we could just take him with the video advice and because of his affinity to natural go online as well it's interesting because a lot of people hide at check24 and so far but then I read something but still liked it personal or at least now what we have with camera video advice trust because I see the person opposite me and who I believe can know he see how you react my mistakes your victory point i can see him Of course, as I said, it will not replace the on-site preparation some people need a handshake, some people need the atmosphere in the space but these are all important components there are also many and if you take them you should pick them up there wish something that the user also emphatically is so percent of customers not to be missed we have and what's next writes that my bachelor thesis I am now going to direct scientific Study actually so this form maturity and have to prove it video can or will be ready for the future medium without any more need now affiliated with a large company the simple pilot phase now just watch the introduction works like the advice you can ask me for advice and nationwide society use how do the components work for the mediator is called the software is so simply designed that every mediator with consideration or depth with the demographics whether really easy to use is there yes the majority of intermediaries boy, now I say and maybe this media affinity will also find and then together with the site expert helmut ring who has been the expert for over ten 15 years Online advice is easy to do with this sales component to be incorporated into the one sold online is designed differently than the personal sale meant to train optics intermediaries in order to be able to use the principle of being able to sell online as well, if that happens to you every day so you need me for your vision of the video online consultation the consultants the new technology or could I do it with google hangout or that would not be the best in terms of data protection yes that is of course with google everything runs over the server would not be direct connection between landlord and customer and i think that's actually what the customer should and should have somehow these direct connections even without an installation of any programs that is actually what a program shouldn't meet but you have to run a bit between them private communication and business communication I have a certain environment which is not only due to the people like us in the now video creates trust but also the environment itself security component is very big and we have already mentioned it so that the company flex stairs together and that is a company what just taken these security requirements are met and not only take security but because the agency is the city to me or locally available simply digital presentation that means appointment management and crm system what is in the background means that the customer is really active simply online she is out of an appointment and happy twitter wants to communicate and not just the security components but really simple this deliberative process calls government up at the end is shown in one component michael can imagine doing everything and being a consultant but i believe i know your hands i also know his concept very well i don't think that it will really last can work because i think i want me as a mediator now I wouldn't make it too dependent on income because then I can choose freely so that I am back on the defensive, actually the seller yes classic and i am i learned that way now i want of course a little older I train more But I've always changed it so that I naturally proceed with the appointment I don't talk to the customer, but I don't believe in any of this through the customer 78 set dates and yes no from willing something makes me very much depending on this thing and which was not negative but I see I very critical with good run already said personally that is why other colleagues are also seeing pieces of colleagues in exchange I see it really great myself, I would mean apart from the things derive this video advise so you can imagine made live and yet you can also share blindly there are different media together the privacy story that was about or not just thought that was once a I find this huge topic very interesting that you see it that way you would have to exchange more and more details about whether that really is a The criterion is where brokers say what remains to which side or via google hangout or no matter which platform is now public whether then intermediary the opinion is that google is now reading relevant information here leads do very likely anyway but i'm a bit of say am a a bit unsure about this now because i’m doing this for the first time really behaved you have to take the two off but ask if that my landlord is really a big issue I think it is definitely a very big topic and also the mediator warmth very much seen in asking are actually ready for Such a tool for your software also allows investments to be made and i think it's just part of the professional environment that the customer is has as little effort as possible and cannot perform an installation Customers can choose the date or the agent can choose the date can pretend that only works once with the tool to clarify, and more precisely, I am thinking about data security huge topic and Karl probably not quite so for intermediaries anyway positive towards google and the future activities or planned from google opposite herbert do what do you think of the topic for example ski jumping great as quite exciting first of all as well for my delay that my camera does not work that of course very much impractical to talk about video advice about a camera recognizes me of course I have to say very extreme, but okay it's the way it is I have already recorded videos on the subject myself find this on my website if you like me need closer really want to get to know my videos to answer your question peter so what do you think about it so i see it that way we now have a relatively small number of brokers or of financial service providers who were interviewed I myself don't know which age group exactly there, I'll tell you represented my experience is that especially those who through the The amendment to the regulations now also comes through.

The brokers will be the ones the market has been around for a long time, so we're talking about old ones here rabbits who have the chance to continue to exist in the market and with whom we have to speak to video advice and use my experience from my practice, from my consultations, that is exactly what it is the older segment is more resistant than we to the younger one area so, of course, I'll say so up to 35 40 we can do all that imagine working with such things when i but not entertained with the 55 year old values ​​are a bit times stronger to the resistance video itself is but one i have one please i hear me double if someone just got a feedback maybe briefly switch stubborn that would be nice super video itself but is on everyone get the perfect medium today in a contemporary format with the customer communicate the question is how to go we are really right in there too i have had the experience that of course what you do not do everybodys loan can be that means we cannot with all what we can make everyone's pleasure too, of course we try that to achieve the best possible rate with it and that is very suitable for this So now in this case to switch off the drawer thinking of our receivers just live current i see you now with glasses and beard and headset and headset think drawer thinking and this is how the customer outside also thinks when he is Mediator sees and says people nice and sympathetic or doesn't suit me at all and I think this component is very advisable to turn it off, that is So that we just switch off this drawer thinking and for this, however, we explained in our segment films produced around these topics from financial services it is easy to explain quickly and easily we can certainly get in now i have gone quite far i know wanted to have the answer also for your question yes i can imagine it but euphoric like you now colleague abbreviation Vollrath I am also a bit subdued There are many brokers, colleagues, many financial service providers out there who say I'm a bit scared of seeing myself in the video myself will also be seen on the screen there is still a certain resistance that I think it is real One thing that is old is perhaps the growing youth poverty there 30 grows up with the media so yes i only say cells or something are themselves has probably never seen anyone under 25 is mentioned on the contrary I think you can reject that, I stand what you mean i thought that would also be interesting in connection with what they produce what they produce explains films and I think if you connect them they video consultation with i can also send you a short link to one of them werk throw that was exactly super exact I'm off that even a bit prepared with the screen presentation i have to honestly say google hangout is not my forte not yet stuck but i'm very excited about the thing here I have lu dpp and you can do it if you have the opportunity explained by us to show because eat where I speak will be without sound that would be a dream there you can get a bit of an impression of what unfortunately I didn't have one make of it is i'm just trying to go the way we are here to design the whole thing for the first time and make the screen release first Let's see what happens if anything happens because of something can see when I see your picture you meant to see that's not bad either but yeah i see desktop okay it must look good now you can see something for the 20th google on you can so I might start at the beginning that he very much exciting for the financial service providers out there which I experience over and over again webinar when I get together with someone new we have several points that we want to meet on the one hand Of course, the customer care for existing customers and also the acquisition of new customers I am already here in google and would like to give a short live example of the handle show that not too complex to make it all experience in today webinars exactly how these tactics work and that is what we have here simply my situation a customer in dresden is looking for the disability insurance gives disability insurance in google one then comes to this hit display, but you can do that on your computer also check once and then you will see the following you see a broad one here big video preview picture from youtube and we see that in this video too down there are already contact details of someone called mike faistauer i just click on that now we look at the technology ourselves, too don't leave so now come here on youtube and yes we know that the video starts where kicking without a mouse not that we via the control and hope that the technology is running the music was already good is of course now with the transfer rate we are fully used this is of course now with four participants closely on video is of course not wen i okay we stop a bit you can assume when watch it now on the normal pc because it runs of course flowing through here we have now, for example, explained a film which the we have 22 declared films produced from one thematic areas of capital investments of the provision of health and security Financing and what people outside are interested in which which which Topics you consume where you are secured, provided and invested are what the Fernsicht does outside with its customers every day does that, we have explained each topic individually in his film and of course here is now easy and understandable depending on the complexity and would be natural also in the length of two and a half to five minutes the viewer explains what now, for example, the topic disability insurance makes you see here based on the graphs we have an effect already there where I want to get in a few right now or if he achieves that we switched off this drawer-thinking so we have fully concentrated on the content here, all videos are included graphics similar to these conceived and by the professional speaker was also spoken of what we are also doing here have and of course self marketing is the approach that is the financial service provider is promoting himself here that he is in his look and feel accordingly in the videos in all videos then personalized shows up that is we have a fixed belly band below that is contact information in the video itself and we have an intro in each video that and a car i'm just trying that luck now that should be we see them work so here refers to a customer from dresden von us insurance brokers with his profile picture with his logo his contact details and then at the end of the video also with a car from where So there then also my call to action with a call to action call me now here can you here can you You can also see the names of youtube's markets here the technically here you get to the free video newsletter if I now click on it then i come to mr's video landing page files duration I can watch the embedded video again but also additionally execute the collection that we want to have executed on the landing pages namely again means entering in the video newsletter Arrange a callback with one click of passion in the social bar maybe even compare online or start presenting all of these online prefer to keep promotions as a financial service provider on our website maybe I can briefly say something about it, I think that's exactly where I see now the link is not if in this button their bags are long to the free video newsletter exactly how you could give the customer the interaction bid to get a personal live consultation call them get to know me better and I am completely one yes, that's exactly where I am completely, which is of course a great opportunity to get in contact with the customer interactively to show the customer that this is a contemporary format.

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You said it so nicely in your presentations your research the customer also simply wants to talk about the topic video ford be informed that is long quick and easy to understand when I watch a video of a complex topic look for three and a half minutes and there I see it's something for me or that is not for me and I have already prepared my specific questions now in our case with a faistauer which I then deliver and in actually ask about the chances in the new area it fits together exactly, therefore consistency I think so video marketing or the explains films how to watch these films cairo or above all, producing is very important in order to win customers and with our tool or with our vision of video advice we can provide the customer then in the end online pick up we can prevent it on one comparison portal goes and then just the insurance itself click get there then just bears but degree are absolutely right with the next topic video is one thing design segment of customer approach how can we carry out customer care let it be, and preferably automated, then I'll come back to it again back what exactly is part of the concept, the other is of course also internet marketing internet marketing is the right internet site would be out if I watch the financial service providers outside Internet page formats you still have online are really no longer contemporary yes they are ten to 15 years old and of course work not a customer you see here now I hope you can see him still see my screen patrick wave of the optics great you see one of our customers here, nice and open-minded gesture also equal time finances set up all possibilities We can take those who are just there from here and we also see in above the menu bar then the subject of video I now just go to a video let's look different now is a video landing page so here is now a video and now, for example, the page that you use for its marketing for his customer care you see on the right side on the video landing page guarantee of trust then underneath you have questions about the topic give us a call and include a free video newsletter here so already a few more dates and and again had taken a lot of time so customer reviews could have seen the whole thing again here our videos in use as we said we have 20 videos in the case of foreign countries okay at any time I have even more feedback video marketing concept means they don't just say a video I have to meet the right people at regular intervals send the right things if you don't understand correctly in a nutshell yes, in a nutshell, this is absolutely correct in the flooded marketing world where we get hundreds of impulses a day from things that we should buy it is good that of course a video with one with one newsletter campaign do nothing do nothing the key to success here is clearly the regularity that means that the repetition to be that which always recurs now we have the following with this concept of mailing video marketing with each explained film that is delivered personalized show here again an example for other customers up to for example handle so you can have our videos personalized this is coordinated with our customers individually when our design department which then look and feel according to the color concept of the customer the wishes here are implemented all films are personalized delivered and our customer receives a completed newsletter text for each film with a top line of subject which is now used in his professional marketing uses the experiences that I have made is It's that most financial services out there don't have professional email operate marketing be it for customer support or also to initiate business and this is where we start so that we clearly know and say we need at least 7 6 to 7 impulses for our contacts is an independent existing customer or is a song to be present at really to be noticed in this overstimulated media world too to get through it then if you don't only then I position myself when I do always in it and that's why we have in ours create a concept for your film newsletter text with a video preview picture the berg copy and pace procedure is simply transferred to the e-mail marketing if you are not yet into professional marketing looking for a soft I have a recommendation for you from a trend provider not from us but from a third party that you could use to then use the access honda currently the means the automated sending of e-mails to be able to use the contact not to lose with his customers but only for a moment, of course send when the people then once a week probably expire as two weeks always a video so i just get my video incapacity I get reports on pkv use lie whatever, yes that's really so annoying that it couldn't i think so so people don't really look at it i would so hold on we know we have statistics we can do it very important Is he in marketing that we mean 25 to 30 percent opening rates of the e Okay, mails from our customers are so good at talking to customers, so it means my financial services customer sent to his contacts it has an opening rate of 25 to 30 percent that is very good but now we also know that 70 to 75 do not open that is inevitable if that results in other words like deciding yourself than I need that recipient of e-mails because I don't need it right now is it worth just in my time is needed or not and therefore from answering the question again it annoys everyone it is up to him to decide when he opens a for him on what day and season and also has the option of mixing In marketing, it is predetermined that you are legally what you are must adhere to with one click you can unsubscribe from such a distribution list I other people around that again just not a customer anywhere has had pain or problems with his contacts because he is now e On the contrary, mails sent did not misunderstand that further Demand was of course keep marketing working by force still but it should watch the video then it is obviously very interesting for her customer that means the video also works that means the video too advice then in principle should also work with videos are contemporary are trendy and that is what customers expect these days too he is simply informed by such measures and I have one example maybe show very briefly that just like that statistically So, of course, look at the use of such e mail marketing campaigns background with such personalized explained films the result is longer Sales have more free time, for example, if we have 300 data records in the newsletter We use marketing to have an opening rate of around 30 percent that is 90 people read this e-mail and 40 percent of the readers click on the video preview picture which is delivered by us in this concept the is called 630 people look at the video I have a little cooling I understand that I wanted it too no product presentation in any case very practical is also works very well I was just surprised of the fact that so many are watching, but I also went to the Dresden one earlier seen that within a 460 times that was viewed through this video and that's 64 times people thought wrong duration than the disability insurance in dresden is simply an interesting one, in any case a very interesting one daytime just works you have to look critically at the 464 people seen it may have been clicked on the video doesn’t have to be closer to the differentiated ones, of course watch youtube numbers how long has people been offering the video too comments under the video that is of course very important but maybe also about e mail marketing what it is today our topic is differentiated positive reports that our customer on the vehicle 2000 is now mr.

Krüger I don't hear him anymore. Mike is whether I'm out you're with them dire okay I'm actually asking too because actually the connection is new media channels hello can still hear me yes I can both of you but you hear me because I can hear you very well actually i didn't want any of the video of e-mail marketing For new media, a social media and video like that can be ignored Advice could also be integrated with whether it would work from there and also the video marketing what they do so you would know yes social media area people also watch such videos on facebook it is always you have to always differentiate you can't everybodys become darling it always says it is a quota business and of course this expectation is also approached in such matters if the quote in which we have just discussed is fulfilled then have We got a very good quote and it has to be more time time for the recipient to fit in, of course, our customers take the videos in theirs facebook channels around you regularly for post every 14 days for example one I recommend just adding interesting content use via the video format to explain what I actually follow this in my advice as a financial service provider of course reactions and they are really more different than us have facebook channels that are very good but they are also very sluggish that always depends on the quality, so you can't say that all say that of course that was just the general free choice only facebook twitter or something can also be used on both of you in a row actually new media channels so you can have the video ready and also at facebook something like imagining facebook as an entry channel or yes So basically I have my own facebook page where I have then somehow and 600 entries made it will stop with that time to be very laborious and active It is clear that there is no information channel that provides customers with information It was available to my followers who then basically entertained them there will also be personal conversations with facebook on the ceiling they have the goal that in the future the videos will always deliver newsfeed in general that means that there will also be live video again Marketing aspect is very interesting again because you can just watch the video for a few seconds and can then interact with it again the pure advice on facebook bis maybe a little bit you clearly have the option to meet the customer because he then, for example It can then just write a little flat, who the question is how fine it is trustworthy libraries like traffic information maybe I lost the device but then got it in a crm system as a broker for example no longer available from so in principle to link up to a component as an information channel definitely advice rightly he plays yes but as an increase i would definitely say that it is possible i perhaps evaluate a measure with an advertising film and give it to the customer increase the possibility then directly in online advice possible in advice einsteinstraße europe a great opener to get to the customer in a contemporary way come to each pick up from facebook and then into the video and then keep the video Advice the actual very logical and step down what do you say about it we hear you again well so what a short distance away from it just like at ponds so the hosting can also stand your which channel basically margin of Branding of one person is primarily contributed by an incredible number of people people in the consultation are skeptical but it is a question of the time is easy, there are better means such as seminars etc because postings are more skillful to get to the customer, you ask yourself if I see I do a lot of facebook advertising specializing in now So there is everyone on the go, the ne somewhere fell on her product is advertised and it is very, very difficult for the customer in his timeline there to make the right choice in any case to burn a person in a format that i'm active as an insurance broker makes absolutely sense here, too, the videos from the colleagues is normal there to use and actually so and especially young people have an iphone or tablet or something with them and above all facebook is so calculated that actually only so videos don't give you the status you had back then of course right or I'm in the unis or navis is not a pure one self-presentation of photos or videos meanwhile you can also see them click rate on facebook and anja the far-reaching ability of such videos addressed afterwards but that would also be a point of the Marketing is actually over or over time, but is still a thing of the past third point namely also wanted to turn on because the topic of the world how close to it is also new or keep it up and you make it up, I know I can anyway give an insight into how you did what the webinars gave and how were successful seminars are held last year on the topic of incapacity for work diseases and also something so dinosaur policen so high quality products now Of course, you have no excuse for liability policies then really in facebook a lot about we advertised there, too, of course, caused a stir 10,000 contacts are now in my account and of course there has appropriate advertising decorated we had a total of 81 in two years participants and the other from the north that was an occupation of space built but i have it i don't even see the billing although i own the company but another escape could have done that but I think it was around like that 20 520 thousand euros in commission income for making commission income now to fix the effort has of course hours Took time to set heat etc.

Set events because it was him But to prepare the presentation clearly that the effort and profit is the study with her at the broker is of course gigantic presented that I did there and then I'm on a good point shot and one of me I said otherwise I don't need any more now have his new statement but those that were also seen before really of the opinion that these webinars can also be used by your existing customers I think that's a whole new way of looking at things but i was on the way to new customers but it absolutely does it makes sense to present its existing customers with new products via webinars So it would have been successful for my brother skills again illnesses but only got a qualification there were also 30 participants is of course also heavier police, not everyone understands what it is about and directors and officers there were 17 participants but one made a contract but that was important to me to create a study for others then with her from the practice and can tell and not just from hearing but I just wanted to prove that it was actually can work and you can also be very successful and that still draws the third also webinars are obviously accepted by the customer that means video works I now also have potatoes are you ok the video on different levels works around looking at the rest time yes i wanted a few other topics with continuous but that next time you just go there maybe next time video marketing finish the second part sometime in the future when you look at the I think everyone has to keep going you have to go to the university too we stress with your press already now we can not answer for that since no bachelor for I would say as a final round final I ask my round what do you think like in five years video marketing is used in the insurance sector compared to today how strong will it be to strengthen itself or would it stay that way I will start today with acknowledges success advice so i definitely think that i think five years are further then also the problem with customers who may have become too old or mediators no longer and i think then the topic will definitely arise in any case be positioned at the top and have video marketing or video advice Or let's say it differently in five years, even the old ones can deal with these media end well ok then mr wilstermann i see it in a similar way to my colleagues We will of course have a higher level of acceptance for the topic willingness to use it has become much stronger and more common and video will become an important part of all processes also in the as well as new customer acquisition but also in the customer care it will be indispensable and we are there now does not jump on the moving train nor has the possibility of these wow effects with the customer because the customer has to this topic hardly at all, at least in the financial services world touch and yes in five years it will definitely be strong become medium what do you say it only when I so I just think that we we all develop further but it depends on pieces like us That is permanently impressed in the market because the guys here explained the framework right in the middle of it mark and i have them all but it attracts If we let up, we think I'll keep the tenancy Immediately fall back into their old routine and hope that tomorrow customer calls where they can graduate, all of that too partly so is very important medium wants to call out I can of course also now it is not a big surprise that we do not have different opinions also do what is being watched with video But I also believe that the whole technology is so far that we all constantly we are surrounded by video we can make films we can make cameras nowadays everyone can film can we can has a broadcast about google hangout five years ago that would not have been possible So I believe that the technology is already available for this alone and all of this will continue to be able to do so at some point my parents too the now 60 are with a video consultation not at least with videos can deal with hangouts and is then on would not work it doesn’t have to be a matter of age but i’m not just the youngsters engines, so to speak, but I think when I see facebook that the The growth rates of older people also exceed that simply means that accepted and when i know that my grandchild somewhere in another city then I want to see it too, I'm with you the video marketing video consulting very close in five years we will have a lot more videos, even more of them i think mr.

Wilstermann has to draw our attention to videos will be even more difficult then people with videos so it will be for all of us more difficult I think that's why the mail marketing also believes a very good point are also with wiki or a connection it just has to be distributed if the video is very accurate and not whether facebook one a bit more difficult because everyone is there with a billion posts I can just stop my timeline not see things for a year yes yes then I would say thank you already the first for the first video marketing regulars' table the invitation to our guests for thanks for the time and was fun then what questions are in retrospect imams are known the known ones will also be able to put a description in on the left to send to the left as attainable since the case that someone with you want to get in touch now says video advice I want the two bidders have something with me that explain things to me and ours in general viewers that we hope to have and of course like to comment on pictures seen also topics before topic suggestions criticism everything possible in the comments we would be happy to make it easier mike you have the final word, thank you very much for kiting them together our next topic of urban planning will be given in four weeks be 11.10.11 has activated being the exciting platform of facebook i know a lot of ram on the other hand hair up on the neck but i have had very good experiences in it again many customers on facebook meanwhile and can certainly do a lot more information on this provides wish you a nice day Yes

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