Podcast #11: Wie viel Budget Sie für Content Marketing brauchen (Teil 7 von 7)

Mirum Talks – the online marketing podcast. This Week With: How Much Budget You Are For Need content marketing. Let's do this podcast series with this very one conclude an important question. With a view to content marketing There are actually two different perspectives on the budget. In the first take advantage of the fact that when you invest more in content marketing also have a much higher return as you develop in technology that can make your actions much more effective, more people can engage in to go in more channels and so a much higher one for more input Get output.

With the second perspective, you rely on the Cost effectiveness of content marketing: You can get a lot more leads generate through content marketing and can therefore shift budgets and contribute to Constant budget – if you have the budget, for example, from other Outbund activities peel off – get more. That is, if this is your first time before The decision is "How much budget do I have for content marketing Make it available? ", Then my first advice is for a small pilot To provide something from other pots and to shovel free. You don't even know which measures are suitable for you when you are already a bit further and, yes, have already gained their first experience in content marketing, then it makes sense to invest more – you know that it works – and for example to optimize the use of technologies, so that you can automate even more measures. You can then trust yourself to invest in more complex measures – as well as ongoing influencer relations, cooperation with bloggers, more experimental things.

Try out new channels, new media, new formats – You can do anything if you know content marketing like that You drove it last year basically worked. they You can then also shovel free budgets that will help you increase loyalty Increase – not only generate awareness, generate new leads, but something too to do for customer loyalty. For example, this is an approach if you want more want to invest in order to cover the entire customer lifecycle with content marketing to cover. As you have heard, the content marketing budget is not a static one Number that stays the same.

Depending on where you are, this number should be develop and live up to your success. So if this year only you If you have very little budget available, try anyway work – that doesn't mean that you won't be able to do it by 10-20 percent in the next year can increase once you can prove that your concept has worked. Now we come to a bit more tangible facts and figures: Various Forecasts say that next year the value of the content marketing industry will be grows to US $ 300 billion. More and more companies are starting with that Content Marketing: On average, over 85% of B2C Companies active in content marketing, there are already over 90 in B2B marketing % of companies active in content marketing and almost all of them plan their budgets increase. On average, around 25% of the total marketing budget flows into content marketing – that applies to B2B marketing. It is still in B2C a little less – that's just over 20% that goes into content marketing.

And now it's getting exciting: The companies that are most successful with content marketing who invest over 40% of the budget available to you in content Marketing – that is, the degree of your success depends extremely depends on your experience. You first have to find out what is for you and Your buyer persona works well before you stop a long term Develop a strategy that ensures that it stays that way in the long term. And the only one The way to get there is to try it out! Track the ROI of your measures Conversion of your content – see what works and what doesn't and take this learning with you and build it into a long-term one Strategy that you can then scale with the right budget. And it is precisely at this point that many companies seem to have already arrived Be: Under half of B2B marketers plan to keep the budget the same. 38% are sure you can want to spend more in content marketing 2018 and only 3% are on that Point that you say "I have to spend less".

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And part of this whole Discussion is driven by the ROI: companies just learn that The more effective the strategy, the higher the return. Companies that up get to that point, invest more too. Companies that don't make it up Get there, lower your investments. This is not a short sprint – this is a Marathon run. There are basically two costs in content marketing. One is the personnel costs. Most companies have a person solely responsible for content marketing – roughly 40% of companies – and many companies are increasing their investment in personnel. Now you want people to do the video editing, the web analytics understand who are familiar with social media – it costs! Depending on where you are you should also consider investing in additional resources. The second cost is technology. Software is mostly very expensive but software can help you do tasks that are taking place regularly to automate itself over and over again and so spend more time in it Strategy development and pursuit of your strategy.

Do you already use marketing automation software? How does it look with collaboration tools? And creates your content management system at all nor the complexity of the different channels, different editors, to reproduce? These are all decisions that you make need to consider when defining your content marketing budget. What It definitely helps if you already have an existing content marketing Have strategy. How often is which content and in which frequency is produced / published? How much time is necessary to maintain / maintain this content publish? The more precisely you work there, the easier it is it is of course to draw conclusions for that from the existing year next year – and I think you understand: there is not a fixed magic number for a content marketing budget.

It all depends depends on where you are and how much budget you have available. There are small ones Companies that get by with a few hundred or thousand euros and then there are very large companies that already have several hundreds of thousands of euros can invest. The important thing is: Look, that everything stays in proportion You incorporate the learning effects from the previous year and that you have a certain amount Have flexibility in your budget so that you can take advantage of the unforeseen Campaigns can try out content that is very good works, can push and produce more good content if they notice that a certain format works very well.

I hope i could help you with that this edition of Mirum Talks will give you a rough idea of ​​how much of theirs Marketing budget should go into content marketing and how you should go for that Plan the following years of content marketing in your communication. That was it for this week – do well and see you next week when it is called again "Mirum Talks"..

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