PPC Ian Stanford Online Marketing Presentation – Part 6

what you can do with something like this is send out just messages to all of your users you can set up autoresponders so maybe if you want to provide the users of your list content over time but maybe when they sign up instead of giving a one-time ebook I say I'm gonna give you a 10 week course on online market each week here and get an email what a lever will do is take care of that so the person signs up and it will keep track of the different people that sign up to different times and send the series of emails to them over time and what a lot of online marketers do that's really effective is they start out they give something for free they build up trust and maybe at the end of that series they then pick them up and try to try to monetize the user with an offer so that that can be a very effective strategy because you're telling you're giving so much free stuff away to begin with what you don't need to do is is basically sign people up and then start trying to get them to buy stuff right away so just one one more slide and this doesn't really have as much this kind of touches again like Aweber it's it's not really in any one bucket it's on paid search paid search engine SEO it said but what I have found this kind of goes back to the gentleman's question from the floor it is that outsourcing effectively can really help your business outsourcing in effectively can damage your business I have can't tell you how many times I've tried to outsource it and failed at it so it's really a combination of just experimentation and finding the right people and what I'm excited to do today is to share with you just a few people because I noticed it's a question is from classic yes yeah you know it's not to me the three I have used have been Elance oDesk and fiber I would recommend all three what I've seen is there's kind of good people and not so good people everywhere and the quality varies quite a bit and what would I would recommend actually all the started one example again with like article writing I have a constant you for articles so they got a lot of sites like your good example sis is chief – desk calm this is one of my sites on epic that I was discussing earlier I needed some articles for it that are high quality I hired this person called fancy notes on Elance I would actually recommend them and typically the people I hire are more expensive people I pay people you know anywhere between twenty and thirty dollars an hour to write articles and I try to hire people who have had a long established career or in you know the u.s.


Were trustworthy were not going to plagiarize because early on in my career this and I don't think the sets they think that about bogus I think it's more a function of you know who you go with just I wanted some people ever loaded chamber size defining people on code s that cost like five dollars an hour what I quickly found is it was taking time away from you like these people are putting out you didn't jump or plagiarize content and the amount of time it took me just to sit through it and maybe provide them feedback was just not scalable I would rather just write the stuff myself so what I ended up finding in the other day is really to scale a business you wanna have people work you trust so what I what has been my strategy has just been going out there and finding people who you know typically cost more money because you get me to pay for it and just one example is fancy notes I have another person actually who's been working for me for a number of years that I can give you her name as wealth you'd like after this presentation so I originally found out one of these networks but now I'm just working working directly as well but again I think her rates somewhere 25 bucks an hour so it's just us put nominal work on articles and I'll tell you another aspect of the outsourcing is some people it may look more expensive but it's not like these people it costs thirty bucks an hour they can sometimes write like three really great articles in one hour whereas if I'm paying someone $10 an hour to take some three hours to write a piece of junk it actually ends up costing the same amount of money because some of these people are cheaper in addition so that's an article writing the other thing is Fiverr what I found on here that I would recommend it's really been hit-or-miss some of the stuff has been bad quality some of it has been good quality but I've been successful with on its sole artist in this concept of coming in the video testimonial I tried a few different people it's like some websites where I just want someone come to the site and I wanted me to go sing hi welcome to the site this is what we sell this is what we're about and I don't want to do all these videos myself because I don't have the time on something like this I can pay someone $5 to do the video for me and they do great quality now well I've had two cases one case was really bad like I have a site about mortgages and this one person did his testimonial there was a fella lies she's like my family and I were going to lose our house and then I went to this site and to change my it was just some sales and inaccurate but I basically just threw it out but it's only five bucks but then I found this guy who actually does what I wanted he just says hey welcome to this site this is the kind of information we have here this is what you can expect at our site thanks for listening I just wanted something short practical honest you can find that on there as well so but it's really hit or miss I think you know you'll want to try a bunch of different people until you find what works for you so I think this is last slide so again really appreciate the opportunity I think at this point I know some of you guys have a commitment for the second hours so what I wanted to do is within just the second hour indices you know open up to questions we can go through your specific websites go through specific examples I'm here for another hour so we'll really appreciate the opportunity great audience great questions and it's real honor for me to be presenting here today so thanks so much and

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