Project Part 1 – Responsive Web Design Fundamentals

Let’s put your newfoundknowledge to the test. For this question I want you to makesome informs to the Hometown Project. If you need the starter data, check out the instructor notes for teachings on downloading that. Here we can see what itlooks like right now. We’ve got two editorials, verse and likeness, and we’ve got the weather andsports composes. When we resize the sheet, it’s pretty clear that the contentis no longer fitting the browser. Let’s go ahead and make it accept. First, supplemented a meta thought port to the page, and don’t forget to set the initial flake. Then I want you to make anyadjustments to the CSS in markup, so that everything displaysin a single editorial. Be sure to use relative extents, so that things stretch to fitacross any viewport width.And then finally, check your stroke targets and make sure that they’re big enough. Once you’ve made your alters, testyour area across different viewports. Try it on phones, tablet’s, and different desktops. And when you’re done, here’s what it should look like. Notice, to start off with, everything’s in one column. And when I resize the page, the contentreflows to fit the new viewport. And of course, my buttons are nice andbig and easy to press ..

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