oral questions questions the honorable member for luisa thank you very much madam speaker unfortunately once again for canadians it's total confusion with regard to access to vaccines and to get vaccinated a few minutes ago moderna said that instead of delivering 1.2 million doses late it would be half of that and that next june they could not be delivering the number of doses promised and once again this is the fault of the liberal government and what was the response of the minister i quote we are disappointed canadians deserve better than empty words like this they deserve the facts the honorable minister madam speaker obviously we share the urgency of vaccinating all canadians already 12.7 million vaccinations have been done in canada we have said that we will move forward vaccinations in canada we are indeed disappointed with moderna's deliveries but we will continue to demonstrate that we will get vaccines in canada more quickly the honorable member for luis sanders once again words but they don't correspond to the facts we're not getting more vaccines we're getting fewer the government made a commitment to deliver vaccines correctly with some small delays we're not talking about delays we're talking about millions of doses fewer madam speaker fewer vaccines means fewer vaccinations it means delays for the economic recovery can the prime minister do stand up in the house and be forthright with canadians about the deliveries of vaccines the honorable parliamentary secretary madam speaker i will be forthright with canadians the opposition is continuing to make partisan and political vaccine supply but the government has exceeded all its targets and all expectations with regard to the deliveries of vaccines by millions we have seen this with astrazeneca we saw this with pfizer and i can assure you madam speaker that we will continue to provide good news with canadians to canadians 50 million vaccines will be the honorable member for louisa madame speaker the facts don't correspond with the words spoken by the parliamentary secretary it's the prime minister who needs to be forthright with canadians unlike what he did when he said shed some doubt on the cnn report which told everybody that canada was in serious trouble once again can the prime minister rise in the house and be forthright with canadians and the problems that we're facing with regard to the access to vaccines that's his responsibility the honourable parliamentary secretary madam speaker the prime minister in fact shares in this house and with canadians all canadians and he will do it so again in a few minutes uh the facts about vaccines the opposition is playing political games and we are busy getting more quickly vaccines into canada we have demonstrated this many times and we will continue to demonstrate it thank you madam speaker before carlton canada has four dollars of household corporate and government debt for every one dollar of economic output that's the highest ratio in recorded canadian history twice our historic average higher than the ratio in the us during the subprime crisis or in greece during that country's sovereign debt crisis we now show all five leading indicators of a forthcoming debt crisis will the budget which has been delayed for two years address this forthcoming debt crisis parliamentary secretary [Applause] the honorable parliamentary secretary madam speaker i'm happy to take the question it's curious to me that the conservative party at every opportunity seems to register complaints about the cost of our pandemic response without reflecting as well on the cost of inaction madam speaker we know that the pandemic created immense costs for canadian households and businesses that's why we put forward programs like the canada emergency response benefit to keep food on the table for nine million canadians it's why we advance the wage subsidy to keep five million workers on the payroll canadians can rest assured madam speaker that when we table the budget we will continue to focus on measures that will protect their health and well-being and support honourable member for carleton will this government's deficit and the rising debts of households and small businesses is the cost of an action it is the result of the terrible job they did in letting thousands of people enter from china after they were warned by the military of a brewing pandemic it is the cost of their vaccine failure it is the cost of the late turnaround on rapid testing and the cost of all of that will be a debt crisis will they address the forthcoming debt crisis in the cup in the budget or will we cross that bridge when it collapses the honorable parliamentary secretary [Applause] madam speaker again the conservatives don't seem to be willing to contemplate the true cost of inaction i point the honourable member to a recent report of the imf that indicates had the government not taken action the scale of the federal deficit would have been roughly similar though the canadian economy would have suffered enormous job losses that would have created economic scaring that would have prevented canada from recovering when the time came to do so we will continue to invest to support households and businesses to help them weather this storm and ensure that we set the stage for the economy to come roaring back i'd in particular point the member to the recent jobs numbers that show over three hours the honourable member for manufacturing madam speaker once again the federal management of quarantine for temporary foreign workers is a fiasco this year it's the new covet tests that are being added to the burden borne by businesses the federal government gave a unilingual ontario company the responsibility for this test but it's unable to provide service to quebec the result workers are forced into isolation for 25 days while waiting for their results entrepreneurs are losing entire days to manage the administrative fiasco when will the government take action so that these workers that we need can work when needed the honorable minister madam speaker the government recognizes the importance of temporary foreign workers for our producers and food processors we are working tirelessly to ensure that temporary foreign workers can arrive safely in canada by supporting employers with additional costs incurred to accommodate the isolation period all the federal departments involved in the temporary foreign worker program have worked together to simplify processes and facilitate as much as possible the safe entry of these workers we recognize their integral role of farmers and food processing employers play in ensuring canadians have access to food and we are here to support them the honourable member for monaco madam speaker temporary foreign workers are having to arrest remain in forced isolation for nearly a month due to federal mismanagement this makes no sense a month without workers for a fish product processing processing company when we know that the entire fishing season just lasts a few weeks makes no sense for asparagus growers who are a few days from starting their harvest they'll have to do it alone while their workers are waiting for their results these are huge losses for our businesses when will the government take action the honorable parliamentary secretary well thank you madam speaker and again temporary foreign workers have played an important role in ensuring our food security especially during this pandemic they deserve to be safe and that's why we are working with provinces to ensure employers are prepared to safely welcome and quarantine workers strengthening inspections to ensure employers meet quarantine and program obligations funding migrant worker organizations to provide direct assistance to workers improving the tfw tip line to provide services in multiple languages and improving coordination with our partners to respond quickly to emerging issues this comprehensive plan builds on and strengthens existing measures to ensure workers and employees the honorable member for rosemont petit patri madam speaker immigration application processing delays are exploding in canada it's ridiculous just in quebec alone the delays are reaching on average 27 months 27 months is lacking respect for people the liberals are refusing to take responsibility and passing the potato back to the provinces we've heard this song before will the prime minister put his big pants big boy pants on and accelerate the processing time to give hope to these people and the workers who need workers in a labor shortage secretary [Music] thank you madam speaker the panda bank has hit all aspects of our life we have put in place a number of measures in order to deal as quickly as possible with the ongoing applications and reduce the delays caused by kovat 19 we will prioritize the request from canadians and permanent residents coming back into canada as well as those who provide support and essential support and services there's still work to be done madam speaker we have taken measures starting on day one to support canadians we will continue to do that in the future thank you the honourable member for courtney alberni madam speaker small businesses have been on the front line of the pandemic and many are not able to weather further restrictions without more help from the government these entrepreneurs want assurances that next week's budget will provide them with the support they desperately need new democrats are listening to small business owners and they've been clear the liberal government has to further expand the siba loan to help more struggling businesses extend the program to get them through this next wave and give businesses until 2025 to repay what they owe will the government support our call to immediately increase siba by another twenty thousand dollars and make sure small businesses can get back on their feet honorable parliamentary secretary the honorable parliamentary secretary madam speaker i thank the honourable member for his question and importantly for his continued advocacy for small businesses from the outset of the covet 19 pandemic from the very beginning of this public health emergency our approach has been to support households and businesses to help them weather the storm so they can contribute to the economic recovery on the back end of covet 19.

That included measures like the canada emergency wage subsidy it included measures like the canada emergency business account i won't spoil announcements that will be included in monday's budget but the honorable member can rest assured our approach to continuing our support for small businesses will be part of the recovery strategy for canada the honorable member for north northumberland peterborough seth madame speaker as canadians are now facing the third wave of the of the global pandemic the tax filing deadline is quickly approaching filing taxes is a stressful time for everyone but in a global pandemic it can be downright harrowing conservatives believe that a tax filing deadline should be extended to provide relief to those who are struggling will the minister consider extending the individual tax filing deadline until june 30th as conservatives are calling for the honorable parliamentary secretary madam speaker our government understands that this tax season is stressful for canadians our government will continue to be there for them every step of the way in february we announced the recipients of emergency and recovery benefits would be eligible for interest relief if they filed their 2020 income tax returns the sierra has also strong taxpayer relief provisions in place where taxpayers can be relieved of penalties and interest if these are incurred for reasons beyond their control these measures will ensure that canadians who need help this tax season will get it thank you madam the president the honourable member for northumberland peterborough seth so madam speaker i'll take that as a no this tax season as our government has locked out nearly one million taxpayers that are their cra and my accounts because of their lackluster cyber security many people who are struggling to regain access to this account which they need to file their taxes won't this government please consider giving a couple of extra months for canadians to file their taxes it took them nearly two years to table a budget honorable parliamentary secretary thank you madam the president our government understands that this tax season is a stressful one for canadians our government will continue to be there for them every step of the way i encourage all canadians to follow their returns on time so that the delivery of the benefits and credits to which they are entitled are not disrupted canadians can easily file online by paper or by phone for specific individuals thank you madame president the honorable member for leeds-grenville thousand islands riddle lakes former liberal party national director ian mckay was found guilty of breaking ethics loss when he hid investments in his cannabis company that was in breach of federal law now what did he earn for his troubles you'd think sanctions or other penalties nope he was named canada's ambassador to japan by the liberal government another unscrupulous liberal representing canada on the world stage are ethical breaches prerequisites for liberal insiders to be given major appointments the honorable parliamentary secretary thank you madam speaker and i want to point out how important the relationship do we have with japan as an ally as a friend and as a very significant trading partner the appointment of mr mckay is a significant appointment in that it acknowledges the fact that we want to build our economic our cultural and our social relationships with japan we trust mr mckay to represent canada well and japan will continue to grow in importance with canada as we grow together honorable member for leeds grenville thousand islands riddle lakes well it's clear to be a canadian ambassador under this liberal government you'd better be a liberal insider ethical breaches and connections to human rights abusers go a long way this must be why dominic barton who has deep connections to communist china was named canada's ambassador to china an ambassador to china that participated in meetings down the road from concentration camps when these liberals are considering ambassadors what's higher on the resume ethical breaches or complacency in corruption the honorable parliamentary secretary thank you madam speaker and and again with respect to our relationship to our uh our allies our friends as well as those countries that we have challenges with canada is well represented by professional public servants as well as ambassadors who represent canada with dignity with grace with intelligence with compassion and with dogged determination ambassador barton exercises that sort of public services and i'm proud to have him as our ambassador to canada the honorable member for sherwood park for saskatchewan madam speaker foreign state-backed misinformation and violent forced confessions should not be part of the canadian broadcasting system which is why i will be moving amendments to bill c-10 to protect canadians and others from these gross violations of human rights does the government support these proposed amendments the honorable parliamentary secretary thank you madam speaker for that question it's an exciting day that we are moving forward to cause by clause on bill c-10 modernizing the broadcasting act today in committee standing committees are independent and have an important role to play in improving bills through the legislative process and looking forward to seeing all parties work together to make sure that it is the best bill that it can be the honorable member for sherwood park for saskatchewan speaker it was a very clear and specific question that was not about committee agendas it was about the policy of this government with respect to these forced confessions safeguard defenders has filed a complaint with the crtc about the airing of forced confessions on canadian airwaves involving nearly 60 victims between 2013 and 2019.

The crtc has failed to launch an investigation so will the parliamentary secretary stop avoiding the issue and simply state the government's position on this when it comes to removing foreign state-backed misinformation and violence from the canadian broadcasting system does the government agree that action is required parliamentary secretary madam speaker um the member from across the way's question was in respect to amendments that are being considered in committee and i want to reiterate standing committees are independent and they do have an important role to play all members of the committee opposition members of the government party and we will all be working together at committee to consider all of the amendments being put forward the honorable member for bertie masquinoge madame speaker pyrotite is destroying homes in maurice and the federal government must do its fair share in his recent budget quebec invested 26 million dollars more to help affected homeowners for a total investment of 80 million the federal government's contribution is only 30 million five years ago i quote the government of quebec quebec expects the federal government to financially contribute to expanding and improving assistance for damaged homes damaged by pyrite there is a 50 million shortfall for ottawa to cost share this the honorable parliamentary secretary i thank the honorable member for his question i i will apologize in advance because i'm not familiar with the very specific issue he's raised around piratite i'd be happy to take more detail from him on the back end of question period should he wish but i will note in particular that we've made significant investments including the ability to repair and retrofit affordable housing units to ensure that every canadian no matter their level of income has a dignified place to call home the honourable member for bertie madam speaker listening to the answer and i feel like it's the first time the federal government has heard of pyrotite but it's very concerning victims of peritete are under financial and psychological distress the government cannot continue to ignore the problem one of its ministers the member for san maui champlain has a seat at the table the time for excuses is over mauricio needs leadership and cooperation there's a missing 50 million dollars from ottawa to be a 50 50 partner with quebec the budget is coming down loon monday will the victims be able to get their fair share the honorable parliamentary secretary madam speaker we have always been there for victims of pyrotite we have met with them and discussed with them and we're aware of the difficulties and the problems they've experienced and what they have gone through it's a very serious problem we will continue to be there for them the honorable member for lakeland madam speaker the national security and intelligence committee of parliamentarians 2020 annual report says the chinese communist party is quote increasingly targeting canada's science and technology center sector through programs like thousand talents which gets chinese scientists to bring the research back to china yet despite evidence that canada's 5g technology is being quote actively targeted the liberals still refuse to ban huawei from our network so let's try this again will the liberals take a stand against chinese wolf warrior diplomacy and ban huawei the honorable parliamentary secretary the honorable parliamentary secretary thank you madam speaker let me assure the member that we take national security very seriously we take national security we take the research environment and we do the work that's required to ensure that canadians have full confidence that everything has protocols and that they are safe and secure and do not have to worry about the types of concerns the member has identified the honorable member for lakeland but chinese citizens are coerced by the regime and hawaii and huawei is an arm of the communist party ensocop's report also says china and russia remain the primary culprits for foreign interference and quote are the most significant long-term threats to canada's sovereignty and prosperity yet the prime minister defends the communist party's interests even threatening to withdraw from the halifax security forum if taiwan was recognized for its resistance to china's relentless pressure how can the prime minister actually defend canada from the ccp's interference if he's an active apologist for it honorable parliamentary secretary thank you madam speaker let me reiterate one more time that we are constantly on the lookout and that we do everything within our power to safeguard our research our national security and our economic interests these are valid concerns to have but as she is fully aware the minister of public safety and the minister of industry have taken numerous steps over the course of the past several months to ensure that canadians have nothing to be concerned about the honorable member for calgary midnapore madam speaker on monday the liberal government announced a financial package worth up to 5.8 billion for one of canada's airlines air canada not only does this package neglect the thousands of laid-off workers at canada's other airlines but there were no new supports for airports our air traffic controllers or travel advisors with commissions at other airlines assisting one airline is simply not the comprehensive relief program we all have been asking for can the government commit to keeping their promise and support all of our aviation workers honorable parliamentary secretary madam speaker i want to thank my colleague for giving me the opportunity to talk about monday's announcement this week is a good week for workers in the aviation sector this week is a good week for passengers who've been waiting for refunds this week is a good week for communities who've been disconnected because of covet this week is a good week for travel agents madam speaker our package our agreement with air canada is a great news for the aviation sector and madam speaker let me reassure you we are in discussions with other airlines and i look forward to supporting the excellent work of our aviation workers member for calgary midnapore this week is a good week for one company madam speaker the liberal government promised to support the canadian airlines sector more than a year ago but it's only this week that we've seen any progress with a program for canada unfortunately we need a plan for the entire industry this piecemeal approach will only slow the recovery and hurt the many workers in the aviation sector why is the government taking so long to take action well minister madam speaker sun wing received a package in february we are in discussions with air transat we are in discussions with us yet we are we are in discussions with other airlines and madam speaker last fall economic statement we announced a 1.1 billion dollar support for airports and regional and remote airlines so madam speaker it's not the conservatives who will be there for the aviation workers it is our government who's been there from day one and we will continue to have their back thank you very much the honorable member for nunavut madam speaker mafinlan iron mines corporation sent a letter to the minister of northern affairs asking him to ensure a swift conclusion to the nurb environmental and social assessment of the mind's proposed expansion the minister has refused to meet with them with the land guardians after multiple requests reconciliation requires meaningful interaction with inuit instead the liberals are ignoring requests to provide transparency and fulfill their obligations madam speaker has the minister or his staff met with the baffin land iron mines corporation the honorable parliamentary secretary thank you madam speaker and i thank my colleague for the question but she knows the process regarding the baffin land mary river mine project proposal is ongoing and in the coming weeks the independent nunavut impact review board will resume hearings on the project as was set out in the nunavut agreement the nirb process was established with inuit and territory partners to ensure that the inner interests of all nunavut mute are heard and are protected so we are confident that all parties will continue their dialogue through that nirb process and it's not up to us to prejudge the outcome the honorable member for skinner buckley valley madam speaker canadians have been waiting for over a year for air canada to return their hard-earned money for cancelled trips while the liberals stood by thousands of jobs have been lost across the air sector it should never have taken over a year to get help to airline workers or to make families whole by providing refunds after months of pushing the government to do the right thing they finally have come to an agreement but without a real enforcement mechanism the government is left relying on air canada will the minister take an active role in resolving disputes and ensuring canadians are properly refunded the honorable minister madame speaker i'm pleased to once again talk about how this week is a good week for workers in the aviation sector it's good week for passengers who are waiting for refunds it's also a good week for travel agents and it's a good week for communities who have lost regional routes that connected them to other parts of the country and the rest of the world madam speaker i want to thank our officials at finance department of finance officials at the department of transport for working diligently we've done our homework we've protected the interest of canadians we protected the interest of passengers madam speaker the rem station at the trudeau international airport in montreal has been under construction for some time can the minister of transport inform this house about the status of this project and how it will benefit the entire montreal area and also represents a significant investment the honorable minister madam speaker i would like to thank my colleague for his question our government was pleased to announce an agreement with our partners to build the ram station at the montreal trudeau international airport this project will benefit montreal and follows our commitment from the fall economic statement to support airports this project is good news for montrealers and for quebecers and i want to thank my colleagues from the quebec caucus for championing it the honourable member for calgary for islam a few months ago i asked the minister of public safety what he would do to defend our country's digital infrastructure from cyber attacks and terrorism he answered it by saying we threw money at it just recently over 533 million facebook users data was leaked online the cra was attacked last summer and microsoft just faced a cyber attack this is hurting our economy and the safety of canadians when will this government make a real plan and take cyber security seriously the honorable parliamentary secretary [Applause] the honorable speaker this speaker this government will stop at nothing to protect its citizens and indeed our government and its institutions from cyber security the minister is uh is uh completely committed to his work on that file and that file will continue and that work includes with uh doing work with our technology companies doing work across the government and funding adequately our cyber security efforts the honorable member for left bridge the prime minister has repeatedly said that there remains no more important relationship than that with the indigenous people in his 2019 mandate letter to the procurement minister he instructed her to secure five percent of all federal contracts with indigenous owned companies she failed as a result that mandate letter was scrapped and a new one was granted it's as if it was inconvenient and therefore whitewashed now my question is very simple when will this government stop making false promises misleading canadians and actually follow through the honorable parliamentary secretary madam speaker in fact our government is incredibly committed to reaching that five percent target of procurement from indigenous companies i had the pleasure along with uh the minister of public services and procurement of participating in a table and working on the modernization of procurement in in fact delivering successful procurements for indigenous companies and indigenous peoples right across this country that work continues madam speaker and we will be reporting on even more good news on that in the future the honorable member for regina was kinda madam speaker the enbridge line five pipeline transports saskatchewan and alberta oil to eastern canada it supplies half of ontario and quebec's gasoline diesel home heating fuel and jet fuel but next month the governor of michigan is going to shut down that pipeline jeopardizing tens of thousands of jobs across canada madam speaker why has the prime minister not yet engaged directly with president biden on enforcing the transit pipeline treaty between our two countries [Applause] [Music] madam speaker line 5 is non-negotiable people will not be left out in the cold i want to also thank the members of the canada us special committee for their hard work on setting line 5.

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We have received the report and will be reviewing it but it's clear there is no daylight between parties and between canadians on this issue line 5 is essential to canada's energy security and we will continue to defend it the honorable member for edmonton center madam speaker canada's get load is amongst the highest per capita of developed nations and with the spending announcements and budget coming on monday there doesn't seem to be any stopping this massive buildup the prime minister continues to boast that he has canadians backs is there any chance he will come clean next week and explain to our grandkids that it will be on their backs to pay it all back the honorable parliamentary secretary madam speaker it is the conservatives lack of willingness to recognize the cost of not taking action to support canadian households and businesses through this pandemic i point the honorable member to the testimony from a representative at the oecd at the finance committee just yesterday where he indicated that canada's healthy fiscal position put us in a great position to respond to the cost of this pandemic but also to set the course for the recovery on our side of the house we will not be afraid to invest to ensure that households can keep food on the table and that workers can remain on the payroll we will do whatever it takes as long as it takes to see canadians through this emergency the honorable member for senja madam speaker the survival of bees is threatened by neonicotinoid pesticides bees are at the heart of the food chain without them there's no pollination no plants no biodiversity three years ago ottawa pledged to follow europe's lead and ban these pesticides but now it's moving backwards without even proposing any solutions for years the block has been supporting massive investment to find alternatives and support farmers during the transition but ottawa has done nothing for our farmers or for the environment we're stuck at the starting line when will they act the honorable minister is not allowed thank you madam speaker we are making significant investments in research to help our farmers to adapt and to be able to offer agriculture that is sustainable when it comes to neonicotinoids there is a framework in place the last study focused on aquatic plant safety and this is a very complex subject that we're taking seriously to ensure the protection of canadians health please allow us to hear what's being said the honourable member for sencha madam speaker the transition to the elimination of neonicotinoids is essential for public health the national institute of scientific research concluded that these pesticides act as endocrine disruptors in humans and would have potential impacts especially for women the situation is clear these pesticides are harmful to the environment harmful to health and they can't be abolished by abandoning farmers without a solution we need to invest in research and support the transition for farmers when will the government pull its head out of the sand the honorable minister madam speaker we are in making very significant investments in research to help our agricultural producers we take this issue very seriously we want to find the right balance in order to be able to ensure transition but also ensure the safety and health of canadians which of course is our number one priority regulation is in place and we're investing in science honorable member for aurora oak ridge's richmond hill thank you madam speaker april is personal tax season and with the deadline fast approaching canadians are feeling overwhelmed lockdowns business closures layoffs and job loss are only a few issues that have made tax filing more complicated and time consuming than ever before accountants tax consultants and individuals in my riding and across the country are pleading for more time will the minister urgently address this unnecessary added stress and extend the annual tax filing deadline the honorable parliamentary secretary i thank the honorable member for her for their question and as i stated to their colleague earlier on in session our government understands that this tax season is a stressful one for canadians and our government will continue to be there for them every step of the way in february we announced the rece that recipients of emergency and recovery benefits would be eligible for interest relief if they file their 2020 income tax returns the cra has also has strong taxpayer relief provisions in place where taxpayers can be relieved of penalties and interest if these are incurred for reasons beyond their control these measures will ensure that canadians the honourable member when the prime minister announced covet aid measures last year the prime minister said that nobody would be left behind rosalie a young mother from omega recently finished her maternity leave and at the start of the third wave she was denied the canada recovery caregiving benefit by a cra officer because her daughter was not previously enrolled in daycare between the two waves not that she hasn't tried she's been on a waiting list for 50 different daycares and those that have any spots at all are taking infants because of covet 19.

What does the government suggest to rosalie the honorable parliamentary secretary madam speaker we recognize the disproportionate impact this pandemic has had on women when we transitioned to the serb to ei and the recovery benefits last september he provided an ei hours credit retroactive to march 2020. this was in recognition that individuals may not have been able to accumulate enough hours to be eligible for ei women benefited from the hour's credit as they could retroactively claim ei maternity benefits we have worked hard to ensure equity for ei claimants and members in this house can be assured that new mothers are receiving the benefits to which they are entitled to the poor the honourable member for bonneville thousands of canadians have been abandoned by the system a citizen in my riding after receiving e e i sick leave benefits was denied the canada recovery sacramento's benefit because his file is still open in the ei system and that's causing a problem in the system managers there have recognized the failure but are waiting for a solution when will the minister of national revenue and the minister of employment work together to end this problem so that canadians who need help receive the money that they are entitled to the honorable parliamentary secretary madam speaker i thank the honorable member opposite for the question we know that this continues to be a difficult time for many which is why we transitioned to a simplified ei program and created three new recovery benefits to support canadians who are unable to work or have reduced hours service canada and the canada revenue agency work together to share data on canadians who apply to ensure that only one benefit is paid to someone applying at any given time in some instances this integrity measure can cause a delay that said we understand that any delay in receiving benefits can be hard for people so service canada and the cra are continuing to work together to reduce delays and ensure canadians are paid the benefits they need in a timely manner the honorable member for west vancouver sunshine coast see the sky country madam speaker for years the highway of tears have has been an unsafe route for women indigenous women and girls families of missing and murdered indigenous women and girls and survivors have highlighted the connection between these heinous acts and the gaps in cellular service along canadian highways especially in rural and remote areas can the minister for women and gender equality and rural economic development update the house on the steps our government has taken to enhance the safety particularly for indigenous women and girls along highway 16.

The honorable minister madam speaker i'd like to thank my colleague for his hard work and particularly for his leadership as chair of the liberal pacific caucus along with our partners in bc and with rogers our government is connecting the entirety of highway 16 to reliable cell service work begins this construction season it will be completed by october of next year in consultation with families and survivors we do this work and respond to recommendations from the inquiry and the highway of tears symposium we complete this work in memory of missing and murdered indigenous women and girls and in earnest resolve to end such tragedies gender-based the honorable member for south surrey white rock the honorable member for south surrey white rock thank you having trouble with the mute madam speaker the wall street journal canada's vaccine rollout lags behind as can as cases rise cnn canadian vaccine rollout is not going well at all the atlantic canada's vaccine mess the guardian weekly ontario starts one month lockdown as cases surge apparently canada's prime minister thinks these american and uk publications are peddling fake news will the prime minister be honest with canadians and admit vaccine of availability is his failed responsibility the honorable parliamentary secretary madam speaker we've already furnished 12.7 million doses to the provinces and territories to vaccinate canadians we've managed to advance tens of millions of vaccine vaccine doses uh from one quarter to another and just uh moments ago announced that an additional 8 million doses of pfizer vaccine will be supplied to canadians over the coming weeks and months madam speaker the canadian vaccine procurement strategy is working it has worked since the beginning and we will continue to be among the top countries in the g20 for vaccinating our citizens cyprus hills grasslands madam speaker canada is behind with vaccines that's a fact it's now an embarrassing story reported on cnn the lower supply of vaccines is getting rationed with off-label usage instead of three weeks doses can be delayed by four months we're the only country with a four-month interval the liberals make excuses and say they're following facts and science but canada's chief science advisor has called the dosing delay quote a population level experiment does the prime minister agree with his advisors in saying that his failures are the reason for this unusual dosing elementary secretary madam speaker we just had a we just had a great example of the member reading the question before instead of listening to the previous answer as i just reported we will be increasing the number of pfizer vaccines available to canadians by 8 million over the next weeks and months that will mean that approximately 50 million five zero million doses of vaccines will be distributed to canadians the real question madam speaker is when will the opposition stop chasing the bouncing ball and playing politics with vaccine procurements instead recognize that we are among the leading countries in the world in the g20 honorable member for fort mcmurray called link madam speaker according to the most recent numbers by statistics canada less than one third of canada's municipal wastewater is fully treated this mixture of human waste and water is poured into our waterways millions of cubic meters every day and it is shocking that the biggest polluters are canada's coastal cities the environmentalists who decry alberta's ethical oil sands are silent where is the minister of the environment's plan to deal with this reckless pollution of our canadian waterways the honorable parliamentary secretary thank you very much madam speaker during our mandate we approved over 1.5 billion dollars in federal funding for 1452 wastewater projects across the country in comparison from 2011 to 2015 the previous harper government approved only 216 wastewater projects and invested less than half the amount of federal funding madam speaker compare that with a conservative platform that had them cutting billions of dollars from much needed infrastructure projects across the country and reducing investments of our municipalities critically need with funding by multiple federal departments focused on national priorities that serve communities first we are building canada honourable member for york center madam speaker the conservative leader told canadians that he would bring forward a serious and comprehensive climate plan instead all we got was a 15-page pamphlet that didn't mention science and doesn't help us meet our climate goals to top it off the conservatives continue to delay serious legislative action on climate with the net zero act can the parliamentary secretary of the minister of the environment and climate change please update this house on the conservative climate pamphlet and their filibuster of the honorable parliamentary secretary thank you madam speaker and to the member for york center for her important question i want to be clear that this is a pamphlet that will do less and cost canadians more after fighting climate action for years conservatives have promised to stop sending rebates back to families and instead create an incomprehensive reward system where the more you burn more you earn compare that to our net zero bill c-12 which is up for debate today it requires us to set meaningful legislative targets and was a key commitment we made to canadians in the last election madam speaker i sincerely hope all members will allow the debate to conclude today so that we can finally vote the honorable member for south okanagan west kootenay madam speaker a report from environmental defense concludes the liberals gave at least 18 billion dollars to the fossil fuel industry last year despite their stated goal to move the country to a post-carbon economy the minister of natural resources has pointed out in this house that the majority of canadians voted for serious action on climate change so when will the liberals listen to those canadians and take urgent and bold action on climate change instead of throwing billions of dollars at the fossil fuel sector honorable parliamentary secretary madam speaker the authors of the report the honorable member mentions are not being entirely forthright their assessment of subsidies they include things that the majority of canadians wouldn't agree are that are subsidies for example investments in northern orphan wells methane cleanup which were supported by the ndp the wage subsidy for oil and gas companies that was received by all sectors in the economy and investments in technology to drive down emissions from canada's oil and gas sector madam speaker canada needs to eliminate fossil fuel subsidies but mixing several issues this report does not contribute to an intelligent discussion on this important subject the honorable member for vancouver greenville madam speaker i think i speak for the vast majority of canadians when i say that we do not want an election during the third wave of this pandemic particularly one clearly motivated bipartisan opportunism that said an election unfortunately still remains a possibility so i ask a very specific question can the minister please advise whether the government has any intention of seeing bill c19 become law and whether the chief electoral officer has indicated he is covet prepared and how quickly after royal assent he would be able to give notice that the temporary changes are in force the honorable parliamentary secretary thank you very much madam speaker you know i think it's important for us to recognize that we are in fact in a minority parliament no one knows what that means in terms of can happen the chief electoral officer says we need to be ready if an election happens and the elections canada which is recognized around the world as an authority on independent elections i'm sure will ensure that canada will be ready with respect to c19 we will continue to move forward in the best way we can

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