Ranking Criteria-YouTube Marketing, Video Marketing, (Secret Weapon 1)

hi I'm Adam with business web videos com if you want more qualified and interested prospects to see your videos online then my help you some of the secrets behind the criteria YouTube and Google use rank their videos and search engines now there's a secret formula that I'm about to let you in on because you took the time initiative to watch this video I'm going to share the most valuable secrets with you it's an absolutely unfair advantage just wait and you'll see when you know how to use the secrets YouTube's criteria and ranking systems it becomes possible for you to create videos that rank high in organic youTube searches and Google searches as well that's right how high you might ask how about higher than your competitors websites if you want more of your ideal customers and prospects to see your video and be sure to take following advice under serious consideration assuming you've done your keyword research then you know what words and phrases have the traffic you need reasonable amounts of competition relevance and commercial value now you get to use this knowledge to your definitive advantage when you create a YouTube video it is imperative to do all of the following things in order to maximize your probability of high rankings and YouTube and Google using videos include your target keyword phrase or phrases in the title of your video include your target keyword phrase or phrases in the description of the video include your target keyword phrase or phrases in the script content of the video and make sure you speak and pronounce those words clearly why well will it has it that you to actually transcribes the audio of your video and index is it as if it or text that misinterpret your keywords because you're mumbling or you're rushing through them you forfeit this advantage and ultimately you lose additionally it's not a bad idea to upload the script if you have one and a text format for closed caption purposes include your target keyword phrase or phrases in the tags if possible include your keyword phrase or phrases in the file name of the video you upload in other words when you go to create your file name video you might want to name it keyword phrase one instead of marketing video one etc I can't understate the importance of doing everything I just shared with you on each video you produced test this we already have but I want you to see it for yourself you'll be amazed thanks for stopping by


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