[Real Estate Domination] Day 4 Part 1/4 – Article Marketing

welcome to real estate domination day for article marketing today we begin our long term strategy to dominate the real estate market online so let's have a little terminology review yesterday we learned about capture pages or capture pages a simple web page with two choices sign up or leave so the visitors don't have much choice they either like your offer and they'll sign up or they leave the website an optimism form used to collect the prospects information that's where they're going to put in their name and email and phone number if you're asking for a web traffic or known as just traffic is the number of visitors coming to your site or capture page in conversion ratio is the number of visitors divided by the number of opt-ins so for an example if you have a hundred visits and only one sign up that's one percent conversion issue the average conversion in the industry is three percent I know that for my capture pages I get at least five percent so that's what you should be shooting for three to five percent and if you get a capture page that works at that percentage then you're good to go so knowing a conversion is very important if your conversion is too low you're wasting your time and convergent can be improved with tweaking so little changes to your capture page can make differences sometimes just changing a few words can increase the conversion rate a few percentage so today like I said we begin the real real estate domination and now we talked about the capture page and the autoresponder and we did that in yesterday day three today we start on the worldwide syndication and art and Mark content creation the importance about content creation it has to be unique and it has to be targeted to one specific keyword and then today we are actually going to learn about article marketing which is in my opinion one of the best ways to get exposure online so while article marketing it's easy to create and to syndicate you get direct traffic from the websites where you put your articles you get search engine traffic once they get indexed and it increases your ranking for your website and another benefit which you can't really control but it's fun when it happens is other people can syndicate your article so if they like your article that you posted on the article directories they can actually use it themselves and they must they must publish the article with your links so that means that you'll be able to get extra exposure thanks to other people so what are keywords so a keyword is anything that is typed in a search bar so when you go to google and you type something for example where can I find I where can I find home prices for my duplex in Montreal that whole thing is a keyword and it's called a long tail keyword or a long keyword and then you have the short tail keywords which are for example real estate or your city real estate that kind of stuff so search engines always try to match the keywords as closely as possible so if someone goes to google and San searches for work and I find a home where can I find home prices from my mojo lube my duplex in Montreal and you have an article entitled exactly that you will be the first result okay if there's no other competition for that exact keyword string then you will be the only result and they'll give it to you if Google doesn't have a very exact match it'll try to match as closely as possible so in this case it would try to match duplex Montreal or home prices duplex Montreal anything that has to do with that so what's the difference in the keywords well a short keyword is very hard to get to number one as you consider Montreal real estate there have been people optimizing for that keyword for a long time so anybody who's on the first page has done a lot of work to be there the benefit of a short key word is you're going to get a lot of traffic you can imagine if you optimize and managed to get page number one for your city real estate you're going to get a lot more traffic than a longer tail keyword so the long end a lot of keywords are easier they're easy to very easy to rank as number one but the disadvantage is that you only get a bit of traffic because a lot less people actually search for those key terms so the key is balance okay you want long keywords that didn't generate enough traffic without well enough traffic and are easy enough to write for just to give you an example a big video game fan when fallout 3 came out I was playing it but there is no map in online there's no map for the game but in game you could have him that so what I did is I created a map using the in-game images and I created a small blog called fallout 3 tips at blogspot com let me tell you when a when I put that out and no one was and no one had SEO door optimizer pages for fallout 3 maps and the first day it got indexed by Google I got like something like 30,000 hits that day and over time I was getting an average of 15,000 hit now in real estate that's pretty much impossible to get that many hits in a day but it's just to give you an example that that had I tried to to optimize for just fallout 3 I would have never made it but since I had a key key word that no one had optimized yet I was able to get on first page for a lot of traffic now today that that website doesn't get as many hits I think I average around three to five thousand hits a day but it was still my biggest hit so your domination strategy so the best strategy to take to dominate the real estate markets online is to target longtail keywords while building links links for short tail keywords so all the content we create is going to be long tailed oriented but every article or video that we distribute will have a link back to increase the ranking for the short tail keywords for your sites so over time you can climb the ranks in Yukon that the google page is to get to page number one for that short tail keyword to get you massive amounts of traffic but that's that's kind of like hitting the pot of gold we focus our strategy on realistic goals with long tail keywords so for example if each article you create only generates five visits a day okay that that's not much and it's very doable now not all articles you create will generate five visits some will have less and some will have more whether the average is about five so if you go through the 90 days and you make one article a day 90 articles times five visits is going to give you about 450 visits a day if you have a low conversion at one percent that's four and a half leaves the average three percent conversion is thirteen leads a day and if you hit it at five percent which it should be your target that's a 22 and a half leads per day so if you do this for 90 days and you actually stick through it and do it every day you're going to need an assistant because 22 leads days just way too much more so let's go have a look at how do we do keywords research


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