Real Estate Video Marketing Made Easy Mini-Workshop (Part 1 Replay)

– We want to talk to you
guys about the importance of improving your social media. – Yeah.
– So we came across this, the stats of the survey
that just came out. – Yeah, I don't know how
many of you follow The Close, is a cool website resource, we've kind of found this over
the last couple of months, very much targeted to
real estate and realtors. And one of the things that they put out, they did a survey right
at the end of the year, and they were asking agents
lots of different things. And one of the things
that came across here was, what were they using to
grow their business, right? Because we all want to know, how
are we growing our business? And in this case they had two things that really stood out to us.

So what worked for agents for
getting new clients in 2020. So this is brand new, this
isn't like 2017 or '18 numbers. This is brand new information. And you kind of get a bit of an idea here, the big one here, 44%
posting on social media. Obviously referrals are the
king and they always will be. Referrals are definitely
gonna be the best way to grow your business no
matter what kind of business. I know some of you joining us probably aren't in real estate either, but that's okay, we're
really gonna talk a lot about things that are gonna
help you grow your business.

But this 44% posting on social media that that's, 44% of these
agents that replied, that's how they got new clients in 2020. So that was a huge first number. And then the next one that really got us was this one here. So what are you gonna focus on in 2021 to grow your business? So direct mail, SEO, branding,
CRM, email campaigns, those are all really good. 82% said, "Improve social media presence." – [Angela] Yay.
– So, more than eight out of 10 of the real estate agents out there, they're planning on improving
their social media presence and using that to hopefully
attract new business and grow their business in 2021. So that's a big thing, and it's, we see it as two
big opportunities for you. The first one is that, you are gonna have to be
one of these 82%, right? You're gonna have to be in on that, you're gonna have to use
social media to grow that. And you have to have a
plan for how to do that. And for those of you that are
around us for a little while, it's no shock, we're
gonna talk about video and using video for that plan.

But you're gonna need a plan to make sure that you've got a good way to use that to grow your
presence on social media. And then the other thing is, holy cow, here's a big warning, all 82% of the competition in
your market is also planning on growing their business
using social media marketing this year. So what's that gonna look like? – Yeah, it's, so you
wanna stand out, right? You wanna get, either get
ahead of the other people that are gonna be growing
their presence on social media, you want people to know you. – The idea here is that, what can you do to get people
that, we always talk about it, know, like and trust you? Step number one is how
do they even know you? Are you a real estate agent
or how can you help them, are you somebody that they
should even be looking for? So a lot of times in history we would use different
things for that, right? Mailers, radio ads, TV ads,
billboards, bench signs, whatever you can get to get
your name out there, right? And that was always a tactic that was gonna hopefully
help pay dividends.

The problem with that is, it doesn't necessarily help
people get to know you, right? So, I know your name and I
know that you're a realtor, great, that's step one. That's important. But do I know you, like are
you gonna be a good fit for me? Are you gonna be somebody that
I'm gonna wanna work with? Am I, are you gonna be somebody
that's gonna help me get to where I wanna go. This 82% thing, one thing that we really want you to understand is, that means that Facebook, Instagram, anywhere that you're using social media is about to get even noisier, right? So more real estate professionals, more people in your industries
are going to be using social media to grow
their business this year, because they know that it works. – Just doing static posts is great, but if you wanna elevate
that to the next level, video right now, it was last year, it is growing even more this
year and in the years to come, is trumping everything right now. You can re-target and you can use that to grow like your own
list within Facebook.

So, that means that
you're talking directly to the people that are interested and that are most likely
to give you a call. – Our local real estate board asked us, "Can you teach some of our local realtors "how to make videos for themselves?" Because everyone was kind
of understanding already, and this is 2018, early 2019, they were already understanding
video was gonna have, make a big difference on this. So we said, "Yeah, absolutely,
we'd love to do that." So we set up this cool workshop, it was two different sessions, had a room full of real
estate professionals, real estate agents, brokers, and it was up to us to teach
them how to make videos that they could use to start
marketing their properties.

Aaron 's

– Yeah. – Now at the time, we were making videos with just DSLR cameras,
that was the only way really we were doing professional type of videos. So we went through the whole day, we taught them about story, we taught them how to
tell an interesting story. We showed them the gear, we taught them how to
use the video cameras, we taught them how to do
all of this kind of stuff, we taught them how to edit
it, how to put it on Facebook and all these kinds of things.

And it was a great session, we had a lot of really good engagement and it was really cool. And then right at the very end, we got this question
that kind of stumped us. – Yeah, we had one of the
real estate professionals say, "That's just great and everything, "I kind of got a little lost on the text "so can I just do that with my phone?" (chuckles) And,
– No. – Aaron's like, "No way." – You can't make a video with your phone, it's not gonna be professional, it's not gonna look good enough. No, you can't do it. So we're like, but then we laughed and were kinda like, well. – I said to him, "Well,
I feel for them, so yeah. "If there's any way that we
could make it with our phones, "like I already know how to turn this on, "and I know that if I press record, "everything just
automatically works for me. "And then I can just take
the shots that I need to take "and then go home and edit it, "and all that techie
stuff is out the door.

"I don't have to really
worry about it, right?" So then we got kind of, – What if you could do it?
– What if we could do it? – Yeah. So we thought, okay, well,
let's challenge ourselves here. We tested a bunch of different things, tried it out, tried to
kind of get down pat. And then once we did that, we thought, well, let's try it out.

Let's call somebody and let's go make one and see if it will work. – Yeah, so we got in touch
with our friend Brittany who works in Nappanee. And we said, "Can we go
to a property with you "and let's just film it with our phone "and we'll see what we
can get out of this?" And it was great. It was awesome, it was eye-opening for them as well that they were like, wow,
this is really easy to do. Like you can just take your
phone and put it on a tripod or in this case, a gimbal
here and take a few shots. And we edited on site as well. So, it worked out well. It wasn't that time consuming for them, they didn't have to worry
about trying to book somebody to come in and
Brittany did this herself after just, we were
there obviously with her but just telling her,
"Hey, you know wanna get a few different angles
of what you wanna shoot, a pie down low, panning, tilting, those sorts of things
and put that together to tell the story of the home.

– The answer to our
question, can you do this? The answer to the question
that we got in that workshop, can I use my phone? The answer is yes.
– Absolutely. – And you should because those 82% of you and your competition that
are going to be out there trynna grow on social media, they're all gonna be
trynna figure this out.

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