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Ben: I ran into him the other day on Facebook: This is Jim Menter and Jim Menter has quite a tempting offer. Jim Menter: “Absolutely everyone deserves 10,000 and more. Can I give you my word of honor otherwise I will pay it myself, no problem at all! When you have been by my side for three years and call at least five to ten people a day, you'll make at least 10,000 Euros per month and more … and above all more! " Ben: Yeah that sounds pretty awesome. And then you can, like him, afford a Lamborghini. [Jim in the Lamborghini (The picture says: “When someone says you can't make money with Network to earn.")] Ben: You may have seen it, he's doing it through network marketing. What I already know about it is that you are an independent seller of a product should advertise and at the same time should recruit a team of other sellers, their sales one deserves. And these salespeople should also build teams, others Sell ​​them and – I too – earn money.

Ben: To be honest, I can't really imagine how this should work. Can you really make money with it in the end? To find out, I teamed up with Philipp. He's also a journalist at WDR and he'll support me in my research. Philipp: Exactly and now we want to find out what exactly this system is by Jim Menter is all about. We are posing as interested parties in Jim's business offer and we got on so that Jim treats us the same way like all the rest of his potential new business partners. That's why Ben is now Stefan, I'm Dennis. And first of all we do what he recommends to all newcomers: We go to the "Powerday". This is an event by Jim where he introduces his business model to everyone. We have now got tickets for it and take a look at how it goes. Ben: Exactly. But there are still a few days until then.

So let's try now To understand network marketing a little better and prepare for our undercover assignment. *Music* B: If you google network marketing, you come across the term relatively quickly "Ponzi scheme" or "pyramid scheme". I've now researched what that is: In the case of an illegal pyramid scheme, the newcomers have to pay a fee Shop into the system – it goes to those above you. You get the fee plus a profit again if you recruit another, for example 5 more people, those among them enter the system and each pay the fee.

It's forbidden because it's not a real business – there is no product. B: Forever Living Products – this is the company Jim works for – is, as I see it, no illegal pyramid scheme, precisely because there is a product. But that doesn't mean Jim's business is unproblematic. And because the Powerday is in a few days now, I have myself with me now Dr. Claudia Groß makes an appointment, who does research on network marketing companies. And she should tell me what to look out for when we're undercover on the Powerday.

Hello, I'm Ben Bode from reporter. Dr. Claudia Groß: Yes, hello, Claudia Groß. Come in. B: Now we have ordered tickets for such a power day, which is an information event probably a recruiting event. What things should the alarm bells go off with us? So what are the criteria that we should look out for when we are there? Groß: So first, how high the income promises are. For me this is one of the main points: when it is promised that it will be easy to recruit people. Only recruit five a month, they recruit five again and within a year you are a manager and have this or that income. I think that's really questionable because it's not that easy to recruit people and even if I did it, they might fall out again. Then really the initial packages: How much do I have to invest in the beginning? Yes, first of all a starter package for 1000 euros or 2000 euros or even more. With that I made relatively high costs and not yet made a profit. Another point: How are one's own social relationships used? If you are really encouraged to do so, all friends, acquaintances, people from the to recruit or address other areas? This is attractive from the company's point of view, but because you pass on high promises, can it really damage relationships.

Other points are: How are the products themselves presented? Are they promised that they can cure diseases? It's illegal. What has not been checked cannot be asserted. B: Tomorrow! Come in! We are in the final preparations. It's about to go to the Jim Menter Powerday. And you walk in with me and carry the hidden camera. P: Exactly. We'll grow it in a moment and hope that it won't attract any attention. B: Yes, runs well. I love it. So it's about to start. Powerday in Hanau. We're a bit nervous, of course we don't want to be exposed. This is the venue – from here we shoot with a hidden camera – without sound, recording it would be illegal. In the hall there is a pretty colorful mix of people waiting for us – most of them can be seen here but somehow not really looking for business, more like playing business people – like us.

I still feel a little uncomfortable in my role, but it doesn't help … On the way to the event room, we notice that many are openly making videos with their mobile phones, so let's do that as much as possible. That also works with sound. Over the loudspeakers: I'm sure you'll be excited to see what to expect. B: But hello. Announced by Jim Menter's father, Jim's mother will be one of the first to take the stage – looks like the whole family is involved here. She tells us the story of how the products from Forever Living Product Jim's Atopic Dermatitis should have healed. I ask myself, isn't that very close to forbidden promises of salvation? Nobody in the hall seems to be surprised. Now Brigitte introduces us to “Clean9” – a dietary supplement. Supposedly this helps almost everyone. Brigitte Menter: “For every hundred people I work with, 95 people have a positive result. And the five who don't have habits that they didn't tell me before. " B: That sounds very implausible, but it gets even more blatant when you see a young lady brings them to the stage.

Teresa (memory log): “Hello, I'm Teresa, I have an autoimmune disease had – from now on my health was gone. I was mentally and physically in the end, I tried every company – and then there was an aloe gel and Brigitte Menter … ” Brigitte Menter (memory log): “… the company Forever …” Teresa (memory log): “…- exactly! And then came the Forever company. I've been doing since then I do a clean every 6 weeks, I'm fine. I was officially exhausted – mine Metabolism works, I'm no longer sick. " B: What is happening here right now can be seen as a trick. Direct promises of salvation to do is clearly forbidden. Here you let people of their supposed experiences report and do not have to say yourself that the products heal. The message arrives anyway.

From now on it's about why most of them are here: make money. To do this, it is important to make the big business start. Almost all speakers recommend this here. Also Rene Schroff. We already know him from the Lambo video from the beginning. Schroff: “Do I want to or don't I want to? I just made the decision and said I just trust the people here. […] Then I decided back then to start the big business. " B: Nobody tells us how much it costs. But Rene reports that it was worth it for him.

After six months, he allegedly earns a salary of over 7,000 euros. And so it goes on all day. One success story after the other. It all affects me like this as if to be prepared to get on here tonight – of course with the big business start. After 3.5 hours of more success stories and this insert – [Tanzmariechen] – finally comes the one we have been waiting for … Moderator [Jim's dad]: "… Jim Menter." B: Jim also sells us – you already guessed it – the professional start: Jim: “The little start: I don't think that's for you anyway. You got me earlier said you want to be above average, you want to be extraordinary. […] Then there is the so-called business start, the so-called professional start. That means 25 sensational Clean9 vanilla and 25 sensational Clean9 chocolate. " B: wait a minute! So I'm supposed to buy 50 packets of shakes that are said to make you incredibly healthy. In the order form, I now also discover the price for our professional start with 50 packages. A whopping 4,867 euros – just under 5,000 euros. Everything that Dr. Groß of the university prophesied us, step in here.

Huge income promises, high entry-level investment and like us now experience, it is presented as easy to get up in the system. Jim: “With 5 business starters in 4 months – I personally say quite deliberately: and less – to the manager. Because to get five people excited about something where, firstly, they are healthier and, secondly, where they can earn more money on the side. Five people: one of them is already you, so there are four left.

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You can find one of them in your family – provided you like your family. " B: And 'check', the next point directly: You should have your own family and the environment include. And if you think it can't get any worse: Jim tell us also where he got the 5000 euros: Jim: "I went to my dad back then." B: Actually, I've seen enough, but I'm still allowed to watch Forever for an hour here Pull in top salesman Rolf Kipp with such statements. Kipp: “You have the safest products and the best products currently on this one Planets exist. " B: After 5 hours of continuous exposure, it's finally done.

The event is over, we're allowed out. But the day is still not behind us. Jim sent us a Whatsapp invitation to dinner during the event. So let's look at that too … We're not alone with Jim in the restaurant, where we're not filming for legal reasons. We don't even sit at a table with him, but with his mother. When Brigitte first hands us the order forms for our 5000 Euro professional start, it becomes clear that it's about getting us to sign. Of course we don't. In order to convince us, Brigitte Menter speaks again about them supposed effect of the products: Brigitte (memory log): I have accompanied at least 8000 chronically ill people, nobody is sick anymore.

But we are not allowed to tell you all that! Because the healing statements and you are not allowed to make such statements in Europe because they want sick people, that's how they earn money. B: So you seem to realize how sensitive your statements are – but actually are unproven healing claims are therefore forbidden, so that no one money with false promises earned. After dinner we say goodbye, pay and then: Get out there! B: Old moth, ey. Your day out here was probably pretty boring but we were so bombarded with stuff. Incredible … Incredible! How long have we been in there now? P: Feels like 10 hours. B: Yes, it felt like 10 hours. And you are just belaboured the whole day that you are somehow should get in. And the investment to get started is only 5000 euros. Crazy day. Now we're going home first.

B: It's been a while since the Powerday and we have the menters and the company Forever Living Products wrote to you, because we would of course like to talk to you about it would speak of what we experienced there. The Menters have not yet contacted us – despite registered mail. But for that the company they work for: Forever Living Products. And they were actually pretty open. P: Yes, exactly. We asked them how much income the sales partners of the Company have and the answer: There are a total of just over 44 thousand sales partners and 99% of them would have received an average of only 30 euros a month.

And do 439 enough sales to be considered an active sales partner, and they then get a commission of 2050 euros per month. And only the top 0.1 percent – that's only 34 people – they really come up Commissions per month of around 10,000 euros. B: Exactly, on average then, right? P: On average. Ben: Yeah, exactly. Forever Living Products didn't just respond to our written questions replied, but also offered to give an interview. And that's why we do we are now on the way to Munich. B: We are in Munich now. This is the headquarters of Forever Living Products in Germany. Here I am now with the managing director Dr. Florian Kaufmann agreed to meet wants to ask our questions. Oh, look: Here you can also see the sales structure, so to speak with Rolf Kipp above.

Now I have to take a look … where are the menters? There, okay. There's our Jim Menter. All right. B: I'll really say 'Hello' again, now that we've settled down. Dr. Florian Kaufmann: I'm very happy. Nice that you are here! B: Let's get started then. We brought a lot of questions with us. One of the main reasons why we also deal with the topic here is, that Jim Menter says, “If you get in here and take part for three years, I guarantee you have a monthly salary of 10,000 euros. " Basically, what do you think of such a statement? Kaufmann: Very little, because that's not what we explain in the training sessions. Of course we have a certain number of sales partners who are 100,000 euros and more earn in the year. Ben: But that's, so we got numbers from you, if I did the math correctly have, so in this area of ​​the 44,000 maybe 0.1%. To come back to that claim by Jim Menter: You have to act somehow to do that, because Jim Menter is not just anyone of the 44,000 distributors they have, but one of the ones hanging on the wall over there.

Kaufmann: This claim that you can make money quickly with Forever is not true at all and we train that very specifically. Ben: But that doesn't seem to have caught on with your top managers. Because, well, we started with Jim Menter, then we went to the Powerday. And that's not just what Jim Menter said, but the whole Menter family. So Brigitte Menter and also a Rolf Kipp talked for another hour at the end of the event and made it clear to everyone in the room: That if they don't get involved, that they are actually pretty stupid.

And that means an investment of 5000 euros. Why do you advise people on Powerday, to buy products for 5000 euros? Kaufmann: That's a very good question and I have to tell you honestly – I'm not saying that now, because we are being interviewed – but the next thing I will do after this interview is: asking the exact same question to Jim and the Menter family. Because it is not up to date and does not correspond to what is in our company guidelines and it does not correspond to what we train. Ben: I would like to talk about the products again and in that context too come back to the Powerday. Kaufmann: Yes, gladly. Ben: Well, your products are basically food. Have no effect, except that they might fill you up … Kaufmann: Our products definitely do not cure diseases. That's not what they were designed for. Ben: We also heard something different on the Powerday. Kaufmann: I don't know what was said that day !? Ben: For example, Jim Menter's neurodermatitis was cured with it. Then a Theresa, who was also brought on stage by Brigitte Menter, said, her autoimmune disease is gone since she started using Forever products.

Those are the specific things that have been said. Kaufmann: I can only say that we have to distance ourselves clearly from these statements. They are not what Forever teaches our distributors. And I am convinced that one or the other might believe that the product is a had a certain effect, but I can definitely say that it has nothing to do with our product. B: Well, I have to … I don't know if you've been to such an event, a power day? Kaufmann: No! B: Maybe you should do that !? Kaufmann: I can tell you that, I'll be very happy to do it. Thank you very much. B: Whether Forever Living Products now really draws conclusions from what we have shown that will have to be seen first. The menters definitely got up not reported to us at the end.

But we will stay tuned to the matter. And as for Jim's offer from the start, I have to say: I'll pass. People with apparently Bringing unrealistic promises to high investments and possibly sticking to them too to enrich is somehow not my thing. How are you out there? Do you already have points of contact with Network? Marketing? Write it to me in the comments and if you don't want to miss anything with us, then take a look at the info box. There is all the information, like your access to ours WhatsApp service gets. And I'll see you next time.

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