Responsive v. Adaptive Web Design

are you ready to be inspired I am because today we’re going to talk about my favorite topic mobile websites specifically adaptive versus responsive to the newest buzzwords in the automotive website opening what are the differences how can you tell which is which here’s the quantity on adaptive is a website design choice that makes assumptions at the server rank based on user workers user operator is simply whatever the user is using whether that be an iPhone a tablet or a desktop computer in other words there’s a different page sufficed up depending on the visitors device for example an iPhone will get acted a different sheet than a desktop computer so I started to brainstorm the advantages of adaptive/ accept for automotive websites I was mining penetrating I was trying to find some advantages I had a realization that every advantage is actually possible by employ accept website layout that’s not to say adaptive even worse as not what I’m saying what’s bad is not having a mobile website not having a mobile approach adaptive and responsive intend are both two great steps forward but more there are some detriments to adaptive website design here’s one Google they have to crawl two sets of system that’s not very efficient to adaptive it’s more work specially if you’re creating usage platform pages you’re going to have to create one for portable tablet and desktop the majority of cases three Google announces customer worker observation an aura prone skill which is something that adaptive blueprint utilizations for albeit low-spirited there’s gamble of association dilution since there are two separate URLs sharing the same exact content so unconcerned responsive is all about the browser immensity in the screen size with accept it doesn’t matter what the device is whether that’s mobile tablet or desktop or even a watch responsive websites respond based on the web browser size advantages one in big-hearted bold characters in Google’s webmaster guidelines google recommends responsive website pattern very responsive has one set of code and only one set of code spawning it very efficient for Google to crawl but yet this is very important there are elements that may and can emerge different on portable and not desktop this is about usability the fact is important to know because we may choose to show a different vehicle banner on mobile because the desktop banner is just not ideal for the mobile visitor the code is there for both which is evident if you expand and contract the browser and for those of you that wanted to more technical look at the source code three same URL structure again it’s more efficient which helps Google’s algorithms and it helps the indexing properties for the content for less command for fathers in almost every case responsive website design starts it easier to add custom pages there’s being equal to less faults and work for your squad so here’s some illusions one you can’t prove all the CTA’s on portable you can show any CTA if there are some missing that may time be a design choice the second myth is that accept is slower like anything that relies on code if it’s not written efficiently or there’s flaws it can be slower but so can adaptive really because it’s responsive doesn’t mean it’s slower so how do you know if your website is responsive this is pretty simple you can drag your browser’s recess to emulate different screen sizes if the content starts to stack and continues to look good as a screen comes smaller occasions are you have responsive scheme you can also check your mobile phone and see if the URL structure remains the same if it does then it’s most likely responsive if your website has an MDOT or alternative subdomain then it’s not accept below is a link to an article goo of google describing and recommending accept website design there are any questions delight feel free to contact us at questions at dealer spur com you

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