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Imagine you could double--or even triple--your conversion rates with virtually no distraction from your business..

Think of how much more money you'd have to bring on more clients.

Perhaps you’d finally reach the first page of Google and get tons more calls from Yelp, or dominate your nearest competition, or even become the preferred provider for your industry.

There’s only one problem.

Doubling or even tripling your conversion rates.

After all, don’t you need to spend a ton of money to do that?

Well, sure, if you have money to burn.

Typically, professional web developers charge $6,000 and up for just the website. Nothing else.

That kinda doesn’t include any after-the-sale support. 

Fortunately, there’s a more affordable way we have created called Web Concierge.

With Web Concierge, you can have a top-notch web presence, a top-notch social media presence, and a top-notch lead-generating service all in one place. Nowhere near $6,000.

With Web Concierge, you’ll get:

  • Top ranking in search engines for your keyword and location(s)

  • A responsive website design that displays properly across tablets and mobile screens

  • A custom chatbot to handle customer screening, intake, and booking online easy for you

  • Control over your online reviews and reputation management

  • Daily posts to your social media accounts to eliminate the need to ever worry about it

  • Monthly traffic and conversion reports on everything!

It’s like having your very own in-house marketing team at your disposal. 

Minus the $6,000 minimum expense.

But don’t just take our word for it. Read what our client Kimba Williams, Boca Raton, FL had to say:

““Frederick is the ultimate professional and so amazingly knowledgeable! There are so many ways to optimize your business across all social media but the average business person has no idea of what matters most, what you must do, what’s currently relevant, and so on! Fred approaches your business strategically with an in-depth real world analysis of what critical actions you should take in order to create a larger presence for your business, gain greater exposure, be seen as a truly legitimate business by your business vendors, and how to create a truly targeted audience and customer following. I am still amazed at his easy to digest style and expertise. Truly a pleasure to work with!.””

— Kimba Williams, Lake Worth, FL

““Fred is absolutely phenomenal. We spoke numerous times over the phone due to the fact we live in different cities. This makes it even better. Working with Fred over the phone felt like we were sitting across the table from each other. Very professional and gives you nothing but the best. He took my lawn service to a higher level than before with the website he created for me. I highly recommend his services to everyone..””

— Emery Zimmerman, Charlotte, NC

““Fred is awesome! He’s helped me in so many ways and has had a tremendous impact in my life (work & home, since I’m starting a business at home). There were things I didn’t know I didn’t know that Fred had the patience to explain to me which is greatly appreciated. He could have just worked, got me the results and moved on.

Instead, I now have a better understanding of both SEO & Digital Marketing and knowing what I know now, has steered me toward additional clients and potential revenue streams that I hadn’t even thought of before hiring him .Thank you Fred!”

— Patricia Bennett, Universal City, TX

Maybe even after reading what our client Kimba Williams thinks, you’re still on the fence?

That’s OK.

You could just ignore this offer and continue…

… going unnoticed in thousands of hundreds of searches because of your low page rank on Google

… not converting the few website visitors you do get into actual paying customers

… having no tracking codes in place that would allow you to re-market to those unknown visitors

 wondering why none of your ad spends produce results

 settling for just imagining your bring on more clients, double or even triple your conversion rates, and become the preferred provider for your industry

Or, for just $549/month, you could use Web Concierge and get…

  • A beautiful high-ranking smart website with Facebook and Google tracking installed.

  • The potential to earn thousands more in sales each month for less than the cost of a single employee.

  • Hands-free support and troubleshooting available 24/7 (only a text message away)

  • Automatic lead screening, intake and appointment booking with SMS reminders

  • Monthly tracking and activity reports on everything!


If you’re ready to double–or even triple–your conversion rates with virtually no distraction from your business., you’ll want to take advantage of our special $549/month introductory offer now.

Because we’re expecting a high demand, we are only offering this to a limited number of memberships at this price.

Lock in your rate today before the price goes back to normal.