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you can get behind it? I'm very behind it yeah but I gotta say though, it like reduces the time I spend on the toilet that's the whole point which is a bummer though because I enjoy my time on the toilet. on this episode of Ryan Learns Something I'm going to be learning about online marketing. Learning online marketing is so helpful for any job like I don't care what you do at a company you need to know how to online market to people and that's where everyone buys everything now I mean I've done this for quite a while so I kind of already know a lot about it but I mean there's so much to learn anyways that there's different types of online marketing you know there's social marketing there's paid advertising there's paid search there's just standard SEO which has changed so much it basically changes everyday and the cool thing is we're going to talk to some experts that have got this dialed they're good at pooping, but you know who sucks at pooping? You do.

So we're gonna be talking to the crew behind the squatty potty we're going to be talking to the guys at Squatty Potty as well as the Harmon Brothers who put the video together and we're going to talk to them about their methods and don't worry we're gonna try and flush out most of the potty humor. There will be a lot of poop jokes in this one here's the thing though, like we're just- were just guys this is what we do we hang out and we hang on the toilet we just we watch videos and we read articles like that's your time you know? So maybe the squatty potty is not a good thing because it's eliminating my time in the bathroom I quite enjoy although it does just make the business end of that like quicker and less painful.

Smoother if you will, and then just frees up more time I guess I don't know something to think about. Ah, the internet. The average person spends more than 20 hours a week online in one form or another that's a lot of cat videos, snapchat and personality quizzes, and all of it is powered by online advertising. Yep all that time we spend in front of a screen is driven by businesses vying for a piece of our ever-shrinking attention spans and they're willing to pay a pretty penny for it too. Last year advertisers spent over $52 billion dollars on digital advertising and by 2019 that number will be $91 billion dollars But online advertising has humble beginnings in 1979 email was introduced to personal computers then in the nineties businesses truly realized the value of using the world-wide-web to reach customers. In 1994 a law firm Canter and Seigel advertised their services by posting a message on a couple thousand newsgroups, and spam was born that's right a bunch of lawyers created spam then Google change the search engine scene in 1996 and started pay-per-click ad words in 2002 since then online advertising has grown to include display ads, social media advertising, email ads, native ads referral marketing, video marketing and retargeting ads.

The average click rate on those display ads across the internet is point one seven percent which is less than two clicks for every 1,000 views so you're telling me there's a chance? So, does online advertising even work? turns out it does, if done right. On average for every one dollar spent on digital ads brand experience a return of almost three dollars in sales. In fact entire brands are being built online think Warby Parker, Amazon, Blue Apron, Dollar Shave Club, and Zappos. Even big media publishers are getting into the game and selling ads and editorial space to bring in those sweet sweet advertising dollars. Remember this viral kitten video from Buzzfeed? it was actually an online advertisement for Purina cat food or how about the kobe vs messi shoot out? the youtube video with over a hundred forty million views online that one was an ad for turkish airlines and was named YouTube's out of the decade and the more time we spend online the more interesting things are going to get with virtual reality advertisers are already salivating over the opportunity to place products or messages directly in front of us while we are fully immersed in virtual worlds now take off your VR headset clear that browser history and let's get back to reality here's a couple of books that I read to learn more about online marketing so it started off small right pretty elementary but you start where you can you just bootstrap it and that's what we did I'm a self-taught online marketer, I went to seminars I went to conventions and then I just did it I just tried it.

I just got online and it wasn't 'me' it's a team so when I say 'I' it was- it's 'us' I found talented people that could help me portray my message and my product so we started reaching out to bloggers and health writers and influencers online word of mouth spread that way through the online community we did affiliate marketing banner ads it's retargeting SEO is important because that's how people find you and that can really set you apart and then content creation- content is king we researched our keywords and we built rich content that people could find you know we actually did a really nice animated graphic video it was five thousand dollars and actually that was a great investment that people learned something and it was something that somebody could show somebody else but it didn't go 'viral' right, and it didn't get the millions and millions of views that every online content marketer dreams of it created millions of dollars in sales so get creative.

No, it can be done on a shoestring absolutely you can go the educational route and you can go a funny route right how did you guys land on doing something so out there? So we call that edutainment right, it's educational and entertaining and you've seen Old Spice Poopourri all those other ones that I knew that we had a product that lended itself to that type of message what we did is we enlisted in a company that had success- the Harmon Brothers, they came up with several different concepts and the cream rose to the top and the unicorn was it.

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it's simple science really- can't get the last scoop out of the carton? With the squatty potty you get complete elimination. Tell us like the process of like getting buy off with a video like that. So it wasn't easy and we took a big risk but we did it anyway and it paid off we sold a crap ton, yeah. can you make a viral video or do you make content that has virality? you look at the some of the things that do go viral I think some of them are just really weird like it was an accident then somebody tries to recreate it and then it's obvious that it's just been recreated and then it's not funny and people just don't click or share I don't know if there's a secret sauce I don't know it even after having created something or been a part of something that has gone viral I should say yeah so you can create a funny video but it needs to be successful it needs to convert it's all about converting right, getting your money back brand awareness is good but revenue is better that's the beauty of online marketing it's all trackable you know a dollar in exactly what you get back and it's important to have that all those metrics set up and in place when you release your video and we did and and Harmon Brothers know how to do that they're the experts.

You know who we were going after with this viral video? I was going after we were going after the reddit crowd we're going after the media actually because we knew if we could get those redditors to talk about it media would pick it up and then it spread and that's really how it did it did work. So I had a chance to talk to Bobby over at squatty potty and so we decided that we should probably go talk to the guys that actually made the video so I'm headed right now to go talk to the Harmon Brothers and you know, see what goes into making one of these videos. We are an ad agency by accident we do YouTube and social video marketing the dwarfs mass media campaigns that you would normally do on prime-time television we're really good at creating videos that drive sales and also brand a product really well the idea with our videos is that not only you come away and say I want that product but you also have a memory of a pooping unicorn or a girl sitting on a toilet or Goldilocks you know dropping the 300-pound sheet of glass with eggs it's a marriage of branding and direct conversion sales it's that people kind of have to have the faith in buying into the campaign and the whole package as a whole just in the sense that like you're not just going out and buying a great video its end to end from the very first touch point of the brand all the way through to the end of check out once once there's ownership and there's investment in every element of that then yeah then it's like he said it's methodical we've got a pattern that we can replicate pretty well our philosophy is is that we watch youtubers we are subscribed to all of the top youtubers and know them personally and know what's going on in the world of the people who are getting billions of views on these platforms and we know them we know the insides in the DNA of what they're doing yeah so we just follow great online creators and I would add to that it helps to just follow any type of great creator I mean at the end of the day yeah I mean it's conversion videos that we're doing branded conversion videos so content is king but distribution is Queen and the Queen wears the pants ultimately at the end of the day what other like metrics are you guys stoked on when you see a video like this? conversion rates are obviously huge yeah click through rates so like ah, view thru rates if a person shares it on Facebook per share how many clicks to get the future is online first TV second that goes without saying.

You will produce for the internet and then you will take part of your campaign and supplement it with a TV campaign. Facebook and youtube blow away all primetime TV in audience size so that's the new mass media my advice to somebody who has like ten thousand bucks is go DIY go take a few classes shoot with your iphone 6 most everything that I do for work I learned while I wasn't paying attention in school school has had a huge impact through connections but the things I actually do on a day-to-day basis I didn't- I learned while I was like not paying attention in the back of class. we can talk about this all day and talk to experts and try and learn it on our own but the best way to do something is just try it yourself so I'm gonna do a little bit of a spending challenge we stayed at this really awesome house in Palm Springs a couple months ago and made a cool video and so I'm going to put some money behind it and see if we can get some clicks so I've uploaded the video to youtube now I'm going to get on my adsense account put some money behind it and see what happens what I'm trying to get his views and see anyone click the link the video is ready to go I'm it going to google adwords we're going to create a new campaign going to be a video ad we're gonna do three days we're going to thirty-three dollars a day so we're going to not do search I just wanted to show up in feed so we're going to youtube videos optimize for views because we're not actually trying to track real conversions we're just putting a link in the description we want it to be an in-stream ads it's going to play we're gonna be one of those ads you can play any gender any age, we're going to do travel though gonna go after travel videos so let's see if we can find travel buffs, let's add that one the ads are active I think we're just waiting for it to get approval and then we'll start to see views come in and see what happens magic youtube freaking magic okay so I just want to check in my ads have been running for like a day now and I want to update you guys on how they're doing which is ok first off I'm limited by my budget so I could probably put more money behind it and get a bunch more views.

Impressions that's not really something I look at but the interaction so I've gotten 673 views I've only spent like $33 I'm getting a 21% view rate so of the people that it's served 21% are watching the video and yeah it's only cost me $69 so far only ten cents a view that's pretty good I feel like, okay so let's see how many clicks I've got oh a cold hard eight clicks we are paying eight dollars a click but I got a bunch of views so that's okay we'll check back in a couple days to see how they're doing so my youtube ads have been running for a couple days and the campaign just finished so let's check back in and see where we're at ok so you can see I spent the total is a hundred thirty dollars and out of that I got 1,300 views didn't get any subscribers 0 likes 0 shares overall I got four thousand impressions 1200 views, view rate was twenty five percent average cost per view was only eleven cents that's pretty good I feel like the so of those 1200 views we got 16 clicks so my click through rate was roughly one percent .0133 repeating of course so my takeaway on this learning episode is maybe I needed a better call to action maybe the target market wasn't quite who I needed to target but I got views so people watched it and 16 people clicking that's ok I feel like yeah I mean this this was decently relevant content I just wonder where exactly it was going I probably could have done a better job you know diving into the target to see exactly who was targeted at and again I think the CTA call to action wasn't the strongest so maybe working on that see if I can get more people to click one cool thing about AdWords is you can do a lot of a/b testing so you can plug in two different types of ads and see which ones work better maybe there's a shorter add again this was like a highlight reel for a house on airbnb so I wonder if maybe it was more like a house tour if that would work better so trying out different types of content switching your copy I think those types of things are cool things you can test and they're fairly simple and really low-cost oh yeah right takeaways so my takeaways from online advertising our number-one scale you don't have to have a ton of money to do this so you want to make sure that you're getting a positive return on your investment so that you can then go back and scale it so you can put money back into the machine and just basically you're printing money sounds illegal but it's not don't go for viral go for shareable so the key is if you want to make a viral video you have to add characteristics that make it shareable you want to go after people's feelings you want to you know add humor or some way to make them feel good but you want to go after their emotions if you go after their emotions people will share the video then it creates virality number three you want to test and learn so go back and look at the analytics youtube has like really intricate analytics where you can see fall off so see where people are falling off see what changes you can make to your videos and then also engage with your audience that's like the most important thing you can do on the Internet is that you engage with these people if people make a comment reply answer questions and that way you'll get more subscribers and you'll keep them engaged and they'll want to watch more of your videos number four and probably one of the most important is define your success it's super easy to just throw money at something but you want to know what your end goal is going to be so if thats views or subscribers that's one thing if you want people to click through you got to have a way to do that and then you can you want to track it and make sure that you're getting the clicks and and maybe even sales that you want but make sure you have a metric that you're tracking and set goals with that so we focused a lot on video in this episode but there are ton of other ways to online advertise obviously ppc retargeting affiliate marketing things like that and if you want to learn that stuff follow my path way on Degreed and subscribe for more videos like this so I started the season with 15 thousand dollars to learn everything I can about marketing and branding with just over 12,000 left here's what I spent this episode learning about online advertising I learned a bunch for free by reading articles and watching tutorial videos online I spent fifty two dollars and ninety cents on three books and a hundred and thirty dollars on my video advertising experiment that's a total of 182 dollars and ninety cents which leaves plenty for everything else I'm gonna learn, if you want to see the full list of resources check it out below.

we saw the business end from squatty potty and that'll be the end– that's it. on the next episode of Ryan Learns Something I do guerrilla marketing which probably looks something like this I think, right?.

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