Semi-Automatic Scraping using Article Marketing Robot

hey this is Vince with article marketing robot here in this video I am going to do a little demo on how to use the article marketing robot scraper now this isn't like advanced scraping utility like scrape box or something but it's it's pretty handy for those that don't know how to use scrapebox or don't want to spend the money on it so basically what we're trying to do is we're trying to increase the site list theme as most people know or don't know the default set list has a tendency to get heavily used by a lot of users so it is in your best interest to go outside of the site list and find better or newer or not used article directories so in order to do that you have to scrape them so I'm gonna show you kind of a manual way to do it I'm not gonna show you scrape box so the first thing you I'm gonna use article Bank here as an example as well so this side just gonna click on it and what's gonna happen is it's going to open up the article banker just like this and I'm going to do a search for something that would be like a footprint within the article banker website this website is article friendly I believe so this is what we'll be searching for so what I usually do is I would go to like one of these navigation menu areas for me I'm gonna go to the login section and you'll often see that this line of text shows up a lot on registration forms so you don't have to use that specific specific text you can always find something else like I mean this this log and stuff over here usually shows up as well but for this video I'm going to use this so what I'm gonna do is I'm just gonna copy that head on over to my pal Google and I'm gonna type in URL because we are looking at the login dot PHP right in URL log in PHP and then in space in quotes that line of text that I copied so I'm going to hit Search and you'll see that I have 594 results so not every one of these is gonna be an article directory but you'll see that a lot of them are now one thing you might want to do is configure your search settings to have Google in some predictions set to OFF so you can get a hundred results per page because it's just better that way so the next thing you want to do now that now you have these hundred hundred results on the page is you're going to want to view the source code to do that in Firefox it's control you but you can always just go up into tools and I never actually use the Tools menu so I don't actually know where it is yeah anyways just use control you and that'll pop up something that looks like this now this you don't have to worry about what any of this trap says because all I'm gonna do is say control a to select all and ctrl C to copy then we go back to article marketing robot and then the Tools menu you have the import/export site list this is kind of the private setlist management I have a button down here called from source I'm gonna click that I'm going to paste that Google's that source code into here click OK and it just rendered it now it has all the links although all the links came out of that source code now the next thing you want to do of course you're not going to be trying to check if the login dot PHP is an article directory so you're gonna want to trim these to root so click the trim to root button that goes away and then you can – any duplicates that show up so one URL remove nine and I kept okay so now you can do that for every page in this case there's only two now let's let that load up so once again I'll hit the source code control a control C back over to here over here from source control V click OK and you're done what happened was is the program appended it to the end of the list so again I'm gonna trim to route and minus the dupes and didn't find any so from that point I'm gonna click OK and it's going to start importing sites as you can see we found you know a few that are outside of the site list but as you expand on your keywords from like article dashboard WordPress directories article friendly a mess site so on and so forth you will increase your site list and you will be thinking outside of the public site list and that is the whole reason why I gave you the best the ability to import scraped like from source obviously I'm not going to go out and build a tool that's comparable to scrape box or something like that that doesn't make any sense but at least you have the ability to do it and that's how you do it so 44 sites added are citing site list increased hope you enjoyed the video take care bye you

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