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welcome to our orange couch discussion today search engine optimization and social media marketing for dentists my name is Jack Adly with my social practice I'm often asked the question what's the difference between an SEO strategy and a social media strategy for my dental practice I think the easiest way to start to think about this is to to think about the differences between what is often called web 1.0 and 2.0 let me go through this briefly it requires just a little bit of explanation to really grasp the difference between these two strategies so let's talk for a minute about traditional marketing and how it led to web one point 0 strategies as you know in the old days before that the internet if you wanted to do some marketing you'd hire a ad agency they would take some great photos do a great logo pics and colors and you do a nice printed brochure and that brochure would end up being printed and kind of etched in stone it was a snapshot in time and certainly put your best foot forward most of you probably had these kind of brochures in the past and maybe still use them they're still there still relevant and useful in many ways as those messages and imagery and branding got developed it was usually pushed through to most of your marketing including direct mail billboards and other other advertising messages and marketing marketing tactics probably somebody came along to you of 10 years ago or something and said what you really need now is a website you need to be online so basically you took the brochure and move the pictures and the colors and the the message and the snapshot in time quote unquote online and suddenly you had your brochure on the internet the interesting thing is that they were just the same and they were not dynamic in any way they didn't invite any kind of engagement they were static it's just one that was electronic and one was printed with ink and paper with web 2.0 when that came along the internet really changed are the ways in which we use the internet i should say dramatically changed here's an image of a typical blog site that we create for our clients and you be able to tell but it's a very dynamic environment as you look through the the ways in which the dental practice engages with their audience there are lots of opportunities for people to to do different things there's lots of calls to action for example subscribe to our newsletter share on your social media with your social media accounts leave a comment like our Facebook page enter to win in this promotion request an appointment connect with connect with us with connect with our other tools and of course it follow us on Twitter so you can see that suddenly the way in which your online or you're on the internet is very different from your old static website to a more dynamic platform now in many ways web one point 0 and 2 point 0 we're exactly the same that the internet has not really changed very much itself as far as the mechanics of the internet but certainly web one point 0 is linear and 2 point 0 is bi-directional we we kind of quote-unquote used web point one web one point 0 we interact and engage with web 2.0 and certainly to point o is community-driven it's collaborative its user defined and what I mean by user defined is back in your old static website you kind of defined your brand it was that whatever you said it was in these static images and in in your website with web two point oh really its user defined which means that your brand is what other people really say your brand is now obviously you have a lot of opportunity to to steer that if you will but it certainly companies and brands are more user defined in this dynamic web two point O environment so with that in mind you might be saying to yourself okay Jack I get the difference now between web 1.0 and 2.0 but what does that have to do with SEO and social media strategies well that's a great question so let's go back for just a minute to web one point 0 and 2 point 0 and let me kind of distinguish between the two different strategies to help you kind of see how it affects SEO and social media marketing web 1.0 was for the most part non participatory in other words it was much like your other traditional marketing when you wrote a check to the Yellow Pages for example you didn't think about marketing on the yellow pages after you wrote the check when you wrote a check to the Billboard come need to put billboards up or the direct mail provider to send out direct mail you didn't really participate after that you wrote the check you were finished web 1.0 is much the same way it's a non participate or e strategy you have a website up its up you're finished web 2.0 on it on the other hand is very participatory you have an opportunity to interact and engage and and create relationships in fact often social media marketing is referred to as relationship based marketing so how does that fit into thinking about SEO vs social media well SEO really is also a more traditional non participatory practice this is something that you can write a check for and you really don't worry about very much it's for the most part SEO is external marketing whereas social media marketing is really primarily internal marketing now it reaches out and becomes external marketing in many ways but as a foundational way of thinking about social media it's really primarily internal marketing SEO is I often think about it and explain it as left brain activity it's really about mathematics and algorithms and science and keywords essentially it's about fooling search engines into believing you may that you're more relevant than you really are if you get right down to what SEO really is there are a number of components to search engine optimization including pay-per-click advertising local directory listings soliciting reviews all of these things are are intended to be sort of keyword optimized for search on the other hand social Marketing is really right brain activity it's about people it's about relationships it's about leveraging communities it's about word of mouth online it's about creating stories that spread stories about your culture about the kind of practice that you are the kind of people that you are it's it's also its objective is to generate more referrals and to and to create greater retention within your practice so as you think about SEO vs social media think of left brain activity versus right brain activity non participatory activity versus participatory activity Seth Godin who you probably have heard of is described as often described as one of the best marketing minds in this modern day has said you can no longer market to the anonymous masses they're not anonymous and they're not massive you can only market to people who are willing participants so going back to this this little separation that I've drawn here for you I'm often asked well is there overlap are they completely separate or is there some overlap and yes there is some overlap and there are some things that that kind of fall into both categories and sort of tie these two strategies together one of the most recent ones which we're really quite excited about it my social practice is Google Plus now it's a little early to tell exactly how Google+ is going to tie these two sides of the equation together but certainly Google+ is on its way to to attempting to do that it's kind of early to see exactly how that's going to play out but we spent a lot of time brainstorming it for our dental clients and certainly it is is probably the most prominent piece right now that's going to maybe bring these two sides together a little bit we we are integrating it into much of our strategy here at my social practice for our clients so both are important I don't want this presentation I don't want you to walk away from my presentation today's thinking that we don't think SEO is important can be important just remember that they're very different they're not the same thing and the strategies and the mind set if you will behind these are very very different also we caution you merge these two strategies at your own risk what I mean by that I want to show you some examples of things that are not good that often happen when a dental practice does not understand the difference between these two strategies one of the things I see most often is there's a risk of abusing the people that are most important to you and who are the people most important to you from your business perspective it's your patient base and it's the people that are investigating your practice it's the prospects that are thinking about becoming your patients if you merge these two and don't understand the difference between SEO and true social media marketing you run the risk of abusing those relationships let me show you a quick example here here is actual copy from blog posts that were generated by SEO website developers who do a lot of SEO and call this social media marketing now let me read the headline how many dental implants can help your smile in 8400 three now I highlighted that headline in yellow just to draw attention to it but isn't that crazy that you know in order to get Google to think that they're relevant and to better find this post they write crazy headlines like this that people look at and go scratch their head and say what obviously you're not talking to me mr.

advertising messages

Dentist you don't care about me all you care about is trying to attract Google's attention here's another one I've highlighted underneath the headline their most provo orem residents have plenty of things to smile about however there are some american fork and pleasant grove folks who avoid smiling at all costs now these communities are all in the same proximity provo orem and american fork and pleasant grove they're all within just a few miles of each other so this this copy is saying well people down the street have plenty to smile bout but p just a mile or two away don't have anything to smile about and and so the copy just doesn't make any sense I mean these kinds of posts are just ridiculous they're hard to read and people know what they're about that they're that you have no intention of really talking to them you're just trying to attract Google search so when you try to mix true social media with SEO it really it just doesn't work and second you run the risk of yourself being suckered into sort of a fake social media marketing mindset in other words there are people out there who will make you believe you can write a check for social media marketing and suddenly you quote unquote habit you are a social media marketing practice because somehow you wrote a check to somebody and you don't have to participate let me show you an example I see so much of this lately it's really it's really quite disturbing actually we just recently wrote a post in on our website title three questions to help you determine if your dental practice is really ready for social media marketing I encourage you to go read that post if you're trying to decide whether or not you're ready to kind of embark down this social media marketing road one of the things that we point out in this blog article is there are some SEO experts and web development folks who are trying to tack on social media marketing as just another item on the checklist of things that they provide and what that does is it results in stuff that we call really fake social media marketing for Dennis so here's an image from a Facebook account for from a practice who has kind of gotten suckered into this mindset let me read this for you a facebook wall full of generic dental content posts push from a website no interaction with patients or prospects you may as well be running a billboard campaign in the middle of the rainforest because there's no interaction and suddenly you think because you have this crap on your Facebook page that suddenly your social practice that you're doing social media marketing let me give me a break you you know that that's not true here's a Twitter page same thing developed by the same kind of companies that are trying to make you believe that this is social media so let me read this does this look like anything does this look anything like engagement or two-way conversation it's like walking into a cocktail party jumping up on the bar and yelling me me me me me how many friends are you going to make doing this so if you look down through these posts I mean it's just talking about itself come by my come by my stuff combine my dentistry come by come come spend money with me and it's just me me me me me me social media is not about that don't get suckered into thinking that that's the way social media works it's not and and you need to understand that it's really really important Chris Brogan a thought leader in this space is said marketing has changed today marketing is about engaging with communities and delivering products and services with stories that spread so in conclusion people wouldn't go to an obstetrician for dental implants right so don't go to an SEO expert or a website developer for social media advice find somebody to help you and you know I don't mean to make a blatant pitch for my social practice but I here at my social practice we have a fully integrated support program that will help you become a social business become a social dental practice we focus exclusively on social media marketing for dental practices orthodontic practices and and and and find someone that can really support you in your efforts not take over your voice or take over your efforts but support you and help you see how social media marketing can build your business thank you for your time today Jack Hadley with my social practice we appreciate you listening you

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